Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 155:

These three people look more like a family of three!

Fang Lilan was frizzy with her eyes, “Xinxin, why are you looking at mom like this…”

Did this idiot find something?

“Nothing.” Fang Xinxin said coldly, “You three colluded to wrong me, my heart is cold.”

Fang Manxue took her arm enthusiastically, like a best sister, “Sanmei, the second sister is not doing well. We are sisters, don’t be angry with me.”

“No.” Long Shuhai sighed authentically, “We are all a family, how can we have an overnight feud? Let’s go, Man Xue, you are with you. I will buy new clothes for you and Xinxin.”

“Then thank you Second Uncle.” Man Xue answered sweetly.

Drag Fang Xinxin to the door.

Long Shuhai came to Fang’s house for three years, and Fang Xinxin wanted to see how generous he was to himself, so he followed.

“Go, I’ll go back to the company. Now, Commander Bai is not willing to be the backer, and the Fang Group has to rely on itself.” Fang Lilan seemed to be five years old. “Xinxin, the company is your father’s work, we always want In the future, my mother will no longer think about relying on the Bai family, and will work **** her own.”

Fang Xinxin is a stubborn idiot, so hard-working her will definitely not work.

Then come soft.

Although the Fang family vomited a lot of blood and returned a billion of funds, such a large sum of money, to put it bluntly, is not just a word from Bai Qinghao.

Seeing that Bai Qinghao is so precious to Fang Xinxin, starting from an idiot, the money will come back sooner or later!

A sneer flashed in Fang Xinxin’s eyes, when she didn’t know what Fang Lilan was calculating?

The mourning policy was okay against her in her previous life.

After a lifetime, Fang Xinxin didn’t eat hard or soft.

Fang Manxue pulled Fang Xinxin to the side of an Audi car parked in the yard and opened the door with the remote control key, “Sanmei, let’s sit in the back together.”

Long Shuhai got into the driver’s seat and drove, and the car drove out of Fang’s villa.

“Second sister, this is the first time I’ve been in Second Uncle’s car.” Fang Xinxin glanced at the key in her hand, “You even have the spare key for Second Uncle’s car. You are really familiar with Second Uncle.”

Long Shuhai glanced at Fang Xinxin kindly from the rearview mirror, “Xinxin, you child, I am the second uncle of you and Man Xue. I have no family and no other relatives. I am not familiar with you. Who are you acquainted with? Manxue has a spare key for my car, which she asked me for. If you ask me for it, I will give it to you.”

Fang Manxue said, “What is the third sister doing with your car key? She doesn’t know how to drive. I need it. Sometimes I go to play. It’s boring to drive my own car, so I borrowed my second uncle’s car to change hands.”

Xinxin sneered, “This is the case in Fang’s family. The second sister has everything she has. The car is a Ferrari worth more than 4 million. But I don’t even have a driver’s license.”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Man Xue’s face, and then she said, “Sister, driving is dangerous, you shouldn’t learn it. In the future, if you have anything, you can let the second sister drive you.”

“Really.” Fang Xinxin asked casually, “Since it’s dangerous, why should second sister learn to drive?”

“I’m not bold enough.” Fang Manxue sneered casually, “Besides, I only know the danger after driving.”

Lie to the ghost. Fang Xinxin didn’t bother to point it.

Long Shuhai parked the car at the gate of the most famous Guangtai Building in the Imperial Capital, found a parking space, and turned it off.

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