The Death Knell

Chapter 1: Sin City

   He was standing on the rooftop of a skyscraper, and the sleepless city under his feet was brightly lit, and you could see the neon blossoms in the night, dyed red by the dense heat from the manhole cover beside the road.

   It was a night in the early spring. The bustling city was full of smog, and the wind was slightly cold, and the smell of industrial waste gas and wastewater could be smelled.

What    sees in his eyes is the feasting and feasting, which is made up of wealth, prestige, and power.

   But in that more distant dark place, in places that are hard to see-maybe in the dim alleys with trash cans, maybe the sewers hiding homeless people, maybe under the overpass where gangs gather.

The guns and corpses that were thrown away indiscriminately, the weird smiles and screams in the dark, the black dry blood…all the time, telling people who came here, under the glamorous exterior of this city, there is boundless hidden Sin and madness, anyone who despises it will be ruthlessly swallowed.

This is where? Maybe you only need to listen to the description of the citizens quietly, and someone can guess it.

   The residents of this city like to use the names of villains they are familiar with to describe this city.

   Some people say that it is like a killer crocodile, because it is always in the dark, swallowing people abruptly, there is not even a bit of bones left, maybe only a splash of water or bubbles, but no one cares.

Some people say it is like a double-faced person, because of its ruthless choice, whether it is justice or evil, or order and chaos, it rotates crazily all the time. Destiny is like a coin, constantly being thrown up and down, making people involuntary. .

   Some people say that it is like a scarecrow, because no matter what kind of dreams it has had before, it will suddenly turn into a nightmare, and it will unearth people’s deepest fears, until people go crazy, drive people crazy, and finally leave saliva, wandering in the streets.

   Some people say it looks like a clown, because this city is simply crazy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

   Of course, there is a high possibility that the citizen will violently in the next moment, put a pencil or fork into the eyes of the outsider, then open his big ignorant eyes, crane his neck and ask the twitching corpse curiously.

   “Why are you so serious?”


  As a visitor from another world, he didn’t need to ask any resident. He just raised his head and looked at the bright beam of light in the night and left a bat-like spot on the clouds, and he knew where he was.


   he murmured.

   At the next moment, a sudden heavy rain flooded his figure.

  The gray rainwater with a faintly sour taste concealed everything that I had seen and heard before, and concealed all the sins. I could only hear the buzzing sound and feel the cold from my heart.

   But the cold did not come from rain. He was fully armed, no matter his head or body, he was covered by sophisticated metal armor.

The full-covered mask and helmet, the whole body below the neck is wrapped in fine lock armor, and the chest, shoulders, and limbs are covered with another layer of armor-like shoulder pads. All this tells him that at this moment, He is no longer an ordinary person.

   He is an ordinary person, living a simple life that is not worth mentioning. On another earth, he is just one of hundreds of millions of people in a huge country. He is single, has a smoker, stays up all night, and his eyes are swollen.

His work and rest time is completely opposite to that of ordinary people. During the day when everyone is working, he is sleeping, and at night when everyone is sleeping with his wife or girlfriend in his arms, he patrols the unit with a flashlight. The monotonous life of black and white reverses his age. It’s extremely numb to be light, but the salary is quite meagre.

  As an orphan, he has not received a complete education. After the compulsory education is over, he has no money to go to school.

   Thirteen or four years old, he doesn’t want to wander in society, but he has no choice.

   After graduating from junior high school for a year, I found that Young and Dangerous was not like in the movie. People nowadays have no loyalty to say that he wants a legitimate job.

   But what does he have? Nothing, no education, no family, no work experience, thin body, and can no longer live in an orphanage when he is old.

   He has very few things, but he still has hands and feet.

   Since the age of fifteen, he has washed dishes, sold insurance, and delivered express delivery. However, they are all temporary workers and lose their jobs in the off-season.

   Fortunately, after being introduced by the kind neighbor aunt next to the rented house, I showed people the warehouse at a certain iron and steel company at night. Although the salary is not high, it is said that after a few more years, I can mix in the establishment and become a full-time employee.

   Although he can’t figure out what the weaving is really good for, it should be a good thing to see that the aunt talks with him so much.

   said it was the night treasury, but in fact it was the night shift warehouse security. He was not the kind of tall and strong person who had deterrent power at first sight, but he was better than young, and he was still a bit courageous.

   In fact, he is not worried about encountering a thief. The aunt said that as long as one can be caught, she will find someone to talk about it. This is a performance of meritorious service, and the establishment is stable.

   He knew that his aunt’s daughter liked him, and the aunt used him as a son-in-law. She usually asked him to join him for dinner, and helped him clean the rental house when he had time. It was all living as a family.

