Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 21:

Because the commander is such a superior god, how could he allow a fat and ugly person to call him lustful!

Bai Qinghao’s cold handsome face drew a trace of embarrassment, narrowing his narrow eyes slightly, and leaning toward her from the military posture he was sitting in, lowering his voice, “Could it be that you were dissatisfied with your desires just now in the hospital bed?”

“You only want dissatisfaction, your whole family wants dissatisfaction!” She also yelled in a low voice.

“Then why do you suddenly say I look?”

“Look where your sight was just now?” She was angry, “You are actually looking at the base of this beauty’s thigh, the triangle…”

“I see your handbag.” Fearing that she would say more surprising words, he cut her off.

“Cough…” She looked embarrassed. Isn’t it where she imagined it?

What a shame.

Although the two of them lowered their voices, the driver Li Bingpan was listening with his ears upright. Of course he heard clearly.

He just said, how can the commander color this fat girl, it is impossible for the world to rain.

The atmosphere in the car was silent.

The windy black crocodile SUV drove for a few more minutes in the endless traffic.

Li Bingpan said, why didn’t the commander kick the fat girl out of the car?

I really fight for the commander, “Commander, Miss Fang just misunderstood you, how can you stand this slander…”

“Why did I slander him?” Fang Xinxin glanced in the direction of the driver’s seat dissatisfiedly, “Your commander was originally a wolf. Don’t believe it…” He lifted his sleeves to reveal the bruises on his arms, “It’s all him. Did it.”

The car came again to swing its tail.

“Li Bingpan, is Fang Xinxin assassinating the emperor?” Liu Li’s anxious voice sounded on the walkie-talkie again, “If yes, I will come here right away!”

“No, no.” Li Bingpan hurriedly replied. The traces on Fang Xinxin’s arm were obviously the result of ‘fighting a big fight’ on the bed. He was frightened, his hand shook, and the direction went wrong, and the car shook its tail.

After sorting out his emotions, he said straightforwardly, “Miss Fang, the mark on your arm could not have been made by our commander. He doesn’t have such bad taste?”

Fang Xinxin is very angry. Is it destined to have a bad relationship with the people around Bai Qinghao?

“Commander, your driver said that you’eat me’ have bad taste.” She grinned.

Bai Qinghao gave her a gentle gaze, “He didn’t appreciate his gaze.”

“Have you heard it? You didn’t have eyesight.” Fang Xinxin raised his head proudly.

“I would rather have no eyesight.” Li Bingpan did not dare to refute. The commander said that he had no appreciative ability, and that was no.

“Don’t have general knowledge with people who don’t appreciate it.” Fang Xinxin didn’t want to lose.

Li Bingpan noticed the commander’s unpleasant expression in the rearview mirror, and he dared not speak again. I can only sigh for the commander in my heart, why have you been ruined by a fat and ugly woman?

A group of SUV military vehicles drove into the courtyard gate of the Royal Court and stopped.

Leading the vehicle, Fang Xinxin got out of the car.

The Imperial Court is located in the famous and wealthy area of ​​the Imperial City. It occupies a wide area with towering walls, gorgeous swimming pools and gardens.

The main house is a huge European-style villa, with spirally carved columns, high-rise doors, imported warm white stone masonry, carved round arch windows, and the layout of the Jinluan and Napanlong!

From a geographical point of view, it is definitely a treasure of geomantic omen. From a practical point of view, it is extremely luxurious!

It is definitely a supreme honor to live here. Unfortunately, the Royal Court is a private site, and ordinary people are not allowed to connect nearby.

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