Super Special Forces King

Chapter 8: Brother, what do you call it?

Chapter 8 Big Brother, how do you call it?

“Big brother, what do you call it?”

Mao Xiaorui raised his eyebrows when he heard this brat boy saying this to himself. Hey, is this boy very interesting?

Right now, he arrogantly said: “All those who give face are called me Shao Mao!”


Zhang Feng grinned, “What if it doesn’t save face?”

Mao Xiaorui hugged her shoulders, raised her chin, and stared at her neck. “Funny, who would dare not give me Mao Shao face in Southwest City? Don’t go out to inquire about Laozi my background!”

No way, Mao Xiaorui had the confidence to say this. His father’s pharmaceutical factory was second to none in the entire Southwest City, and he was also a big taxpayer in the province. Even the mayor would be respectful when he saw him, let alone. In this school, you just don’t want to kill people and there will be nothing he can do.

“Mao Shao? Mao… Shao? That means there is no hair?” Zhang Feng grinned.

After muttering twice, the laughing expression on his face stopped abruptly without warning, and a backhand slapped Mao Xiaorui’s face.

Mao Xiaorui was staggered by the fan, half of his face was aching.

He raised his head fiercely and stared at Zhang Feng fiercely, not to mention being slapped in the face when he grows so big, but no one dares to touch his hair.

“Boy, I remember you! You dare to beat me, no matter what you rely on, I will make you pay the price.” Mao Xiaorui is not a fool, he expected this kid to hear his name and dare to do it must have a deep background. So he put aside his harsh words and prepared to go back to investigate and clean up Zhang Feng.

With that said, he is leaving!

Zhang Feng’s eyes were horizontal, and his hand stretched out, grabbing Mao Xiaorui’s hair and pulling him back. Now that Liangzi had already knotted, how could he let Mao Xiaorui leave so easily.

“Ah… let go, my hair hurts…”

Feeling that his hair was about to be torn from his scalp, the painful Mao Xiaorui barked and grinned, tears streaming down her eyes.

“Damn, it looks like the flowers in the greenhouse.” Zhang Feng muttered, turning his head to look at the triangular eyes that were still crying while lying on the ground holding his nose, and then said: “I was beaten and cryed again by my little master!”

“Boy, I won’t let you go… Ah… it hurts, let go… I want to kill you!” Mao Xiaorui still yelled hysterically.


Zhang Feng let out a low growl, and his free hand took off his shoes directly.

The shoe in his hand was slammed on Mao Xiaorui’s face with a natural pungent smell, bang!

Before Mao Xiaorui had time to shout, the other side of his face was touched by the sole of the shoe.

Bang bang bang…

A student standing at the door of the dormitory was still holding half a fried dough stick in his mouth. Soy milk spilled over his pants and didn’t know it. He was completely taken aback. Shao Mao didn’t know that he was the only one who bullied others when he was beaten so badly in the school.

At this time, it was Mao Xiaorui’s mother who stood in front of him and couldn’t recognize this as her own son. Mao Xiaorui’s handsome custard-like face was completely swollen into a pig’s head, and he could enter the crew to play Zhu Bajie without makeup. His eyes swelled into a gap, and saliva and blood flowed down the corners of his mouth.

Zhang Feng dragged Mao Xiaorui’s body towards the jeep.

Li Jian felt that his head was not enough. This Zhang Feng was really fucking… he didn’t dare to play cards in common sense. He suddenly felt that Zhang Feng’s subordinates were merciful when his thigh was hit by the foot. If he was beaten like this, what face would he have to stay in the special forces?

“What did he pull Mao Xiaorui over for?”

“I don’t know, but the Mao family’s energy in Southwest City is really great. It’s hard to handle if you get involved.” The old wolf also mumbled.

Pulling Mao Xiaorui down in front of the jeep, Zhang Feng smiled harmlessly at the old wolf and Li Jian through the windshield, revealing his eight white teeth neatly.

Seeing his smile, Li Jianxin, who had suffered under Zhang Feng’s feet, chuckled. The secret path was not good, and he said to the smiling old wolf: “Drive, go quickly, this kid didn’t hold any good farts!”

“No, it’s very polite!” The old wolf said in surprise.

“Don’t ink, go!” Li Jian roared.

Hearing the sound of the engine starting, Zhang Feng secretly said in his heart that he wanted to leave now, it was too late!

He squatted down and whispered in the bewildered Mao Xiaorui’s ear: “Do you hate it? Do you want to retaliate against me? It’s easy, you can find me by remembering this license plate number.”

For fear that he could not remember, Zhang Feng even read the license plate number to him word by word in his ear.

With the window open, Li Jian and Old Wolf inside also heard Zhang Feng’s words. At this moment, not only Mao Xiaorui, but also their two battle-tested veterans were also confused.

“It’s not that we didn’t work hard, but he was too cunning!”

Li Jian wailed in his heart, this **** Zhang Feng was so happy that he had finished the fight himself, and actually let the whole special team give him a scapegoat.

The old wolf swallowed, and for the first time on the battlefield, as cunning as a wolf, he felt that he was so innocent.

Throwing Mao Xiaorui on the ground, Zhang Feng smiled and got into the back seat of the jeep, and said joyfully: “Big Brother Li Jian hasn’t seen you for a long time! Hahaha, whoops, this is the first time I saw this big brother, what is the name?”

Li Jian’s dark face was green. The old wolf waved his hand quickly and secretly said: “You are welcome, just call me old wolf, I am not your big brother!” He had a lingering fear. Just now when Zhang Feng went to pull Mao Xiaorui’s face, he asked so meanly: “Big brother, what is the name?”

“Old Wolf? This name is good and domineering! At first glance, you are Kong Wu extraordinary, outstanding, extraordinary!” Zhang Feng’s flattery shot directly.

However, the old wolf didn’t use it at all, so he put in reverse gear and stepped on the accelerator to drive away.

Zhang Feng didn’t mind, because someone beat him up, and threw the scapegoat to someone else, he didn’t even mention how cool he was.

When the car was driving at the intersection, Zhang Feng suddenly saw a beautiful figure standing at the intersection, and he quickly said, “Stop!”

The old wolf didn’t know what moth Zhang Feng was going to make, and he didn’t listen at all. What he wanted now was to send Zhang Feng to the captain to complete the task.

“Grass, if you don’t stop, I will jump off the car!” Zhang Feng opened the car door and jumped down.

Seeing this scene through the rearview mirror, the old wolf hurriedly stepped on the brakes.

Regardless of the expression on his face, Zhang Feng got out of the car and ran straight to Hu Xinting who was standing there.

Hu Xinting was originally planning to pick up the new students, but the more he thought about it, the more things went wrong. What happened next time I didn’t know when I would meet again? It was a beautiful thing to meet you, and it was like a parting.

Feeling relieved, she called her friends to help her for a day, but she ran over to ask Zhang Feng what was going on, but she saw Mao Xiaorui slapped his face.

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