   But the little sister is only thirteen years old, even if he is uneducated, he still knows the law!

   There are still no people stealing steel plants in these days. It is not the age of stealing manhole covers. Steel is worthless.

In recent years, the domestic steel market has become saturated, and there are calls for overcapacity reduction. Every steel company’s products are sold at a big deal. Only when they sell to African countries can they make money. This is what the master in the unit told him of.


   “What about the process? Why did I come here, I don’t remember.”

   He stretched out his hand, trying to hold his forehead, but the thick tactical gloves completely isolated the touch and temperature of the helmet.

   Indeed, as a young man, he has seen things like crossing over in various literary works.

   In the novel, he has seen computers exploded and crossed, choked to death while eating, crossed the road to save people and was hit and crossed, fell into the toilet and crossed through the toilet, but why?

He looked into the distance through the rain curtain, trying his best to take his attention away from the bat sign, but staring at the dark clouds in the sky, trying to remember, the neon lights on countless tall buildings became hazy in the rain and fog, everything is so Untrue.

   He only remembered that he went home from get off work, and he had to deal with the phone call from his junior high school classmates to invite to the wedding. He ate instant noodles and couldn’t bear to add ham. Then… Have you played with the computer? The dilapidated notebook is just a second-hand product bought for a few hundred dollars. It will make a tractor-like sound when you press the power button. The screen is also a little scratched. But watching anime and movies after dinner is a habit he has developed over the years. Being the cheapest pastime for the poor.

   Yes, he likes those fantasy worlds, so he can always forget the monotonous life in reality for a short time.

   There are no explosions, no strange lights or sounds in my memory, but I just feel like I’m stunned, and I am here, standing on the rooftop of the Wayne Building, the highest in Gotham City, blowing the evening breeze inexplicably.

   At this **** place, he had stood blankly for fifteen minutes. After gradually accepting this fact, he fell into a daze.

   As for who he is, he knew after realizing that he had crossed into the DC universe. The night shift was very boring. He read a lot of novels, and later became obsessed with Meiman.

Because even a small security guard like him, I heard other young people in the unit talk about “Avengers 2 is good”, or “Guardians of the Galaxy is interesting”, and female colleagues secretly talk about “Shield Winter King Road, Iron Man Mistress” “Such words.

   He didn’t understand at first.

   In order to have a common topic to facilitate the relationship with his colleagues, he first made up a movie on the broken computer. He thought it was good. The American blockbuster is just exciting.

After that, I took advantage of the work to check the WIFI in the unit to make up some comics. Although he was a novice who couldn’t distinguish between Marvel and DC at first, he read more later. He even remembered the names and names of hundreds of heroes and villains. Ability, and the important story they are involved in.

   Although I only read comics with Chinese characters, it was enough to chat with colleagues.

   At this time, his helmet only has a left view. He lowered his head and looked at a small puddle that had formed under his feet. Amidst the ripples, he could just see his own current face.

The black and yellow metal helmet is shaped like an ice hockey mask. There are two slender cloth straps flying in the wind and rain behind the head, like Rambo’s headband. The left eye on the mask is red. The diamond eyepiece, the right half of the mask is completely black with no gaps.

   He became a death knell.

  ’S real name is Slade Joseph Wilson, one of the greatest mercenaries and assassins in the DC Universe, master of strategy and tactics, master of fighting, master of all weapons.

   Originally, he was a reformer of the US military. He has a 90% brain development level, a physical fitness that breaks through the peak of mankind, and he can heal most wounds.

Later, because the officer betrayed his friend, the friend was captured by the enemy. Although the death knell rescued his comrades and broke out of the siege, he would inevitably fall out with the military, causing him to become a mercenary. With his super powers, he did some dirty work. eat.

   The point is that he inherited everything from the death knell, except for the most recent memory…

   Of course, at least physical memories such as English, driving a car, and using firearms are learned for free.

   He is like an outsider, looking at himself constantly swaying on the water from the perspective of a third party, and all he knows about death knell now comes from comics.

   In fact, at the beginning, he was very happy to realize that he had become a person with super power.

   It’s great to become a death knell. If you are prepared and planned, you don’t want anyone, even against a DC son like Batman, has a 50% win rate.

  As a veteran villain, he beat Robin and the young Titan. In the recently whitewashed new 52 comics, she fought hard against Wonder Woman, without Kryptonite, and retreated from Superman.

   There are a wife, a mistress, two sons and a daughter, and Dongqing is not the kind of superficial brother, very powerful.

   However, after the initial excitement, he became very stressed.


  Because Death Knell is a mercenary, doing things for money, whatever it is. Therefore, no matter which world it is, I have offended almost all the superheroes and super villains in the DC universe…Help the Penguin against the double-faced person, help the double-faced person against the black mask, and help the black mask against the penguin person, from time to time Will also accept missions against various superheroes.

