Super Special Forces King

Chapter 9: Army melting pot

Chapter 9 The Army Melting Pot

“Hu…Xinting, have you seen it all?” Zhang Feng scratched his head in embarrassment.

Hu Xinting chuckled and nodded. She didn’t expect that the big boy in front of her would be so cruel and beat the evil schoolboy like this.

Seeing that Hu Xinting’s reaction was not so violent, Zhang Feng asked cautiously: “Do you mind?”

She shook her head slightly to indicate that she didn’t mind. She raised her green fingers and pointed at the jeep waiting for Zhang Feng and asked: “This is why you said we don’t know when we will meet next time?”

Zhang Feng nodded. Uncle Luo has already said that no matter whether he can pass Huangquan Road or not, he will become a soldier!

When the time comes, one will be in the army and the other will be in school, but not when will we meet next time.

With a small smile on her face, Hu Xinting said softly: “We will have a chance to meet again! Go, they are waiting for you.”

Sitting on the jeep, sticking his head out of the car window, Zhang Feng looked back.

She still stood there motionless, as if she could feel Zhang Feng’s gaze, her eyebrows curled, she smiled faintly, dimples are shallow, bright and sunny.


Li Jian gave a smirk and said: “I thought you were not afraid of the heavens, but I didn’t expect to be so squeamish in front of the girls, wouldn’t it be the little place where the buds have not been opened. Male?”

Zhang Feng’s old face, whose thickness is as thick as a city wall, is a rare blush. He yelled: “I want you to control? I am a virgin. What’s wrong with a man? I’m a virgin. I am proud of a man. I avoid condoms for the country.”

An uncontrollable laugh broke out in the jeep, and tears of the laughing Li Jian and Old Wolf shed.

When the jeep rushed towards the Southwest Military Region, Mao Xiaorui was also taken to the hospital.

In the VIP ward, he was the only person in the huge room. Although it was only a skin injury, he was checked by the chief physician of each department.

With a big belly, Mao Jindou, whose waist was about to exceed his height, angrily kicked off the door and walked in, followed by a woman in her twenties but with heavy make-up and revealing clothes.

“Father, mom, I was beaten!”

Seeing his father walking in, Mao Xiaorui, who seemed to be about to die just now, yelled vigorously. As for the little mother in his mouth, she was a woman younger than him.

“Who dares to treat my son like this, **** you for eight lifetimes. Ancestor. Xiaorui, who on earth are you and me?”

Although Mao Jindou manages a pharmaceutical company with thousands of people, he himself does not know a single word of Dou Da, so he swears directly.

Mao Xiaorui squeezed out two tears and said sadly: “I don’t know what his name is, but…but I remember that kid’s license plate number, it’s a military license…”

Hearing the license plate number read by his son, Mao Jindou’s face became even more ugly, and his mouth yelled uncleanly: “If a tiger doesn’t show off his might, I really treat him as a sick cat! A stinky soldier dare to bully Laozi’s son. Xiaorui, don’t worry This matter is not over! I will investigate now.”

As he said, he took out a bank card from his handbag and put it on the table, and said, “There is a million in it, and the password is your birthday. During this time, you can heal your wounds and have fun! Give it to you if you don’t have money. I make a call.”

After speaking, Mao Jindou wrapped the following woman in his arms and walked out of the ward with his big **** over a meter and a half in diameter.

Mao Xiaorui was left alone in the room again. He slipped the bank card into his pocket, and a cold light flashed in his swollen eyes.

“The **** brat dare to hit me, I must make you pay back a hundred times!”

The gate of the military area is solemn and sacred. The sentry with a straight body is holding a steel gun in his arms, and a slogan stands beside him: “The sentry is sacred and inviolable!”

Seeing the jeep coming, the sentry saluted, the railing was raised, and the railing was lowered again after the vehicle entered.

Zhang Feng looked at everything that could be seen in the military area through the car window, with mixed flavors in his heart.

“Is this the place where my father stayed?”

“one two three four!”

The soldiers of the square team ran by the car, their leather boots slapped neatly on the concrete pavement, and the pace of each soldier was uniform.

Looking back from them, Zhang Feng looked into the distance and saw a company training for a 400-meter obstacle.

One by one, the soldiers rushed forward, while others kept cheering and shouting. Even Zhang Feng, who was sitting in the car and not participating, felt that the adrenaline secretion in his body was accelerating.

The army is a melting pot, no matter what kind of crooked melons before you walk in, after you pass through its forging, you will become a real man who stands like a pine, walks like a wind, and sits like a clock.

Passing through the barracks, without stopping, a narrow concrete road has only one lane in two directions.

Moreover, the more remote it became, the more modern buildings disappeared from sight, and the denser jungle filled the eyes.

“Aren’t we going to the army? Where are you going? You are not human traffickers, do you want Xiaoye to abduct and sell money?” Zhang Ye muttered.

Old Wolf and Li Jian smiled at each other. The latter secretly said in his heart that your kid finally couldn’t hold back to speak, and said: “Even if we are traffickers and we don’t abduct you, who will buy it? You will have to lose money.”

“Wa, Brother Li Jian, are you talking about Mai Tairen? The sellers who want to buy me are waiting in line, know? Bidding! Understand?” Zhang Feng said extremely shamelessly and narcissistically.

The old wolf who spoke very little interjected: “I just want to know what your face is made of?”

How could Zhang Feng choke at what he said, his neck stubborn, his mouth cracked, and he was not ashamed but proud to say: “Old wolf brother, do you know why Uncle Luo has to let me over? It’s not because of me. Face, want to know why? Bulletproof!”


The posterior teeth of the old wolf’s smile were exposed, even the black-faced Li Jian was amused. People who are shameless to a certain extent are really invincible!

After turning and driving for another two hours, the jeep finally stopped when Zhang Feng was drowsy.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the sentry stopped the jeep again.

It’s just that this time the sentry didn’t let it go immediately, but came over.

Zhang Feng looked a little surprised at the sentry who came by, painted on his face and holding a gun.

At the same time, the sentry looked at Zhang Feng through the open car window, and put the questioning gaze on Li Jian’s face. The latter opened his mouth and said, “The captain asked the people who brought it over.”

“Call Yama, call Yama, and ask to confirm the target person!”


Seeing the sentry contacting Uncle Luo through the walkie-talkie, Zhang Feng frowned, wondering if he should be so careful?

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