Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 26: Sleep in his room

What’s more, Bai Qinghao even said something, and would not allow her not to eat.

“Okay.” She sat down at the table, swept through the five dishes on the table like a wind, and swallowed two bowls of rice in two or three mouthfuls. The speed was like a wasp crossing the border, leaving no leaves behind!

In the end, she hiccuped contentedly.

Everyone looked at it again.

Liu Li was surprised, “Fang Fei, are you starving to death?” Although there are not many two bowls of rice and five dishes, this fat lady just drank four pots of water!

Even Bai Qinghao watched Fang Xinxin eat for the first time, and he didn’t react for a while, and in the blink of an eye, the plate was completely naked.

“You eat too fast, it’s easy to choke, eat slowly next time.” Bai Qinghao confessed distressedly.

“I know.” Fang Xinxin scratched her head embarrassedly, “I’m really hungry, the food is too ugly, don’t mind everyone, hehe…hehe…”

It’s so delicious that I want to eat all the plates. For example, the food of pigs in Fang’s family is delicious to the sky.

Bai Qinghao stared at her little greedy face, “Would you like to bring up the food that was withdrawn just now?”

“Really!” Fang Xinxin wanted to agree very much. In order to lose weight, she had to bear it hard, “I have already eaten. Well, I want to sleep. Which room do I live in?”

The tone is as relaxed as returning home.

“Take her to the first room on the third floor.” Bai Qinghao ordered.

The maid was a little surprised, because that was the master bedroom where the commander slept!

The commander has always been obsessed with cleanliness, how could he allow a woman to live in his bedroom? Even the servants who specialize in cleaning have to wear gloves and be careful when they walk in.

Despite doubts, the maid respectfully led Fang Xinxin to the third floor.

Liu Li protested, “Commander, you didn’t want to take Fang Xinxin back to imprisonment in the imperial garden. Why did the prisoner go to your bedroom?”

Bai Qinghao’s unhappy eyes swept over, “When did I say I want to imprison her?”

“Although this is not the case, but…” Huafeng was exposed to the chill in the commander’s eyes. Liu Li did not dare to express his opinions anymore, but had to suggest, “Commander, Fang Xinxin is unpredictable. The fruit knife hidden in her handbag will always Stabbing you, you must be careful of her!”

As a loyal subordinate, even if the commander is unhappy, he must risk his advice.

Bai Qinghao’s gaze retracted from the back of Fang Xinxin’s disappearance at the entrance of the spiral staircase. She had better not play tricks!

Fang Xinxin was led to Bai Qinghao’s master bedroom by the maid.

The decoration of the bedroom is quite luxurious, the simple and atmospheric four-eave ceiling ceiling lamp, the meticulous handmade embroidered fabric wall, the soft leather background and the carved wood decoration are extra luxurious.

The European-style bed is two meters by two meters in width and length, which is much larger than ordinary beds.

The master bedroom has a living room, and every piece of furniture in the outside living room is of the highest grade. At first glance, it is almost N times higher than the presidential suite of a five-star hotel!

There are many high-end wines of different years in the European-style wine cabinet on the wall of the hall. Red wine and white wine are placed neatly on one side.

Fang Xinxin stood in front of the wine cabinet, her eyes glowing when she looked at the various high-end wines inside.

The cheapest of these wines cost more than 100,000 bottles.

She has no special addiction to wine, but if she steals a bottle and sells it…

Ahem… She can’t be a thief even if she is crazy.

“Miss Fang, don’t touch anything from the commander in the master bedroom.”

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