Super Special Forces King

Chapter 27: Hell road

Chapter 27-Hell Road

Zhang Feng didn’t ask any more, he knew that Li Jian would definitely shoot in the end, otherwise the king would not let him go.

I asked how to disassemble and assemble the guns. Seeing that Li Jian was out of interest, I didn’t ask any more.

Lying on the bed, Zhang Feng looked at the top of the tent. He wondered if he could finally shoot if he changed himself to Li Jian’s position.

After thinking for a long time, there was no answer.


One week later, when the shooting training was over, Zhang Feng’s technique and speed in disassembling and assembling the guns made the judge nod.

The large troops also ended the shooting training that made them thrilled.

But no one’s heart is relaxed, because the number of people who have been eliminated or given up by themselves in this week is the most in history.

Most of the beds in the entire tent have been vacated, and only 23 people still live!

From the very beginning there were more than 100 people, and now there are 23 people! And the elimination continues.


He said: “There are twenty-three people left, which is great, because the time will become more and more interesting.”

Zhang Feng’s heart trembled when he heard the words, and the more interesting Yan Wang said, the more difficult and cruel the next.

“Hell Week begins!”

Hades said coldly.

During Hell Week, Zhang Feng’s heart beats a drum. Is it **** to walk through Huangquan Road?

All special forces have a cold face, and the high-intensity training that extremely squeezes their energy and physical strength puts their nerves in a state of high tension.

This time has come, no one thinks of giving up!

“In the next seven days, each of you will be able to obtain a 500ml bottle of drinking water, a survival knife, and a signal flare! This is all your equipment, and all you have to do is to be in the vast jungle behind me. Seven days of survival!

In these seven days, you are not only facing survival in the wild, but also searching for the enemy!

All the people captured by the enemy are eliminated, of course you can also sound the flare to give up, and the helicopter will immediately fly over to pick up people. Those who arrived at the designated location within seven days will move on to the next link! “

“Report!” Wen Kaiqi shouted.


“Who is the enemy and where is the designated location?” Wen Kaiqi asked.

“The enemy is a special police brigade that I specially invited from a certain frontier defense department. They don’t know your identity. They only know that you are drug traffickers trapped in the mountains, and… they all carry live ammunition. You understand me. Mean?”

There was a thud in Zhang Feng’s heart!

The frontier special police carry live ammunition to search for drug traffickers, which means that they can kill on the spot when they encounter resistance, hiss! Could not help but take a breath.

“Report, Hades, is it a bit too big for fun!” Zhang Feng said.

“You can choose to quit!” Yan Wang said without mercy.

After hitting the nail, Zhang Feng retreated angrily. At this moment, he couldn’t give up for any reason.

“Designate a place.” He said after a pause, “The Kyoto Military District Conference Room!”

“What?” Everyone looked surprised.

Zhang Feng, harp, harp, after entering the jungle, he wants to rush to the Kyoto Military Region, including the city!

And every corner of the urban area of ​​Kyoto, the capital of China, is the coverage area of ​​the Skyeye system. The special police unit that searches at that time can use the electronic camera with the assistance of the public security to locate each ‘suspect’ for arrest.

“Are there any questions?” Hades roared.

“No!” shouted in unison.

“Judge!” Hades said.

“Yes!” said the judge: “Everyone takes off their training uniforms and boots. You are now drug traffickers and you cannot keep anything from the army!”

Although unwilling, Zhang Feng muttered and took off the training suit.

What I changed back was a single from the 1960s, plus a pair of shoes.

The autumn wind was blowing on the body, and everyone was trembling again.

After distributing drinking water, survival knife, and signal flare one by one, He ordered everyone to go!


“Hammer, is this too difficult? Don’t talk about them. Even the soldiers of our Huangquan squad might find it difficult to complete such a task!” The judge said with lingering fear.

The King of Hades pondered for a while, and said, “It is really difficult, but only the most difficult selection can select the strongest fighter!”

Zhang Feng, who sneaked into the jungle, did not rush forward, but stared at Li Jian closely.

“Brother Li Jian.” Zhang Feng shouted after catching up.

“What are you doing with me?” Li Jian frowned slightly.

Zhang Feng said with a smile: “We can form a team and act together!”

Li Jian’s brow furrowed even tighter, and said, “Yan Wang didn’t say that he could team up and act together.” After speaking, he continued to advance quickly.

Zhang Feng hurriedly followed Li Jian’s ass, and said, “He didn’t say that we must act alone and not team up! Brother Li Jian, we can take care of each other when we act together, and we can cover each other when danger occurs. , And the goal of one more person is not much bigger. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so why not do it?”

Li Jian was obviously tempted. His greatest wish was to pass Huangquan Road, and Zhang Feng’s proposal was undoubtedly the best choice.

“Okay, but let me make a statement first, if you hold me back…”

“As long as I hold your hind legs, Brother Li Jian, you don’t care about me, you can disappear immediately!” Zhang Feng said whitely.

He looked at the vast jungle. Twenty-three special forces had entered the jungle and disappeared. He was looking down at his watch. Half an hour had passed.

“Notify the SWAT team that you can go into the mountain and track it!”


He and his party returned to the military account, and the display clearly showed 23 red dots.

Each red dot has a number from one to twenty-three, which is a signal for tracking by the signal transmitter hidden in the handle of the survival knife.

“Hell, the signal sources of No. 22 and No. 23 are almost overlapped, and the two people are probably going to act together.” The judge stared at the monitor and said.

The corner of the king’s mouth sneered, “Zhang Feng on the 23rd and Li Jian on the 22nd. Ha ha, does this Zhang Feng still have a ghost idea? But you, even the Monkey King, can’t jump out of the Tathagata Buddha. Palms. Send the signal positions of the two of them to the SWAT team.”


Zhang Feng didn’t know that his cleverness was completely exposed under Yan Wang’s eyes. The special police search team was rushing to search after knowing the location of the two people.

The jungle in the northern autumn is extremely dry, and a single spark may cause a forest fire. Looking around, there is no lush scenery, but a yellowing!

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