Super Trick or Treat System

Chapter 913:

“Your speech did it,” I denied. The lucid emotions, the unaccustomed surge in emotions still bothered me, but it gave way to sudden upsurges. Damn, I did it! What made Jay Chou try to match is…

Regis still looked serious. “He would have refused, but you still appealed to him in his own capacity. But it doesn’t stop there… and more…” Regis quickly wrapped his arm around my shoulder in embarrassment, 136 Suddenly blurted out: “I think Terran Medical has brought trouble to your life, Jason! Even if it saves a million lives, it is difficult to forgive them!”

Later the next day, the old guy called us again and told us that a hundred people voluntarily returned to us and served as blood donors and experimental subjects to study tailing disease.

Such an arduous journey through the mountains is easy to pay off. We have 100 infantry escorts to ensure that we are not attacked, they can choose the simplest path.

Only when we made long-distance ascents from the foothills, the tows who had never used the ground at any time and suffered from the unaccustomed low altitude began to weaken. As we become stronger, more and more people falter, and our travel slows down. When we leave the animal group, even Kendricks will not be indifferent to “non-human animals”. It was Rafi Scott who came to me and said desperately: “Jason, these poor guys will never come to Katun. Lyris and I know this country. Let’s move on, we can travel alone and arrange Katun for transportation-maybe we can let a pressurized plane fly from here. We can also send a message telling them where they live at headquarters.”

What surprised me was that I didn’t think of this myself. I laughed and said, “I thought you didn’t treat any of my friends as damned.””

Raf said tenaciously: “I think I was wrong. They experienced this out of a sense of responsibility, so they must be completely different from what I thought.”

Those who have heard of the plan now quietly break in, “You don’t need you to move forward, I can give you faster information.”

I forgot that Regis is a trained telepath. He added, “There are some space and distance restrictions to such messages, but there is a regular relay network all over, and one of the relays is a girl who lives on the most fringe of the Terran area. If you tell me you can pass What way to visit her headquarters,” he said with a slight flush, “According to what I know, if she just walked to the door and said she had a telepathy, she would be lucky to send a message to someone. ,is it?

I had to smile at the picture that came to my mind. “I’m afraid not.” I admitted. “Tell her to go to the doctor, and give the doctor information.”

Regis looked at me curiously-this was the first time I had said my name in the hearing of others. But he nodded 137 without comment. For the next hour or two, he seemed to be busier than usual, but after a while, he came to me and told me the news had passed. After a while, he relayed the answer. This time the airlift will be waiting for us, not in Katen, but in a small village near Cadarin Ford where we left the truck.

When we were camping that night, there were twelve practical issues that needed attention. The time and exact location of the crossing of Ford provides assurance to those who may face the horror of leaving the forest but not crossing the last roadblock of the river. This is of little help to us in providing strength to the sick. But when I did everything I could, and the entire camp was quiet, I sat by the low fire and stared at it deeply painfully. Tomorrow we will cross the river, and in a few hours we will return to Terran headquarters. then….

Then…then nothing. I will disappear, I will never exist anywhere, unless it is a boring ghost haunting Jay Allison’s extraordinary dreams. When he had a cold round, I was nothing more than a strong wind, bursting bubbles, and thin clouds.

The dying fiery red rose and saffron made my dream come true. Once again, like the path that night, Kayla ran through the fire smoothly to my side, I looked up at her, and suddenly I knew I couldn’t stand it. I pulled her to my side and murmured, “Oh, Kayla-Kayla, I don’t even remember you!”

She pushed away my hand, knelt upright, and said eagerly: “Jason, listen. We are close to Katun, and others can lead them through the rest of the way. Why do you want to return to them? Now slip away. , Never go back. We can-” She stopped and colored violently. The sudden and terrible shyness overcame her again. Finally, she whispered: “Jackson, the dark world is a vast world. Big enough Let us hide. I believe they will search far.”

They will not. I can have a word with Kendricks instead of with Regis, and the telepath will see me immediately. I have already cycled to Katun with Kayla. When they realized that I had escaped, they were too concerned about bringing the trailer safely to the Terran area, that they spent a lot of time looking for the fugitive. As said, the world is vast. That is my world. I will not be alone.

“…” I said helplessly, pressing her against me and kissing her. She closed her eyes and I looked at her face for a long time. Not pretty, no. But feminine, brave and all other beautiful things. This is a farewell look, if she doesn’t know, I know. 138

After the shortest period of time, she pulled away a bit, and the flat voice was softer and breathing more than usual. “We better leave before everyone else wakes up.” She saw that I didn’t move. “Jason-?”

I can’t see her. I said glumly: “No, Kayla. I-I promised the old people to take care of the human world. I must go back -“

“You won’t be there to take care of them! You won’t be you!”

I said dimly: “I will write a letter to remind myself. Jay Allison has a strong sense of responsibility. He will take care of me. He will not like it, but he will do his best. One last breath. He Better than me, Kayla. You better forget me.” I said wearily, “I don’t exist.”

That’s not over yet. It’s pretty far. She-begging, I don’t know why I want to get rid of stubborn hell. But in the end she ran away and cried. I was thrown down by the fire, cursing Foss, cursing my own stupidity, but the most important thing was cursing Jay Allison, hating me with a nasty anger Someone else.

In the afternoon of the next day, passing through the village where we would encounter us by airlift, passing through the outskirts of the small village, we noticed that the poorer places were almost abandoned. Regis said sadly, “This has already begun.” He stood out and stood at the door of a quiet house. After a while, he waved to me and I looked in.

I hope not. When I live, the sight will bother me. Inside lay an old man, two young women and six children, aged between 4 and 15. After Dakowan got used to the customs of the dead, the old man, one of the children and a young woman were neatly arranged in a clean dead, shrouded, their faces covered with green branches. Another young woman was lying next to the fireplace, her coarse clothes stained with the dirt from her vomiting and died. Children-but even now, I can’t help but think of the children. When she fell, a small thing was always in her arms. It has been moving freely for a while. Others are in an indescribable situation, the worst is that one of them is still moving and their help is weak. Regis turned blindly from the door and leaned against the wall, his shoulders unstable. Not what I thought at first, but out of sadness. Tears swept across his hand and fell down. When I grabbed his arm and led him away, he got up and fell on me.

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