Super Special Forces King

Chapter 6: Breakfast shop

Chapter 6 Breakfast Shop

Hu Xinting was lying on the bed in the dormitory with a huge plush bear in her arms. She had already fallen asleep at this time in the past, but she couldn’t fall asleep tonight.

As long as you close your eyes, you can see that face that is not handsome. His tears are more like flowing into Hu Xinting’s heart, and he can’t forget it.

“What kind of pain can make a man cry?”

Since childhood, all the men surrounding Hu Xinting wanted to show their best and most perfect side, but no one showed a sad expression in front of her.

She fell asleep in a trance. When the alarm sounded, Hu Xinting opened her eyes slowly, and then opened her eyes tiredly.

Today, I have to pick up the new students. She got up, took the toiletries and went into the bathroom.

‘See. ’

Although it was the autumn tiger weather in October, the night was still slightly cool, and Zhang Feng was awake from freezing.

Standing up and moving some stiff hands and feet, it took a long time for the body to warm up.

People came out one after another at the door of the female dormitory.

Zhang Feng rubbed his astringent nose, muttering in his stomach.

“Not out yet?”

When he was a little impatient, Hu Xinting walked out of the dormitory. Today she is not wearing a skirt, but light blue jeans, white sneakers, and half short sleeves.

The original goddess Fan’s long hair was also combed into a high ponytail, and her face was still free of powder. The whole person seemed to lick and add a three-point sense of movement to the original purity.

After waiting for a whole night, Zhang Feng raised his leg and wanted to run over, but just took two steps and stopped.

Is the rash past too abrupt? And she had only seen two sides in total, and she hadn’t even said a few words. Maybe she didn’t even know her name.

After all, being able to take a look from a distance, even if it was the last gift for himself before leaving.

Zhang Feng turned around and was about to leave, when he heard someone shouting from behind: “Zhang Feng?”

As if he had been cast a hold technique, his feet were frozen there. Zhang Feng could hear Hu Xinting’s voice from the sound.

“He remembers my name?”

Zhang Feng has never felt so grateful for being remembered by others. He slowly turned around and saw Hu Xinting slowly walking towards him. On the contrary, he was at a loss and never knew what to do.

There is a slight smile on the delicate cheeks without a trace of blemish, two faint dimples, curved smiling eyes, everything is so beautiful.

“Good morning.”

Zhang Feng rubbed his hair like a chicken coop, smiled sly, and said, “Good morning, senior sister.”

“I’m going to pick up the freshman, and I’ll see you later.” Seeing the silly expression of the big boy in front of him, Hu Xinting smiled brightly and said hello.

“Well, go ahead, senior sister!”

There was some loss in my heart, but Zhang Feng knew that there was no friendship between him and her, and it was very good to be able to meet and say a few words.

Just when the two people passed by, a girl came out of the dormitory building and hurriedly shouted: “Tingting, wait for me. You got up too early, alas, my beauty sleep!”

Hu Xinting smiled and stopped and waited for the girl to run over.

The girl was a little surprised to see Zhang Feng. She saw the guy sleeping in the corner when she came back from a date with her boyfriend last night. She didn’t expect to be there now, and she was a little surprised and said: “You won’t wait at the door of the dormitory all night ?”

Zhang Feng smiled awkwardly. Hu Xinting was surprised and put a questioning look on his face, Zhang Feng could only nod slightly.

“Um, I seem to have forgotten the phone.” As she said, the girl turned and walked back to the dormitory with the phone in her hand.

Zhang Feng gratefully glanced at the girl’s back, and said in his heart: There is such a good person, who came in such a timely manner and left so decisively. I remember the girl’s friendship.

“Let’s have breakfast, I just didn’t eat it either!”

Hu Xinting didn’t expect that the big boy she missed last night would wait for herself one night downstairs. Is this fate?

Excited in his heart, he was about to fly, and Zhang Feng couldn’t help nodding.

Walking into the breakfast shop, because it was the peak of the meal, the two finally found an empty place to sit down.

When Hu Xinting went there, it was the focus of everyone’s attention. The students who had breakfast were all talking about it.

As the second-largest beauty elected by the school, no one has ever heard of Hu Xinting making a boyfriend, let alone any scandals. He didn’t expect to appear in the breakfast shop with an unknown kid today.

Sitting in the corner, a thin boy with triangular eyes looked at Zhang Feng with slanted eyeballs, and cursed inwardly: “Hu Xinting has already been booked by Mao Shao, and there is such a blind eye!”

He quickly settled the bill, glanced at him as he walked by Zhang Feng, and left the breakfast shop.

Zhang Feng frowned slightly. He grew up wandering the streets since he was a child. He has already tasted the scorching world, so he has a natural hunch for good and evil.

Although Li Jian had a dark face when facing him and spoke very aggressively, Zhang Feng did not soberly feel that he was not malicious to him, so it seemed that his yin legs were vicious, but when he stepped down, he kept a sense of pain. It hurts, but it won’t be a big deal.

And the triangular eyes that just passed by are full of viciousness!

Zhang Feng just came to school for a day and didn’t offend anyone at all. How could he provoke others?

“What are you thinking?”

Hu Xinting’s question interrupted Zhang Feng’s thoughts. He smiled and said, “No, just a little distracted.”

The two started chatting, and some steaming steamed buns and porridge were also delivered.

Jingle Bell……

The piercing bell suddenly rang, breaking Mao Xiaorui’s dream of spring and autumn.

“Damn, no matter who you are, if I don’t have a reason to accept, I will type your shit!” He cursed at the phone.

“Mao Shao, it’s my little shrimp, hehe. You calm down, I have a report about Hu Xinting’s sister-in-law.”

Hearing the five words of Hu Xinting’s sister-in-law, Mao Xiaorui felt more comfortable in his heart. The anger he had just awakened was half gone. He lit a cigarette and took two sips in his mouth, saying: “If you have something to say, there is a fart. Quickly.”

“Yes, yes, my name is Fang, no, let’s just say it! I saw my sister-in-law and a kid eating together in the breakfast shop. The two were talking and laughing. They had a lot of relationship! No, I have no food. Eat, and report to Shao Mao as soon as possible!” Triangular eyes added fuel and jealousy to report the matter to Mao Xiaorui.


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