The Death Knell

Chapter 10: Gotham Police Department

   “It seems that someone has the same idea as us.”

   Su Ming frantically stepped on the pedals of the unicycle, while holding the double guns in his hands, opening the insurance. Cindy also did the same actions as him. Under the circumstance that the combat distance could not be guaranteed, the versatility of the two pistols was better than the shotgun behind him.

“At least we can exclude Halle from the suspect. She and the Plant Ivy both drink like drunk cats. It is impossible to get here before us.” Cindy finished, and she put on her helmet again. , The death knell is her signature, I hope these people can remember who killed them when they die.

   “It doesn’t make much sense to explore who did it. Just go in and get rid of all those who rob business. The crowds in Gotham who like to play with bats are gone, and it’s impossible to determine whose power is.”

After fighting with the circus before, Su Ming has completely accepted that he is the death knell, and the death knell is himself. If this body is a house, then Slade is just the former resident. Now the house belongs to Su Ming. He wants to use himself. The name rewrites a legend.

He will use his own thoughts to drive it, and name it with his previous name, because he knows that he will never go back… Using the previous name is more accustomed, and it is considered to be for the celestial dynasty. Just think about it.

   Cindy didn’t know what kind of mental journey Su Ming had gone through, but she keenly felt that the men around her had undergone some changes during the ride. It seemed that people who had been separated from the world were completely integrated at this time.

   She was a little curious, but she didn’t say anything, just put the double guns back, she felt that she shouldn’t have to do anything.

   The two soon arrived at the small park. There was mud everywhere, and the lawn was completely submerged under water. Here, the death knell’s extraordinary vision could see the police station gate.

   It is a building with a sense of age. It is estimated that it existed when Gotham was founded. Although it has undergone numerous repairs and extensions in the future, it still reflects the original ideas of its designers.

It was built like a fortress. The surrounding walls are sturdy and thick. Each window is as small as possible. There are wide spaces and protective fences on the roof. In addition, there are a bunch of independent water supply equipment and air conditioning. Of course, the most important thing is The bat light is also on its top platform. On the front of the police station, there is a big GCPD sign, which looks a bit worn out, but it is still intact, and the font is full of solemnity.

   At this time, the parking lot in front of the police station was occupied by a bunch of black vans, placed there in disorder, looking like a black reef on the coast in heavy rain.

There are some police officers’ bodies outside the building’s gates. The rain is washing their blood down the steps. Several men in black with submachine guns are patrolling vigilantly, looking inside the police station from time to time, as if they are waiting for someone. .

   “Black suit, black felt hat, white long silk scarf and Chicago specialty typewriter… Their boss seems to be a fan of “The Godfather”, wait, is he a godmother in this world?”

   The two were hiding behind a few bushes in the park. The heavy rain covered them, and their physical fitness was not equal, so that they could not see anything on the other side.

   Cindy doesn’t quite understand what Su is talking about. The Gang of Gotham has been dressed like this decades ago, and it is impossible to tell who it is. She glanced at the distance to the police station gate, and then at the sky:

   “The weather and time are good for us, and we can attack and sneak in in the dark.”

   “Their target should also be Gordon. We attacked and distracted them so that they could not attack the police station with all their strength. Otherwise, if Gordon was pinched by them first, we would have trouble doing it.”

   After Su Ming answered her, he made a decisive decision and rushed out of the bunker after raising his double guns and shooting while running.

   The brain gave him a very precise sense of space. Calculating the ballistic trajectory is not the patent of the death shooter. The death knell can also do the same, even completely replacing aiming with spatial thinking.

The distance of more than one hundred meters is somewhat beyond the effective range of the pistol, but after fully accepting his new identity, Su Ming no longer has any doubts about his talents. After the unity of body and mind, he truly displayed this one. The horror of the body.

   In the dark night, it was pouring heavy rain, and the squally wind swept the rain water against anything on the ground, but this had no effect on him, or all the external influences had been counted by him.

   Wind speed, angle, refraction, earth’s gravity, energy loss… the conclusion of a calculation immediately appeared in the brain and transformed into a basis for action.

   He had no shots, and all the black suits higher on the door steps fell to the ground.

   sprinting with full force, the water splashes on the ground were crushed and collided with the rain falling in the sky.

When the black suits discovered in the night where the attack came from, Su Ming had already rushed across the road and courtyard and came to the parking lot of the police station. It was blocked by a black van. He grabbed the edge of a car with his arm. He pulled himself up directly.

   His speed is far beyond the imagination of these people. Su Ming seems to be able to see their incredible expressions, but he does not intend to appreciate the despair he brings to others.

   Standing on the roof of the car, he raised his hands, against the firepower of the opponent’s counterattack, allowing the bullet to draw sparks on the armor, still maintaining a terrible hit rate of one shot, only a few seconds later, the scene was quiet.

