Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 18: Fang Fei is not qualified enough to be a servant

The force he held her hand unknowingly increased, so hard that her hand bones seemed to be squeezed by him.

“Let go!” She frowned and drank softly.

He thought she still didn’t like touching by herself, and his complexion turned black immediately, “Do you think I want to touch you? It’s because you couldn’t keep walking on your own road, so I kindly gave you a hand!”

Reluctantly let go of her hand, his mouth is still tough.

“Then thank you commander for your kindness.” She took a deep breath, stood up straight, and the soreness of her body continued to follow him.

Bai Qinghao felt that even her back was exuding a deep cold air, and her whole body was hairy when she walked behind with the cold.

Obviously the commander is angry!

Still said you don’t want to touch her? Wrong mouth.

The cool and handsome commander is really interesting.

Knowing what he had misunderstood, she said aloud, “You pinched me just now, and I don’t want to let you loose until I lose my hand.”

His steps stiffened slightly, and the chill radiating from his body eased. It’s not that I can’t accept him to hold her hand.

Liu Li’s heart was tightly held in his throat.

The commander just turned his back to Fang Feifei.

There is a fruit knife hidden in her hand! Are you afraid of her sudden stabbing?

It suddenly understood that the commander was deliberately giving her a chance to start.

He secretly vowed that he would never let Fang Fei succeed!

Before the fruit knife she hid stabs the commander, she will be destroyed by a single shot!

Crumbled tightly, staring at her vigorously.

How could Fang Xinxin not know that Liu Li defended herself from assassinating Bai Qinghao like a thief.

She likes this, so she can practice Liu Jingwei to be vigilant.

Twenty expressionless men in military uniforms stood in two rows opposite each other at the entrance of the hospital.

There are several military SUV off-road vehicles parked on the road at the door, the black crocodile off-road vehicle at the front is particularly conspicuous.

At first glance, it is known that there are scenes of big people.

With the appearance of Bai Qinghao, twenty well-trained military guards immediately saluted at the same time in a standard military posture.

Fang Xinxin followed Bai Qinghao through the middle corridor where the two rows of guards stood opposite each other, and the pressure suddenly rose.

At the same time there is a sense of pride.

The woman who is Bai Qinghao is actually quite awe-inspiring.

Behind his ass, there was a bit of arrogance. Bah, baah, she’s not a dog… she’s temporarily fat.

A large group of passers-by stood dozens of steps away from the outside world. A beautiful woman in white clothes in the crowd pointed at Bai Qinghao and said, “Look, Bai Qinghao, he is so powerful and handsome!”

“It’s so handsome and so cool!” The blue girl next to her was full of excitement.

“Look at this ostentatious style. Who is he?” a 90-year-old man asked.

“He, don’t you know? He has an independent army, political power, and an unfathomable background. The youngest commander in this country, the national male **** Bai Qinghao who has fascinated thousands of men, women and children!” An aunt accepted the old man with excitement. Uncle’s words.

Someone noticed Fang Xinxin behind Bai Qinghao, and asked, “Is that fat, ugly, and acne-prone woman a servant?”

“The male **** would not have such an ugly servant…”

Fang Xinxin almost fell down, with an embarrassed and sad expression on her face.

Why doesn’t anyone think she is Bai Qinghao’s woman? Excessive.

Sooner or later, she will be praised for her and Bai Qinghaolang’s talented female appearance, a perfect match.

Bai Qinghao has taken the lead in the first off-road vehicle. The special bullet-proof glass windows provide excellent sound insulation. Naturally, no passerby said Fang Xinxin was a servant. If you hear, according to his character, he will definitely announce that it is his woman on the spot.

Before Liu Li and Fang Xinxin got into the car behind, they could hear clearly with their ears sharp.

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