Super Special Forces King

Chapter 3: You want to call me Uncle Luo

Chapter Three You Want to Call Me Uncle Luo

“Who are you? You didn’t take any medicine just now, or you took the wrong medicine? Or else the head was drawn, caught in a wooden frame, or kicked by a donkey?”

Zhang Feng felt inexplicable. He walked over and said directly that someone wanted to see him. Isn’t this crazy? Besides, even if someone really wants to see him, won’t they come?

“Don’t think of yourself as an uncle. If you have something to say, it seems that there are five people and six people. Why don’t you have any two eyes with neurosis when you speak?”

Li Jian’s face turned blue and purple. When did others dare to talk to him like this? If the person standing in front of him is not someone the captain wants, he will definitely rush over to crush Zhang Feng’s bones to make him understand what it means to utter misfortune.

Zhang Feng grinned his teeth and did not put Li Jian’s creaking movement of his fists in his eyes. Since he was eight or nine years old, he has seen too many ruthless people. , Has long been immune to threats to others.

“If you have anything, just say it, and let it go if you have any farts. Standing here is an eyesore and don’t know, it will delay my good mood, Xiaoye.”

Li Jian gritted his teeth, and when his anger reached the critical point and was about to explode, the phone in his pocket rang.

He gave Zhang Feng a fierce look, and he connected the phone.

“He is deliberately irritating you! Give him a lesson, and then bring him to see me.” A steady and low voice of a middle-aged man came from the phone.

When the call was hung up, Li Jian’s heart trembled. Yu Guang glanced at Zhang Feng, who raised his eyebrows and grinned his teeth. If he hadn’t trusted the captain on the phone, he could not believe that he was almost there. This kid’s way.

However, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and the captain asked himself to teach him a lesson. If he didn’t make good use of this opportunity, wouldn’t it be a waste of it.

Seeing the black-faced man with a bad smile on his face as he walked towards him step by step, the joints squeezed with his hands creaked, Zhang Feng secretly said that it was not good.

When he saw the black-faced man, Zhang Feng smelled iron, order, and stereotype in his identity.

No matter how disguised, such a person can be recognized at a glance as coming out of the army. Zhang Feng grew up wandering around in the society, unable to beat the army.

“Oh, what are you doing? I can see that you are a soldier, don’t come here! Why are you staring at me? I’m going to shout when you come over again… Do you have to come over? I really shouted…”

Zhang Feng slowly backed away, babbling in his mouth.

Li Jian frowned, he really didn’t expect this kid to see that he was a soldier, but it didn’t matter!

“I will loosen the skin for you well, and then take you to meet people who want to see you!”

“Sister Hu Xinting?”

Zhang Feng’s face suddenly had an ecstatic smile, his eyes jumped over Li Jian and looked behind him.

Li Jian stopped. If someone sees him beating a student, it can’t be justified. He feels a little unwilling to think that this kid is really lucky. Turning his head slightly and looking in the direction of Zhang Feng’s line of sight.

“Huh? No one?”

At this moment, he suddenly saw a figure rushing towards him. Li Jian’s reaction was not slow, knowing that he had followed the way of this rascal again, and now he raised his arms to cover his head!

Cang Dang!

There was a sharp pain in Li Jian’s lower body, and his legs were subconsciously clamped, but the severe damage to the vital parts still made him instantly lose the ability to resist.

“Small, you still yell at me with Xiaoye?”

Muttering in his mouth, his fist hit the bridge of Li Jian’s nose that was exposed from the severe pain.

After a brief and intimate contact, two lines of blood spattered from the nostrils. The soreness, swelling, and pain caused Li Jian to be unable to control his lacrimal glands. Tears rushed out of his eyes like a flood of vents and mixed with nosebleeds.

Zhang Feng’s power is not forgiving, and his mouth is muttering: “Just your man thinks he is the eldest son, the second child, and your third child? Young master, I happen to be the evil star of your man, the tiger and your cat. , It’s the dragon you turned into a worm!”

The toes point fiercely below Li Jian’s knee. One of his legs instantly lost intuition and was unable to support his huge body again. He knelt on the ground on one knee.

“Look at my last blow, the flying dragon is in the sky!” Zhang Feng roared in his mouth.

Although I don’t know what the “Flying Dragon is in the Sky” move, but hearing it was the last blow, Li Jian expected it to be a fierce killer move, and quickly curled up to protect the vitals!

After waiting for three seconds without hearing any movement, Li Jian slowly removed the arm covering his head. There was no shadow of Zhang Feng in front of him. He turned his head and inspected for a while, and there was no!

He dragged his sore legs and the crotch that was still tearing to his feet. There was still Zhang Feng’s shadow wherever he could see!

“Made, bastard, you pray that you don’t participate in Huangquan Road, otherwise I will not let you go…Oh, my egg!”

Zhang Feng, who had already walked out of the small woods, said to himself, “It’s really a two-hundred-and-five. Flying dragon is in the sky and the dragon flies to the sky. Naturally, it runs. Elm’s head must be Jin Yong’s novels. Thought it was the Eighteen Palms of Jianglong? Tsk tsk, it seems to be troublesome for me!”

Just when he was a little proud, a dark shadow suddenly flashed inside his back.

Zhang Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank into needles, and his body rushed forward.

“Huh? The person instructor Luo’s fancy is really interesting, but it’s too immature!”

A slightly hoarse voice exploded in Zhang Feng’s ears, causing his pores to stand up. Then Zhang Feng felt a soreness in his neck, and slowly lost consciousness and passed out into a coma.

I don’t know how long Zhang Feng woke up, but he didn’t open his eyes immediately, but opened a gap slightly and secretly looked at it.

When facing me, I saw a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face sitting upright opposite him, his eyes piercing, like a sculpture sitting motionless!

“Don’t pretend when you wake up!” The low voice came from the sculpture man’s mouth.

Zhang Feng opened his eyes with a smile, and quickly swept around, keeping the situation of the room in his heart. Then stood up with a flattery and said, “This big brother, I don’t know what offended me, brother, as long as you tell me, I will immediately apologize and make sure you are satisfied with the big brother. Hehe.”

The middle-aged man is unmoved, his sculptural face does not move, only the corners of his mouth move slightly, “I am not your big brother! You want to call me Uncle Luo!”

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