Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 160: Bleeding the second uncle 2

She remembered that Long Shuhai had just received a dividend from the Fang Group, with more than three million on the card.

These were only known later in her last life.

Now the unknown prophet has become a kind of ability.

Fang Xinxin saw the clerk who had just heard her whisper whispering to the cashier at the counter, and the cashier’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Fang Xinxin immediately walked to the counter and attracted Long Shuhai’s attention, “Second Uncle, are you sure you want to buy five-piece boutique? Too many. The clothes in this store are expensive!”

Long Shuhai thought that the idiot was talking about the five-hundred-dollar imitation goods, so she could take it seriously.

He patted his chest again and said with pride, “Not much, it’s worth it!”

The cashier swiped the POS machine with Long Shuhai’s card and said respectfully, “Sir, please enter the password.”

Long Shuhai pressed the password directly.

Facing the small note that was typed out when he was swiping the POS machine, he was afraid that Fang Xinxin would see the amount of only 200 yuan. He deliberately talked to Xinxin, folded the position where he could see the amount, and quickly signed the name in the blank.

Fang Xinxin didn’t know what abacus he was playing, this little action of guilty conscience pitted him, “Second Uncle, you are so generous.”

“Are you my third niece, can I not be generous? Second uncle always loves you the most.” Long Shuhai said from his mouth, laughing at Fang Xinxin as an idiot. He just played a little trick, she just Five-hundred-hundred-dollar clothes are regarded as boutiques in Italy’s top brand stores.

Fang Xinxin asked, “So the second uncle doesn’t hurt the second sister?”

“It hurts, I love you both.” Long Shuhai really kindly glanced at Fang Manxue, who was looking at the clothes under the guidance of other shop assistants.

“Then you ‘more’ buy a five-piece boutique for your second sister?”

Long Shuhai was reluctant to spend money on Fang Xinxin. He was sincerely willing to give Man Xuehua money. He didn’t pay attention to the word “many” she said. Card will do.”

Fang Xinxin smiled, “The five-piece boutique I just bought is for my second sister.”

“You don’t need to give it to her…she can buy another one.” Long Shuhai waved his hand.

How can the **** that totals only 800 yuan for the five bodies is worthy of Man Xue’s grade?

Man Xue will be the wife of the commander in the future. She will be dressed as a big international brand. “What’s more, your clothes are too big for her to wear.”

“It’s the clothes I bought just now, I can’t wear them.” Fang Xinxin corrected.

Long Shuhai didn’t understand for a while.

The cashier handed the card and a receipt to Long Shuhai, “Sir, here are your card and receipt, please keep it.”

Long Shuhai also found it strange. Isn’t it just that the imitation clothes are temporarily placed here and acted in a play to make Fang Xinxin think it’s a famous product of this store. He told the clerk surnamed Wang that he would give two hundred yuan for the benefit, and there would be a receipt. ?

Putting the card into his wallet, Long Shuhai glanced at the amount on the receipt at will, his eyes almost bulging out, “Three…three million!”

“Yes, the five-piece boutique you just bought adds up to 3.08 million.” The cashier smiled and said, “You have been discounted, and 80,000 has been erased, and the actual collection is 3 million.”

“What!” Long Shuhai was shocked, “Are you mistaken? I haven’t bought any five-piece boutique, and you haven’t seen the clothes in your shop. How could I spend so much money!”

“This lady is optimistic about it for help.” The cashier compared Xinxin, “Before you pay the bill, she also asked you, are you sure you want to buy a five-piece boutique? I also told you that the clothes in our shop are very expensive , You said it yourself, no matter how expensive it is.”

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