Super Special Forces King

Chapter 5: Wait for the rabbit

Chapter 5 Waiting for the Rabbit

Hu Xinting came to the small forest with a drawing board after finishing her job as a freshman, but she didn’t expect to see what happened before her.

Zhang Feng didn’t expect to see a girl who was shocked by him under such circumstances.

She stood there, with a slight astonishment on Qiao’s face, and the drawing board fell beside her feet, everything was so harmonious.

Slowly turning around, Zhang Feng turned in another direction and prepared to leave.

“and many more.”

Hearing the shouts, Zhang Feng stopped. He knew himself very well. He didn’t have a tall body, no outstanding appearance, and no strong background. He didn’t think he could have anything beautiful with a beauty like Hu Xinting.

Hu Xinting ran to Zhang Feng’s side, and a little nervously stuffed a paper ball into his hand, and said, “This should be very important to you.”

After speaking, she walked back and picked up the drawing board that had fallen on the ground. Lianbu gently disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Looking down at the note held in his palm, it was the one he had lost that said Uncle Luo’s phone number.

The slight heat and aroma of the woman’s palm can be felt on the note, and everything is fascinating.

Its recovery made Zhang Feng rethink whether or not to call Uncle Luo!

Zhang Feng already knew that Uncle Luo was a soldier, and he was obviously not in a low position, but he cared more about his father in Uncle Luo’s mouth!

Looking up at the sky, he muttered in his mouth: “It seems that everything has its own arrangements.”

Putting the note into his pocket, Zhang Feng quickly walked towards the dormitory.

Sitting on the top of the mountain, facing the setting sun, Hu Xinting didn’t know how to set the brush in her hand.

The face of the big boy always appeared before her eyes, lingering.

From small to large, the people who dedicated her to her can line up in a large line, there are all kinds, but none of them can make a deep impression in her head.

It’s just that this big boy whose everything looks very ordinary seems to be carved in his head.

“Forget it, no more painting.”

Hu Xinting picked up the drawing board and walked back to the dormitory.

In the empty dormitory, no other classmates have come over, only Zhang Feng is lying on the hard bed board in a deserted manner.

Several people have arrived in the dormitory next door, and laughter can be heard from time to time, which is incompatible with the silence of Zhang Feng.

He suddenly sat up from the bed and jumped out of the bed, walked to the balcony, lit a low-quality cigarette and took two puffs. The smoke came out of his mouth and nose after spinning twice in his chest.

Feeling calm, Zhang Feng took out his cell phone and dialed Uncle Luo’s number.

It was connected after two beeps. Uncle Luo’s slightly hoarse voice came immediately: “The call came in shorter time than I expected!”

“Tell me about your conditions!” Zhang Feng has already understood that there is no free lunch in this world, and the other party will not tell his father in vain.

Uncle Luo on the other end of the phone sighed and said: “After three days of participation in Huangquan Road and passing through the gate of hell, I will tell you what you want to know about your father.”

Huangquan Road? The gate of hell?

Hearing this name, he knew that it would not be a vacation place, Zhang Feng then asked: “What then?”

“Then? Then become a soldier, a glorious soldier!” Uncle Luo’s voice became sacred, especially when he said the word soldier, it was like the weight in his heart.

Zhang Feng held the phone and was silent for a while, as if he knew something, and said, “My father is also a soldier?!”

His words are not a question, more like self-questioning, self-determining.

“Tomorrow I will pick you up from school. Whether you can pass Huangquan Road or not, you will become a soldier. This is fate.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Feng stood motionless on the balcony, only scarlet cigarette butts flickering in the darkness. soldier? I usually just stay on the media, but now I am said to be my destiny.

This statement made Zhang Feng feel very heavy, as if he was carrying a shackle that could not be opened.

Soldier, father! It is difficult to connect these two unbeatable words, but they are bound together by reality.

Leaving tomorrow, Zhang Feng suddenly realized something. He quickly rushed out of the dormitory and ran downstairs until he ran downstairs to the dormitory before he realized that he had no idea where Hu Xinting’s dormitory was.

If you can’t see her again before leaving, you may no longer have the opportunity to meet.

There are few beautiful things in his life, and Zhang Feng cherishes them every time they appear.

“Little master, how can I find Hu Xinting? Even if I see her from afar!”

When he was anxiously like an ant on a hot pot, he saw a girl in pajamas walking away from him with a thermos bottle, and kept chatting with her mobile phone while walking.

“It can only be so!”

Zhang Feng quietly followed the girl, hanging from behind the girl’s ass.

Along the way, I can see more and more girls. Zhang Feng feels that he should be able to find a dormitory for girls, but the problem is again. How should I see Hu Xinting?

The girl turned into the girls’ dormitory, and the couples nearby were about to separate. The men and women were reluctant to leave.

“Or find a girl to ask?”

Turning to shook his head, he really asked, don’t others think of yourself as a pervert?

“Or else just sneak into the girls’ dormitory? Looking for each dormitory?”

Quickly give up this bad idea. Not to mention that this method is completely impossible to succeed. Even if you really sneak in, it’s not going to the toilet under the lantern-looking for (shit) to die!

In the end, Zhang Feng chose the most sensible approach-wait for the rabbit!

“Hu Xinting, I don’t believe you won’t go downstairs!”

With a mutter in his mouth, Zhang Feng took shelter from the wind and squatted down in a place with a wide view as his base.

A pair of small eyes, vividly shooting back and forth on the girls entering and leaving the dormitory, for fear of missing Hu Xinting.

But after a while, Zhang Feng couldn’t bear it.

Is this girl so open now? Wrapped in thin sleepiness, it came out directly, and a pair of white thighs were so exposed. The deadliest thing is that a girl walked out of the dormitory after she surrounded her with a bath towel. Her hair was still wet, and she should have just taken a shower.

Sniffing his nose, Zhang Feng still seemed to be able to smell the delicate fragrance on the delicate body of a girl ten meters away who had just taken a shower.

Ye gradually became faint, and Zhang Feng didn’t see Hu Xinting walk out of the dormitory, so he tightly squeezed his shoulders against the wall and fell asleep.

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