The Big Boss System Behind the Scenes of Naruto

Vol 5: Chapter 77: Real battle

“Senior Madara loses?” Fa Ma was a little unbelievable, his eyes flickering when he looked at the falling mountain peak.

Jia Xingtian frowned and whispered, “It’s hard to say!”

As a strong man on the top of the Douhuang Peak, he is known as the strongest man in the Gama Empire when the clouds are not present.

But even so, he did not dare to draw conclusions lightly about the power of Dou Zong.

Uchiha Madara showed an overwhelming power that day, and it shouldn’t be the only one.

But Yunshan’s attack just now was too domineering, and he was a little bit unsure.

Yun Shan looked at Xiao Yan. In his eyes, Xiao Yan at this time was just a lamb to be slaughtered.

The younger generation of geniuses, masters, are not much stronger than babies.


Above, Hai Bodong concentrated on his preparations, and immediately went off to protect Xiao Yan.

He had a character that didn’t want to cause trouble, but Xiao Yan had already agreed to this matter beforehand, but he couldn’t ignore it.

Although I don’t want to face Yunshan, sometimes I don’t have much choice.

What’s more, it was Madara Uchiha who killed Yunling, and Madara was the one who destroyed this place to this point. Xiao Yan was at best involved, and he went down to intercede, and he might not be able to change it.

Xiao Yan was also eagerly waiting, and secretly talked with Yao Lao, wanting to withdraw and leave when Yunshan started his hand.

As for confronting a Douzong head-on, he had never thought about it.

“Is that Xiao Yan, do you do it yourself or let the old man do it? There are many doubts that the old man wants to know about this matter today!”

Yunshan stood with his hands in his hands, his tone was flat, but Xiao Yan still clearly felt the anger in it.

“How do you feel that you have been affected by the fish pond!” Xiao Yan said in his heart.

He knew that under normal circumstances, a Mo Cheng would never arouse Yunshan’s anger.

For this former Sect Master of Yun Lanzong, it didn’t matter that a deacon of the outer sect died if he died.

All he cares about is the face of Yun Lanzong and the death of Yun Leng.

Although many things were resisted by Uchiha Madara, the main culprit seemed to be the opponent, but Madara’s attitude or the fighting skills of Buddha’s Fury Lotus were all pushing himself into the fire pit.

In the eyes of outsiders, if he has nothing to do with himself, he will be a hell.

But only Xiao Yan himself understood what was going on. There were ten thousand mmp words in his heart that he didn’t know how to say it was inappropriate.

Just when Xiao Yan was about to speak, there was a loud bang in the distance.

Immediately, blue rays of light rose into the sky, and a breath of astonishment emerged, which was obviously different from vindictive energy.

With cyan fangs, a giant rose under the gravel of the collapsed mountain, like the awakening of an ancient god, and like an ancient demon king.

Two-sided, four-armed, mature Suzano!

“Unzan, you thought you would win this way, so naive?” Uchiha Madara’s figure appeared in Susano.

There was no trace of injury on his body, his long hair stood upside down with the surge of energy, and his pupils turned into complicated blood-red lines.

The eternal kaleidoscope writes round eyes!

“Yes, that’s the feeling, exactly the same as that day!” Jia Xingtian said in a low voice, and recalled the situation when he and Madara started their hands not long ago.

Although Madara had never revealed a mature Susuke at the time, he could recognize that this was a move.

“You guy!” Yunshan gritted his teeth with gloomy eyes, but this time, he felt flustered for some reason.

“Huh? Teacher?” Xiao Yan’s ears were pricked at this time, as if he heard something, he stared at his hands and nodded repeatedly.

“Okay, let me watch the next game. I am still looking forward to your strength.” Madara smiled, a little fanatical in his smile.

Not long after he mastered the power of fighting spirit, he had just broken through the realm of the king of fighting, although with the help of his own various assistance, he could exert the fighting power of the king of fighting.

Also reached the top.

It was incomparable with the Douzong like Yunshan, but it was different when it used its own power.

This time, it was the real battle.

“Hmph, it’s better not to die, let me let you understand the real horror of Dou Zong!” Yun Lan sneered, but before the voice fell, Suzuo raised his sword and cut it down.

The blue chakra sword fell, and a dazzling sword light fell. The chakra, who was at odds with each other, showed his sharp edge and enveloped the entire square of Yunlanzong.


The complexion of many strong men on the treetops changed suddenly, and the reason was simple, Uchiha Madara’s sword also affected them.

“Is he crazy?”

Many people have this kind of idea, you know, these invited guests have never made a move until now.

Many people have nothing to do with Yunlanzong, just to watch the excitement.

In the end, Madara spread all the others. This is to declare war with them all!

Immediately, many fighting kings were secretly lucky to defend themselves, and they were ready to survive this round first.

Yunshan uttered a low drink and reacted first!

He naturally wanted to protect Yun Lanzong the first time.

“Wind wall!”

With one-handed light support, the wind condensed and turned into an invisible wall and appeared in the air, like a cloud hanging in the sky, blocking the sword energy of Suzuo.


There was a loud noise, the blue light overflowed, and the whole mountain trembled under this force.

Yun Shan’s face changed abruptly, and he was wary of Madara at this time, but he never thought that the same person could be so far behind.

The wind wall shattered every inch, and the overflowing sword energy fell like a meteor.

“Disciple of the Yunlan Sect, fully launch the Yunyan Great Array, protected by the elders!” the second elder of the Yunlan Sect said loudly.

Suddenly, the aura of the Yunlanzong disciple joined together, forming a heavy defense, blocking all the sword auras that fell.

Muffled humming sounded continuously, and some of the Yun Lanzong disciples who lacked strength had bleeding from their mouths.

Xiao Yan was relaxed at this time, his position happened to be on the edge of the Yunlanzong square, belonging to the formation.

This was originally to prevent him from escaping, but now it has become his protective barrier, preventing him from using defensive methods.

Madara laughed, and manipulated Xu Zuo to jump up in one step, and jumped directly to the sky above Yunlanzong. With a knot in his hands, Xu Zuo naturally had countless gouyus.

Eight feet Qiong Gouyu!

Yunshan did not dodge or evade, even more fearless, and blasted out with a fist holding his breath.

“Thunder Cloud Fist!”

With a cold shout, a fist imprinted his hand, it rose to a hundred meters in size in an instant, and the sound of wind and thunder emerged in it. Compared with that, Suzuo, who was more than ten meters high, became a dwarf.

“Well, this is the fight!”

Ban haha ​​laughed, and the moment he closed his hands, Jieyin was finished.

Following the movements of his hands, Suzuo’s hands also sealed.

“Fire escape, super dragon flame singing technique!”

With a sound of a dragon, a fire dragon appeared in the sky.

It is not a scattered fire dragon, but a dragon king that winds for nearly a thousand meters and is formed by flames.

The temperature of the entire mountain range rose suddenly, and the fire dragon descended like a dragon god, roaring to meet the fist marks.

The many powerhouses below looked at this scene with pale faces, this kind of battle has far exceeded their estimates. ..

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