Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 25: lose weight

In fact, fat people are easy to get hungry.

Moreover, the food made by these dozens of famous chefs is so delicious!

If she was the one she was before, it would be trivial to eat them all.

The delicious aftertaste in her mouth was still spinning, she reluctantly waved her hand, “Take down all these dishes!”

God knows how painful it is to make this decision, the hungry fat man abandons the delicious food, it is more uncomfortable than the gods.

No one understands how **** her heart is…

However, she wants to lose weight!

One hundred and eighty catties…If you want to lose one hundred and eighty catties, you have to be cruel to yourself!

If you continue to eat so much, let alone lose weight, you probably have to gain weight.

Every dish is paid for, which is regarded as a way for Bai Qinghao to prepare so many delicious foods for her.

A row of maids looked at each other, standing still.

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows, “These dishes don’t suit your appetite? What do you want to eat, I will let the chef make another.”

I want to eat you! Too hungry to swallow you alive! Fang Xinxin glanced at him ambiguously, she still didn’t express the shy person with so many servants present.

Bai Qinghao felt her gleaming eyes staring at him, there was an illusion that she wanted to sleep with him…

An excitement in my heart, if she wants, he can meet her needs infinitely.

In the blink of an eye, I saw her staring at the food again, and then I thought, probably because I had misunderstood her thoughts.

“No need to do it separately.” Fang Xinxin shook her head, “These dishes are all delicious, but I’m already full.”

Bai Qinghao frowned, “You only ate so little.”

“It’s a lot, I just drank four big pots of water!”

“So, are you saving me food?” He was unhappy.

“No.” She confessed honestly, “I deliberately drank plenty of water, just don’t want to worry about eating. I want to lose weight!”

Bai Qinghao looked at her fat body, “Don’t reduce it, you are not fat at all.”

The guard Liu Li and a row of maids were muttering in their hearts: Is Fang Xinxin’s weight over 180 kilograms fat? Commander, are you telling lies?

Fang Xinxin knew that Bai Qinghao still loved her regardless of whether she was fat or not.

Such a man is too worthy of her cherishment.

Even for him, she has to lose weight!

“The doctor said that being too fat is not good for the body, and that the various organs of the body are burdened. I must reduce the weight.” She was telling the truth.

In fact, no one took her to see a doctor in Fang’s family where she lived.

But after she married Bai Qinghao in the previous life, she had seen the doctor, the doctor said.

It was also at that time that the doctor checked that she was so fat, not only was she eaten, but there were also a lot of hormone medicines in her body.

She only knew that when she was living in Fang’s family, someone gave her a hormone medicine that would make people fat!

Moreover, taking too much hormone medicine will affect fertility.

Fortunately, despite the difficulties in giving birth in the previous life, she was still pregnant with a child. Unfortunately, that child was…

A pain in my heart.

She withdrew her mind from her memories. In this life, she will collect all the blood debts of the previous life!

When Bai Qinghao heard her say this, he nodded, “Well, good health is the first thing. It is impossible to lose weight overnight, and you will get hungry. Leave five dishes and two bowls of rice.”

According to the maid, she put five dishes on the luxurious table in the restaurant, a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks.

Fang Xinxin knows that weight loss can only be done gradually and cannot starve herself to death.

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