Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 158:

“Find a way to make her buy it.” Long Shuhai also whispered in Fang Manxue’s ear.

The two followed Fang Xinxin into the shop.

The clerk greeted the three enthusiastically, “Welcome!”

A young female clerk enthusiastically introduced Fang Xinxin, “This lady, our shop specializes in the fat and fat worlds of beautiful clothes. The clothes in our shop guarantee you to wear them comfortably and elegantly. Take a look at this One piece…”

He took a skirt out of the display hanger and said, “This skirt is embroidered with gold rim, elegant and calm. It will look good when you wear it, and the size will fit you. It only costs 60,000 yuan.”

Fang Xinxin heard, “It’s so cheap. Take out the most expensive clothes in your store!”

Long Shuhai’s expression became unnatural, “Xinxin, this dress is not cheap anymore.”

Fang Xinxin glanced at him in surprise, “Second Uncle, every time you enter a store, you pat your chest and say that you want to buy me the most expensive one. There were more than 1.6 million pieces before. You also said that pediatrics is here. .”

That is knowing that you can’t wear those clothes. Long Shuhai smiled awkwardly, “It’s Pediatrics…”

“I heard it. My second uncle said that even if it costs more than one million yuan, it is also a pediatrics.” Fang Xinxin said to the clerk, “Go get it.”

The female clerk hesitated for a moment, took a light blue knee-length dress, and eagerly introduced, “This love of the sea is our signature style. The collar and hem are all studded with crystals. Fat lady Wearing it on will show off your waist, and thick legs can cover your flaws… You have to be careful when you try it, it’s too expensive, so don’t break it…”

Fang Xinxin took a few more clothes with her fingers, “This one, this one, and that one…you don’t need to try it, just wrap it up for me, and just ask my second uncle.”

The female clerk froze for a moment, but she met a proud big buyer, and immediately smiled, “Wait a minute, I will pack it soon!”

Long Shuhai said with a yin expression, “Xinxin, I haven’t tried it yet, in case I can’t wear it…”

Fang Xinxin asked the clerk, “Give me 3XL codes. Are they in stock?”

“Available stock.”

“Second Uncle, I’m a bit thinner. I don’t need to wear four or five XL. I just can wear three XL.” Fang Xinxin said innocently, “You really don’t have to worry that I can’t wear it.”

Long Shuhai was worried that she would not be able to wear it, and refused to lose blood.

A female clerk in front of the counter quickly settled the bill came over, “Sir, miss, which one of you will pay the bill? A total of 3.23 million.”

Fang Xinxin pointed to Long Shuhai, “He. My second uncle said, all the expensive clothes are wrapped on him.”

Long Shuhai’s face turned black, and he lingered to take out his wallet.

“Sir, would you please check out?” the clerk urged.

I’m afraid he will regret it.

“Xinxin, the clothes you want to buy are ugly, and you will be laughed at when you wear them!” Fang Manxue dragged Fang Xinxin out of the store forcibly, and said to the clerk, “Sorry, I don’t need all the clothes!”

This ugly idiot, how worthy of having such expensive clothes!

“These clothes are not ugly at all…” Fang Xinxin wanted to say something.

Long Shuhai also walked out quickly, “These clothes are of poor quality, go, Xinxin, my second uncle will buy you more expensive ones!”

“You…” The clerk turned angrily, “Are you kidding? The quality of our shop is one of the best! I think you are here to make trouble sincerely!”

“Sorry!” Long Shuhai lost a smile.

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