Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 32:

Unexpectedly, Bai Qinghao would not go after her and Bai Chenxi’s elopement, Fang Manxue came to bite again.

Sure enough, Bai Qinghao turned black when he heard the words.

It seems that he still has a grudge in his heart.

Fang Manxue seemed to have discovered the existence of Bai Qinghao and bowed respectfully, “Commander…I’m sorry, my third sister will elope with Bai Chenxi if she is not sensible. Don’t follow her when she is still young. She cares.”

On the surface, he was helping Fang Xinxin to speak, but he knew that a man like Bai Qinghao could not tolerate a grain of sand in his eyes, and it was impossible to forgive Fang Xinxin’s elopement behavior.

Once Bai Qinghao broke off the marriage contract with Fang Xinxin, she would immediately drive the ugly idiot out of Fang’s house!

Fang Xinxin didn’t mind to resolve the matter completely, “Second sister, you rushed to accuse me of running away with Bai Chenxi, without asking me what happened, you directly convict me, you wronged me so much. Is it really good?”

What’s the matter with this fat stupid? If he actually talked to her like this, if before the change, the idiot would have recognized the relationship with Bai Chenxi, and it would be too late to get rid of Bai Qinghao. Fang Manxue was very dissatisfied, “What makes me wrong you? Obviously the facts are in front of you, you just elope with Bai Chenxi!”

“Elopement, elopement!” Fang Xinxin snorted coldly. “You keep saying that I eloped with Bai Chenxi. Did I tell you or Bai Chenxi told you? What facts? The facts are my evening. I took a trip to Bai Chenxi’s car with my luggage and asked him to take me to the airport. When I got into the same hospital in a car accident, I was overwhelmed by boring people.”

Even if Bai Chenxi said something to Fang Manxue, he would never admit the crime of elopement.

Because that male **** not only can’t stand the notoriety of abducting the future wife, but also afraid that Bai Qinghao will kill him.

Fang Manxue sternly said, “What is a car at night? To put it lightly, yours is 12 o’clock in the middle of the night!”

“I booked a flight ticket at two o’clock in the middle of the night, and that time was just right for the trip.” Fang Xinxin said, “If you don’t believe me, you can confront Bai Chenxi.”

Fang Manxue also knew that Bai Chenxi would not admit to elopement, he did not see Xinxin as a stupid pig.

When she asked Bai Chenxi, the other party only said to send Fang Xinxin to the airport.

She just wants to take advantage of this topic.

“Oh, and…” Fang Xinxin added, “I am going to Thailand for a trip. I only booked my own air ticket, but Bai Chenxi’s was not booked. This shows that I am totally different from him.”

In fact, she didn’t have the money to buy air tickets for Bai Chenxi.

And Bai Chenxi also criticized her, saying that he had bought a plane ticket and ‘flyed’ with her to go to the end of the world, but he didn’t buy it and didn’t plan to ‘fly away’ with her at all.

Poorly her last life was played around by Bai Chenxi, that scumbag wanted to use her to crush Bai Qinghao’s body.

In the previous life, he fell in love with him, and this time he won’t let him succeed. This is also good, it shows that she is alone.

“So what? You guys and widows in the middle of the night…” Fang Manxue wanted to say, and Fang Xinxin sneered. “Don’t you ever ride a car with a man you know in the middle of the night? A month ago, Senior Kun Zheng sent you back to Fang’s house at two o’clock in the middle of the night…”

“Stop!” Fang Manxue interrupted her anxiously, but could not destroy her image of a lady and a virgin in front of Bai Qinghao, “There is no such thing at all, you are wrong!”

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