Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 2:

His body was pressed by something heavy, and he couldn’t breathe.

Too close, a magnified male face came into her eyes, with dark eyebrows, deep and dark eyes, and a tall nose with thin lips, which outlined an inconceivably perfect outline of handsomeness.

Bai Qinghao!

This face was the one she most wanted to see before she blew herself up.

Could it be that God pity her, in order to fulfill her last wish, so that she, who has been paralyzed for a long time, can look at him again?

She dared not blink her eyes, staring at him fiercely!

Bai Qinghao came into contact with her staring gaze, and knew that she was hateful and he forced her body, and his face instantly became gloomy.

She seemed to have missed his icy gaze, still staring at him!

Staring hard, I’m afraid I missed a look.

Especially, she has been blind for so long to be able to see him again, even if she is in a dream, or her soul is dreaming after she has died, she has to read enough.

Bai Qinghao raised his hand to pinch her jaw, and said in a cold tone: “What? Can you wait to kill me?”

The pain from the lower palate made her mind instantly awake.

Why does it hurt even if you die?

Before she died, she was obviously pressed on his body and exploded. Why is he now pressed on her body, and he seems to be alive?

Just alive!

Because he was not wearing the clothes, she could clearly feel the warmth of his body, and she was also naked, the two bodies were combined with each other in a positive and negative distance!

Apparently just after the job, he rolled over and stood on the edge of the bed with his back facing her.

Her eyes moved with his body.

With wide shoulders and narrow hips, slender legs, without a trace of sturdy physique, even the back is quite attractive.

His figure is really better than the models of ancient Greece and Western Europe!

She stared straight at his naked ti. Before she could see enough, he picked up the clothes on the seat and moved quickly and neatly on him.

I don’t know if there were ten seconds. When he turned around, he was already in a straight military uniform and his expression was cold.

The temperature in the whole room seems to have dropped several degrees because of the Bing Sen aura on him.

His eyes fell on her with an arrogance of Sen Han, “Don’t think I will feel guilty, you asked for it!”

Familiar words!

His cold eyes forced her back.

She glanced around the room. This was a ward. The floor was ripped torn apart, and the bra was turned into two halves and was thrown on the ground like garbage.

The chair by the window, the light gray curtains, the hospital bed under her…

Even the invisible crack in the corner of the wall on the left is exactly the same as when she was raped by Bai Qinghao in the hospital ten years ago!

Did she rebirth back ten years ago?

The pain that the body had just been ravaged by tyranny told her that she was really born again!

God, he is not dead yet, she is alive too, it’s really great!

And at this time, she was not paralyzed and her eyes were not blind.

The tears of excitement blurred her eyes.

Bai Qinghao looked at her tears, his eyes were frosty like ten thousand years of frost, as if he was about to cut her away, “Why cry? I said, you are my woman, if you dare to betray me, just You must have the consciousness to pay the price!”

Fang Xinxin recalled that at this time in her previous life, she eloped with her beloved man Bai Chenxi. As a result, she had a car accident on the road. Bai Chenxi was injured in a’serious’ coma and was admitted to the hospital, and her wrist was also injured.

At her request, the doctor arranged for her to live in the same ward with Bai Chenxi, each with one bed, and only a curtain between the two beds.


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