Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 30: Media misunderstanding

The second sister’s words were very brilliant, on the surface it was to report injustices for her, but in fact it was secretly provoking her to become dissatisfied with Bai Qinghao’s behavior.

The self in the previous life hated Bai Qinghao even more because of what the second sister said. In this life, she has no time to love Bai Qinghao.

Fang Xinxin asked in time, “Who told you that Bai Qinghao imprisoned me?”

“Isn’t it?” Fang Manxue said angrily, “Without your consent, without the consent of the Fang family, he imprisoned you here, which is restricting your personal freedom!”

Fang Xinxin didn’t care, “The Royal Court is not a place where everyone can come. It is an honor to be able to enter the Royal Court. Second Sister, you are able to enter and leave the Royal Court freely, because it is my light.”

According to previous memories, Fang Manxue, a cunning woman, every time she and Bai Chenxi had a little action, Fang Manxue would give Bai Qinghao a small report.

Bai Qinghao also wanted to fully control his actions, and over time, Fang Manxue was given the authority to enter and leave the imperial court.

Fang Manxue’s face became stiff, “Xinxin, how can you say that? Why did I get in and out of the Royal Court to get your light? It was obviously Bai Qinghao liked me, so he let me enter and leave the Royal Court at will, even you No special treatment.”

Before that, Fang Manxue must have said what Fang Xinxin believed, but now, he doesn’t believe it at all.

Because if Bai Qinghao really liked Fang Manxue, how could he insist on marrying Fang Xinxin as his wife in his previous life?

“Oh? Bai Qinghao said he likes you? Then I have to ask him.” Xinxin was about to get out of bed, Fang Manxue hurriedly held her, “Don’t ask Hao such questions, he is always cold , If you ask, he won’t admit it.”

“Hao…” Fang Xinxin looked at her amused, “Second Sister, he is your future brother-in-law, is it appropriate for you to call your future brother-in-law so affectionately?”

Fang Manxue said, “Anyway, you love Bai Chenxi, and Bai Qinghao will break the engagement with you sooner or later. What does it matter if I am called Bai Qinghao?”

“That is my marriage contract with Bai Qinghao has not been terminated yet, and he is still your sister’s fiancé.” Fang Xinxin’s expression became stern, “Thank you, second sister, not to call him in front of me… Hao. Otherwise…”

“You still want to file a complaint with Bai Qinghao? A woman who just eloped with Bai Chenxi, do you think Bai Qinghao will care about you?” Fang Manxue had a confident attitude.

Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, “Why should I file a complaint with Bai Qinghao? I just have to tell the media reporters that Bai Qinghao’s fiancé is Fang Xinxin, not your Fang Manxue. Guess what will be the news headlines tomorrow? Fang’s The second lady in the group has been coveting her brother-in-law for a long time?”

“I can say that the media themselves misunderstood…” Fang Manxue is not a compromiser. “I never said publicly that Bai Qinghao’s fiancé was me. Everyone only knew that it was the daughter of the Fang family. Everyone took it for granted. Just me.”

Fang Xinxin spread her hands, “Then, I will accept the interview and tell everyone clearly that Bai Qinghao’s fiancee is me. In this way, everyone will clearly misunderstand you.”

Fang Manxue doesn’t want Fang Xinxin to clarify this misunderstanding. She wants everyone to think that she is the future wife of Commander Bai, “Xin Xin, if you do this, Bai Chenxi will be sad. Besides, this will hurt you. What good? Bai Qinghao won’t want you anyway.”

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