Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 4:

She couldn’t stand his fist. He was a special soldier who had made countless contributions and had a rapid rise. With an unfathomable background, he became the youngest commander of the imperial capital at a young age!

Few people in the world are his opponents.

His fist is harder than iron, and a fist can kill her half life.

She quickly shouted, “Don’t beat me!”

After speaking, he remembered that no matter how she entrapped him in the previous life, he never beat her until his death.

Bai Qinghao’s lips curled up coldly, his eyes were full of crazy anger, “Are you still afraid of being beaten?”

She nodded hurriedly.

He narrowed his narrow eyes slightly, and stared at her small face carefully.

There seems to be something wrong with her.

He forced her innocence in front of her sweetheart. Shouldn’t she yell at him crazily now and fight him hard?

She fought so fiercely just now, crying, biting, and scratching frantically, on his chest, arms…but it was all her scratches, scratches, and bite marks.

He thought she would go crazy now, but unexpectedly, she looked calm now, “I disdain to do it to you.”

“Reluctant to hit me, just say it.” A faint smile formed on the corner of her lips.

Her smile made him feel very weird, is she really mentally blown to crazy?

Fang Xinxin is really happy.

Neither he nor her died, how good it was, how excited her was, and made her so happy that she almost wanted to jump on top of him, hugging him and kissing him!

But she is not wearing clothes now, so she can’t run naked.

Moreover, he now hates and angers her.

She thought miserably, since God wants her to be born again, why don’t you step early, so she won’t run away with Bai Chenxi.

No matter, being able to live again is already a gift from heaven.

Bai Qinghaosen’s face was cold, she was right, he was really reluctant to hit her.

Even if she betrayed him!

Fang Xinxin saw his face darker than the carbon block, and knew that this level was sad.

According to the memory of his previous life, in order to punish her for elopement, he ordered her to be imprisoned in the imperial palace.

That is his residence on the outskirts of Emperor City.

She didn’t want to wait for a while to be locked up by him again.

So she whispered, “Don’t be angry…”

He stared at her chubby face for three seconds, believing she was mad.

Or is she deliberately trying to stabilize him first, and then take the opportunity to assassinate him?

He was calm, but he could play with her, “Do you think your behavior just makes me angry so simple?”

“What’s the matter with me?” she muttered, “Is it just happened to be sitting in Bai Chenxi’s car and had a car accident, why are you so angry?”

She would not admit to elopement with Bai Chenxi even if she was killed, although it was true in the previous life.

Otherwise, her relationship with him would really be irretrievable.

What’s more, in memory, Bai Chenxi did not admit it in order to save his life.

“Since you dare to do it, don’t you admit it?” Bai Qinghao’s face was as cold as an angry divine mansion, and the temperature in the entire room dropped.

She endured the strong pressure and asked, “Admit what?”

He gritted his teeth, “You dare to elope with Bai Chenxi! It’s almost death!”

Before the change, she would definitely tremble with fright. Now, inexplicably, she is not afraid of him, “Who told you that I eloped with him?”

He was black and silent.

She knew that it was the letter sent by her good sister Fang Manxue.

Since he didn’t want to say, she didn’t ask, “Well… no matter how you misunderstand me, can you give me a set of clothes? Let me not speak cleanly?”

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