Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 38: New clothes bought by Qinghao

In one of the closet grids, there are more than twenty pairs of new shoes on display.

There are high heels, leather shoes, casual shoes…

Everything is available.

Every pair of shoes is exceptionally exquisite.

“So many clothes and shoes are all bought by the commander.” A jealous flash of maid Jiqing’s eyes.

How can this ugly woman deserve to have so many high-end clothes!

Fang Xinxin noticed the jealousy in Ji Qing’s eyes and curled her lips coldly, “Why, envy, jealousy, hate?”

“Don’t dare.” She was just a servant, and didn’t dare to go too far.

“Even if you are jealous, it’s normal.” As long as the maid Jiqing doesn’t do excessive things, Fang Xinxin doesn’t bother to pay attention. Raising his hand, he picked up a few new clothes and looked at the hang tags. They were all international brands, worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The cheapest one costs more than 10,000 yuan…

The price of shoes also ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of yuan per pair.

Bai Qinghao is really lavish!

In contrast, Fang Xinxin only had fifty-eight eighty cents in her pocket… it was really shabby.

A warm current rose in Fang Xinxin’s heart.

Not only because Bai Qinghao bought her such expensive clothes and shoes, but because he carefully noticed that she didn’t have much change of clothes.

At the same time, I felt a little embarrassed.

In front of the beloved man, the clothes are so shabby.

Even though he knew he wouldn’t laugh at her, he still felt sour.

She must make money as soon as possible.

“The commander confessed that this room will specially put clothes and shoes for you in the future.” Ji Qing recounted expressionlessly.

Fang Xinxin nodded slightly, took a set of grass green casual clothes, and casual shoes, returned to the bathroom of the master bedroom, and quickly washed and changed.

Walking down the spiral staircase from the third floor, I saw that the dining room table connected to the living room on the first floor was already full of abundant food.

Bai Qinghao was already sitting at the table, and he hadn’t started to eat, he should be waiting for her.

The guard Liu Li stood respectfully behind his seat.

The servant helped Fang Xinxin pull away the chair opposite Bai Qinghao, “Miss Fang, please sit down.”

She nodded slightly, and after taking a seat opposite Bai Qinghao, she said distressedly, “Commander, you don’t need to buy so many new clothes and shoes for me, the price is still so expensive…”

“Small, don’t take it to heart.” His stern eyes fell on her, “Isn’t it pretty?”

Liu Li in the back twitched his mouth. Fang Xinxin is a fat black-skinned woman who looks ugly in everything, OK? The commander exaggerated.

Except for Fang Xinxin, the commander was not close to women.

In the past, he thought that the commander’s vision was in the sky, now…looking at Fang Xinxin’s ugly fatness.

Seriously suspect that the commander’s vision is problematic.

“Well, thank you.” Fang Xinxin blushed slightly when she was praised by Bai Qinghao for wearing new clothes. It’s a pity that in order to escape him, he deliberately exposed himself to the sun every day, and his skin was so dark that he could not see his face.

Bai Qinghao’s gaze on Fang Xinxin was unconsciously gentle, “Don’t be so polite with me.”

Fang Xinxin said with some embarrassment, “I want to lose weight. The size of the clothes and shoes you bought will probably not be worn soon, and it will be a waste…”

“It’s okay.” His handsome face has no expression. “When you reduce it, I will buy you a new one.”

“No need…” She shook her head quickly.

“I said I want it!” His eyes fell cold.

She is already his person and still refuses to accept his gift. Does she have any other ideas?

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