Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander!

Chapter 8:

That’s why she couldn’t lose her overweight weight, and her face was always covered with acne that seemed to never get better.

Damn Fang Manxue, this account must be settled with her!

Walking out of the bathroom, she said to Bai Qinghao, “The clothes are a bit smaller.”

He watched her chubby body forcibly stuffed into the dress, and indeed the upper half of the dress was stretched a bit, “Next time buy a bigger one.” He will buy it himself.

Standing at the door, Liu Li heard it and said quickly, “Commander, this is the largest size of clothes I have ever bought in ten stores in a nearby mall. It is a plus plus plus plus size, not that the clothes are small, yes. Miss Fang is too fat!”

Although Fang Xinxin was fatter, she hated being so fat. This ignorant guard actually said to her face that she was wearing four extra-large sizes. It was so special that she lost her face in front of Bai Qing. “You only went out for such a short time. Did you run ten stores? If you cheat your commander, you are not afraid that he will punish you?”

When Liu Li heard this, it became popular, “Do you think everyone is like you? You are too fat to walk. As a close guard of the commander, I have the highest efficiency, no matter how short the time is. Enough. I said that if I ran ten stores, I ran ten. The commander won’t punish me who tells the truth! By the way, give Miss Fang a piece of advice.”

“You said.”

“In the future, you don’t want to go to the nearby shopping malls. They sell clothes that are worn by slender and beautiful girls. Nothing can fill your fat body!”

This is an insult! Fang Xinxin is very annoyed. Sooner or later, she will lose weight to ninety catties, and then remove the dense acne on her face. Then she will blind his dog’s eyes!

“Little Liu, you really care about it.” Fang Xinxin smiled indifferently. “Your commander likes my fat and fat beauty,” she said, giving Bai Qinghao an ambiguous look. In the past, “Right, Commander?”

Bai Qinghao obviously didn’t expect that she would look at him with such ambiguous eyes. Is she really trying to reduce his defense?

Without speaking, his deep night eyes looked at her full of inquiry.

Liu Li’s face was full of ridicule and continued to attack Fang Xinxin, “You don’t know the commander too much, he doesn’t like being so fat!” This fat lady is not worthy of the commander.

“He didn’t deny it, just acquiesced.” Fang Xinxin insisted.

In fact, she knew that Bai Qinghao was an extremely efficient person, his figure was extremely strong, he didn’t even have a trace of extra fat.

How could a person like him like her who is super fat?

However, he never said that she was fat.

In the last life, it was only later that she realized that no matter whether she was fat or thin, he liked and accepted her.

This man who is so cruel that makes him feel bad.

“Haha…” Liu Li said mockingly, “Miss Fang, according to your logic, do you think our commander even likes your pockmark?”

Fang Xinxin immediately became angry, “What pockmark? Half a pockmark on my face is not good or bad, it is acne, I am young and young, it is a sign of young age! Your commander just likes the cute acne on my face. Acne, otherwise why did he force me just now?”

“You really have the face to say.” Liu Li didn’t dare to be presumptuous with Xinxin in front of the commander. This guy ran away with Bai Chenxi, a savage man, and the commander definitely wouldn’t want her again, plus it was not pleasing to her eyes. , He slandered, “Our commander is punishing you!”

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