   From the death knell point of view, there is no difference between a superhero and a super villain, but the employer and the target, they are all human beings.

   Regardless of whoever gives himself a task, just make money.

If the death knell has any personal hobbies, then it is to hang the green arrow. With his excellent reaction speed and fighting skills, he can catch the arrows flying in the air. Once the green arrow is approached by a weapon master like the death knell, he will never fight back. Power.

   But in the comics, they seem to show their feelings. Green Arrow and Black Canary are married, and the death knell went to the wedding…

  Of course, the world of Meiman is a mess, a different world, and everything is different, not to mention the world of movies and TV series.

“This is troublesome…” He fumbled for his helmet, but he couldn’t take it off for a long time. It seemed that some hidden buckle had fixed it: “There is no mention in the comics about how to fix the helmet. Take it off, the death knell’s armor is made of promethium metal, and the chainsaw can’t be cut. If this goes on, doesn’t it mean to starve to death?”

   Incidentally, his name before crossing was Su Ming, and the masters in the unit called him Xiao Ming. Every time he was called that way, he always felt that he had made a lot of mistakes. For example, if you didn’t wash your hands before meals, didn’t watch the traffic lights when crossing the street, and were late for class, he must be the one who made the mistake in the primary school textbooks.

“Is there any tool to take off the helmet?” Su Ming touched his body. The death knell is a very professional mercenary. In addition to weapons, universal tools are often carried on his body: “There are two holsters on the thighs. Pistol, point 45 caliber, fixed height is very easy to handle. There are metal long sticks, double knives, shotguns in the carrying tool behind… there are pistol magazines and grenades on both sides of the waist, cigars and matches, and hooks on the back And dagger, but where are the tools hidden?”

   After groping for a while, he still gave up his plan to take off the helmet, at least he couldn’t toss about it here, first find a quiet place with no one.

“First of all, we must determine which parallel universe of DC this is, and then determine the timeline and where the story has progressed.” He sighed, habitually wanting to smoke a cigarette like on earth, but this mask Stopped him: “There are many worlds of Gotham and Batman in the DC universe. If it is a movie universe, the upper limit of the world’s abilities is not very high. In the recent “Justice League” movie, Steppenwolf was beaten like a doll. . But if it’s the comic universe, no matter which one it is, the danger is greatly increased…”

“Earth 0, the main world of the new 52 comics; Earth 3, the world where all heroes and villains exchange their identities; Earth 10, the ruled world; Earth 38, the initial world of DC comics…” Su Mingcha After a mask, the rain gathered under his feet like a stream. There was no other clothes in the armor. Now he felt very cold, and the whole person was soaked in the water.

   But he has never felt that his brain is so clear-cut. Once only a glance at the comics world setting, he can recall it completely, thanks to the super brain of Death Knell.

   Now this body is full of explosive power, which I have never felt before. It seems that I am possessed by the soul. This is the original body of the death knell.

  The problem is, UU reading www. Although the death knell of has self-healing ability, but this ability is not strong, can not reach the level of recovery of severed limbs, so his right eye is always blind.

   When the high-speed regeneration takes effect, it will consume a lot of his physical strength and even make him lose his mind.

   The death knell is in his fifties. Both his sons and daughters have become superheroes and want to kill him at any time. There is also an old and immortal father who is a super villain with mental power and also wants to kill him.

   “I am a young man in his twenties, and he has become in his fifties… Finally, I have a family, but the relationship is not very good…”

   Su Ming shook his head helplessly. The death knell ability and intelligence are very strong, but obviously lack of emotional intelligence.

   “By the way, why did he come here before? Did he receive any task? Fully armed, it should be something planned.”

Su Ming gave up and thought about it again. The wind is still strange in this place. Although his body is a death knell, he is still used to finding a place to hide from the rain. Not only because the rain in early spring is too cold, but also because of Gotham. Industrial pollution is too serious, and the rain has a disgusting and sour smell he has never felt before.

   Leaving the edge of the building, he turned his head and planned to leave. Although he was carrying the umbrella bag, he should go up the stairs. Paraglider had never been played before. It would be funny if he fell to death.

  ’ The world-famous mercenary committed suicide by jumping from a building in Gotham City last night, suspected to be related to the emotional entanglement with Batman. ‘

  Su Ming has already imagined that if he falls to death, tomorrow’s “Gotham Daily” front page will definitely be this. I don’t want to die yet, even if I have traveled through a dangerous world, I don’t want to die.

   Not to mention, he is a pure straight man. Although he does not discriminate against the clown and the bat Tiantianxiu, he does not want to participate in it.

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