“Tsk tusk tusk…” Cindy also jumped onto the roof of the car from behind, looked at the dead body not far away, and sighed: “You ran fast enough, just now I haven’t answered yet.”

   “It’s nothing, it’s just that they seem to want to fight, so I gave them to the opponent.” Su Ming shrugged and agreed with Cindy’s words.

   “You gave them a massacre, what opponent?” Cindy jumped off the carriage and walked into the police station: “No one will be reimbursed for this mission. We have to pay for it. Can’t you use a knife?”

“Doesn’t the calculation need to be so clear?” Su Ming also jumped down, picked up a submachine gun from the ground, and took a look at the drum. “Look, their bullets are also 45 pistols. In exchange for thirty, this is earned.”

   It seems that their conversation was not just killing more than a dozen people, but rushing to buy bargains when the supermarket cut prices.

   The two of them continued to walk into the police station with their pistols. Suddenly he raised his eyebrows because he found one alive at the gate.

Although every shot he had before hit the heart of the people in black, the heart in front of him might be on the right. The previous Su Ming heard that there is a heart on the right in every thousand people. This time it really made him. Met.

   “Who sent you here?”

   Su Ming kicked her gun away, squatted beside her, asking questions in a low voice, the scarlet one-eyed face on the mask was like a midnight ghost fire.

   Although the gangster did not die on the spot, the shot also penetrated her left lung, and she was convulsing in pain.

   But when she heard Su Ming’s questioning, she actually laughed, fluttering like a live fish in a hot pot, as if she was going to bite him, vomiting blood and said harshly:

   “The boss… won’t let you go, death knell.”

   Under the mask, Su Ming raised his eyebrows. This guy’s mind seemed a little unclear. Everyone present was dead now. Who knew he had been here? This is clearly a perfect assassination.

   Besides, he wished their boss knew, because the death knell was going to find her!

“It seems that you are still a believer, so your boss should have told you a word…” Su Ming drew out the samurai sword behind his back like lightning, inserted his backhand into the woman’s right chest on the ground, and thrust her Firmly nailed to the ground.

   “Don’t! Get offended! Death knell!”

   After finishing, he drew out the knife, and the blood in his heart spurted from the wound like a fountain, spilled all over him through the holes of the chain mail.

   The warm blood dispelled some of the cold brought by rain, like a cup of hot coffee in a cold winter day, but the warmth was only a short moment, and disappeared like an illusion.

   He suddenly had an urge to bathe and warm himself with more blood, but soon he shook his head and sensibly told him that it was wrong.

   Cindy walked over with a smirk, she misunderstood why Su Ming shook her head.

   “Look, I told you, it’s better to use a knife.”

   This time, what the two people think is not the same thing. Su Ming is thinking about his own bloodthirsty problem, while Cindy is saying that cold weapons have bigger wounds and more reliable death rates.

   “Okay, you will deal with it after you go in, and when you finish your work, I will evaluate your handling of the problem?” Su Ming stretched out the knife angrily and watched the rain wash away the blood on it and put the knife in its sheath.

   Cindy raised his hands and surrendered: “Forget it, I’m not interested in Xiaoyi, just leave their boss to me.”

   It seems that what this guy on the ground said before his death also made Cindy very upset. No one has ever dared to threaten the world’s deadliest killer like this.

   didn’t tell her any more, Su Ming took the lead in entering the police station. When he got here, he didn’t need to know the way. Just follow the gunfire.

There was a mess in the lobby of the police station. Most of them were the corpses of police officers, and there were only a few people in black, indicating that this should be a raid. However, unexpectedly, the gunshots came from not the place where the chief’s office was. The third floor is the basement.

   “What’s in the underground?” Su Ming asked Cindy.

“If you remember correctly, it should be the autopsy room, the power distribution room, and the communication room.” Cindy looked up at the steps leading upstairs. There were no corpses of people in black there, indicating that they did not go to the building. On the contrary, the goal is clearly underground.


   Although Su Ming said strangely, he didn’t slow down at all. He still stepped over the corpses and furniture remains on the ground to the place where the noise was made.

   Not only the police and people in black died in the hall, but some of the bodies were obviously other criminals or homeless people.

   Regardless of their status when they were alive, they are piled together like sacks after they die.

   The rain poured in through the broken gate, engulfing blood everywhere, making the originally beautiful wooden floor dirty. If you look at it from a height, it looks like a hideous ghost scroll.

   Neither of them have any artistic talents and can’t appreciate this, but they easily found the entrance to the basement. On the stairs, they could smell the heavy smoke of gunpowder, as if standing next to a volcanic crater.

   Going down the stairs, in front is a damaged magnetic door, behind the door is a long and deep corridor, Su Ming and Cindy glanced at the door, remembering the location and distance of the two sides.

In the hallway that was dimly lit by incandescent lights, the man in black and the police were shooting at each other. Both sides hid in various offices beside the hallway. They came in and out like gophers at the door, but from time to time someone would be shot down. under.

   Due to equipment problems, the police are now at a significant disadvantage.

   “At the end of the corridor is the communication room. The police are guarding there, maybe Gordon is asking for help from the outside.” Cindy tightened his helmet and moved his wrist to adjust the position of the gloves.

   Su Ming didn’t agree with this. He didn’t think Gordon would be the kind of person who would let his subordinates stand up outside and huddled in the house to make a phone call.

   “I don’t think it’s Gordon. Get these people all done first, open the door and take a look.”

   “The black suits were all killed, the police stayed alive?” Cindy touched the small box around his waist, took out a cigar, and shook it in his hand: “Bet on a cigar, there is Gordon in it.”

“Well, I’ll do the police.” Su Ming under the mask also smiled, and also took out his cigar, and the two put the bet on the door frame together: “The one who wins in a while can take it away. he.”

   The two exchanged in a low voice, and Cindy rushed out first. Although it was a death knell, as she said, she was more fond of cold weapons.

   The two samurai swords wielded impermeably in her hands. When the man in black reacted, she was like a wolf into the flock, setting off a **** storm in each room.

Not to mention, there are really unusual guys among these men in black. One of the women used her gun to withstand the attack when Cindy used a knife to slash at her, and she planned to greet the people around her to besiege. Cindy.

   But this is just the enemy of One He. There are thousands of such little bosses in the various gangs of Gotham, and the death knell is called the world’s greatest mercenary, and naturally they are not at the same level.

   Cindy slashed over and made a parrying cry, but before the crisp sound was over, she threw the knife in her other hand upwards and drew a shot from the shotgun behind her.

   The metal sound and the gunfire almost overlapped. The little boss still had an undissipated smile on her face. A big hole appeared in her chest, through which she could see the wall behind her flying around under the shotgun.

And Cindy didn’t even look at her more, inserting the shotgun back, catching the falling knife, and then turning to the next prey. The killing called Death Knell continued. She was like a hardworking bee in the blood. China is constantly flying, but the black and yellow armor will only make the people in black extremely scared.

  Su Ming’s target is the police officers. He uses electric shock batons. The police do not have insulating gloves and shoes like Batman. The electric shock has a significant effect on them.

So he is like the boiler worker of an old steamship. The long stick is the shovel. As soon as the shovel is sent forward, a policeman will fall down with a flash of light; then when the stick is picked, the policeman will be shoveled into the house to avoid being caught. Killed by a stray bullet.

   In this way, the powerful two people have a clear division of labor, probably a little more than two minutes. The more than forty people in black hiding in the many small rooms on both sides of the corridor, and more than two dozen policemen have all been dealt with.

   They completed the task almost at the same time. Cindy was a little proud. She bent down and picked up the tie of a black man’s corpse, and carefully wiped her knife.

   “It seems that I am stronger, UU reading, my number is more than twice yours.”

Su Ming didn’t speak, but just shrugged. His work here is too troublesome. Always pay attention to keeping some strength. These police officers are ordinary people. Don’t stabb them to death with a stick. The electric shock should not last too long. , You have to use soft energy to throw it into the room.

   The power reached his level, and he finally understood a sentence he had heard before-‘Who said that you can’t die without a gun?’?

   And while fighting, he had to suppress his adrenaline secretion, that crazily bloodthirsty desire, like a tug of war between reason and instinct.

Cindy was even more proud to see him acting as if she had confessed to defeat. If she had a tail, she would have jumped up into the sky at this time. She wandered around, as if accepting Su Ming’s work results, and finally Shi Ran. Come to the door of the communication room.

   “Okay, it’s time to open the gift, let me see what’s in the gift bag.”

   said, she started to take out the plastic explosive from the bag on her thigh, still humming an unknown song, as if expecting a surprise.

   The door of the communication room is very sturdy, the thick door panel is almost like the front armor of a tank, but for the death knell of the combat encyclopedia, there is a problem, use C4.

   “Use less and don’t scare the people inside.”

  Su Ming reminded her that, depending on the situation, the people hiding inside should not be combatants at all, and explosives exploded in a narrow environment like the corridor, which would generate huge noise and directional shock waves.

   It’s not enough to be scared to death. That’s just an exaggeration, but it is possible to rupture the eardrum or cause a coma, and the people inside are still useful.

   Cindy didn’t answer, just made an ‘OK’ gesture, took a small piece, stuck it on the door lock, and inserted a timing detonator.

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