The Death Knell

Chapter 11: Communication room

  Barbara is nervous now.

   After Batgirl left that day, Gordon would also take Barbara to the police station when she went to work, as a volunteer in the communication room to help, no salary, no special care from others.

   In fact, with Gordon’s position and prestige, let alone arranging his daughter to be a policeman, even if he wants to make Barbara the next chief, there will be people supporting him.

   But he didn’t do that. The police station was for the citizens, not his house. If he used his power arbitrarily, what is the difference between him and the people he hates most?

  Barbara naturally knows that Gordon needs to lead by example. Such a principled person is her father.

   So since she came here half a month ago, she has worked very hard to do what she can. She has an unparalleled level of computer network, even one of the best in Gotham, and the communication room is exactly where she can play.

   Colleagues quickly accepted her, not because she was the daughter of the director or the misfortune she experienced, but because of her superb skills and a really good person.

Barbara in this world will not know that in other parallel universes, she is also a superhero. She was active as a bat girl for a long time. After her spine was broken by the clown, she changed her name to “Oracle” and became Batman’s main technical and intelligence supporter.

She is also the founder of the Birds of Prey Squad, the intelligence officer of the Suicide Squad, a good friend of Supergirl, and a non-staff member of the Justice League. At the same time, because of Batman, she also gave back to almost all superstars except the Flash’s technical house. The hero provided support.

   Don’t be too busy.

   It’s just that under the influence of the earth’s negative 11 will, anyone except Briss will unconsciously dispel the idea of ​​becoming a superhero.

   Here, Barbara feels that she is dressed up as a bat…it’s quite abnormal.

   However, at this time, she extremely hoped that she was a superhero, not a hacker without the power of a chicken.

   About ten minutes ago, a group of people in black raided the police station. Although Barbara spotted them on the surveillance and gave an early warning, the police officers’ response speed was worrying.

   Under the surprise attack, the police officers suffered a lot of casualties in the first confrontation. The opponent’s firepower was powerful and all the cameras were destroyed. Barbara could only learn the situation through radio and outside.

  Colleagues left Barbara and other male police officers in the communication room, because here, like the arsenal, there are thick iron doors for fire prevention.

   Then they went out to block the enemy and asked her to find a way to contact the army outside the city or the Amazon council.

   It’s a pity that the enemy came prepared. They cut off all the connections between the police station and the outside world. In this case, Barbara felt that she was not only a lame, but also a dumb and deaf.

   She can only sit in a wheelchair, trying again and again to find ways to contact the outside world.

   The network was cut off, the phone was disturbed, and there was no telegraph. She wanted to see a homing pigeon on her hand.

   I can only hope that someone will discover the situation here and contact the outside army, right? But she also understood that no one would notice the movement here at midnight of such a storm.

   Perfect timing for crime.

   She could only hear the gunshots and screams outside through the door, and she couldn’t help falling into the abyss.

   But quickly, the shouts outside changed, and the content of the words was no longer the noise of battle, but became exclamation or other words.

   “Oh my God! She is so fast!”

   “My Supreme God Zeus!”

   “Ah, stop him!”

   “Help! It’s mourning…”

   Barbara, holding her heart, soon found that there was silence outside, and the gunshots and shouts had stopped.

what happened? What’s wrong outside? What is the situation with colleagues?

   Her brain is spinning rapidly, but the stressful environment and the crying of those male colleagues in the house made her unable to concentrate at all and her heart was in a mess.

   At this moment, she heard strange laughs and humming sounds from outside the door.

   This reminded her of the jester, and the horror made her dumbfounded. It was as if her back pained again in an instant, thinking of herself falling to the ground in pain in the hands of the jester, struggling feebly, she fell into fearful memories and couldn’t help herself.

   At this time another voice sounded, as if to remind the humming person to use less explosives, which made Barbara sober.

  Barbara immediately backed away and hid behind the table, preparing to avoid the explosion. At the same time, she was also looking for weapons that could defend herself.

It’s a pity that only some male colleagues who deal with internal administrative affairs, a few forensic doctors, and a cleaner who were locked up in the house with her are not equipped with guns. The whole house can be regarded as weapons. There are only a few chairs.

   She held her laptop in her arms.


   The door was directly exploded, and the air current pushed the door and hit the wall hard, and the door shaft squeaked.

   But Barbara couldn’t hear it anymore. For the first time facing the explosion at such a close distance, her ears buzzed and her eyes stared at gold stars.

   She can only lie on the table, watching dimly as two figures come in from the gunpowder, and look at the situation in the room.

   “Without Gordon, I won.”

   One of them said, taking off the weapon from behind, like male police officers walking towards the wall with malicious intent.

  Barbara shook her head and struggled to sit up. She is Gordon’s daughter, she won’t just give in, she wants to protect her friends.

   “Don’t bully a man! Come at me if you have anything!”

   Her voice made the figure walking towards the wall pause, as if it was itching all over the body, and kept rubbing his arm.

  The neurotic performance of the incoming people made the male police officers cry harder, and some of them fainted.

  Because they were different from Barbara, whose vision was blurred, they shrank in the corner from beginning to end to bury them crying, but they clearly saw the black and yellow armor, and knew what identity it represented——

   The notorious mercenary in the world, the super killer with 100% mission completion rate, death knell!

  The death knell is not often active in Gotham, because it is just a city on the east coast of North America. The customers of the death knell are all over the world.

   But this does not affect the people of Gotham remembering the death knell, because she is so powerful and intelligent that even Batgirl can’t catch her.

  These police officers in charge of administrative work have never been to the scene. They only heard from their colleagues that the death knell had done business in Gotham several times, wherever they went there were dead bodies and blood was flowing.

   Not only the target of the mission, but the target’s subordinates and family members, and even the target’s pet dog were shot…

   If Cindy knew that she was in this image in Gotham’s rumors, she would have laughed and paralyzed. She was actually unwilling to kill too many people when dealing with the target.

For example, after killing a big gangster, you can leave his younger brothers behind. Maybe some of the younger brothers can inherit the site and career, then her clients will hire death knell to solve the problem, so that they won’t be able to make money multiple times. Is it?

   is like cutting leeks. The price of the kid is different from that of the big guy. Cindy is not afraid of the trouble of making money, and hopes that the more troubles the better.

   But at this time, Cindy seemed to have discovered the new world. She looked up and down Barbara and nodded in satisfaction. Putting away his knife, sitting on the table casually, said to Su Ming:

   “It seems that I won the bet. There is indeed a ‘Gordon’ here.”

   Su Ming was upset by these crying men. He had never seen so many men gathered together crying and crying. He looked at him with **** eyes, and felt so sick.

   So after entering the door, he wanted to knock them fainted the first time. This time I can use more strength, maybe let them faint for ten and a half days.

   As a result, a woman in the room told him not to bully the man. Something came at her and made him get goose bumps all over his body.

   He turned his head and looked at the woman who had just spoken, guessing that she should be the target of the people in black.

   said it was a woman, rather than a girl, she was only about seventeen or eighteen years old, much younger than Cindy, and she looked quiet.

   is wearing nerd-like square glasses, with two braids, and a red sweater with stripped lines on him, and a checkered shirt with pink stripes on the inside.

   Such a dress is really outdated in Gotham. She is like coming out of a farm in a small town in Kansas. She has an atmosphere that doesn’t match this city.

   But her skin is white, and her facial features are actually pretty, but she is not dressed up at all, or no one taught her.

   She may not find any friends at school, but stays at home every day.

   Su Ming saw her wheelchair, and Cindy said that if she won the bet, she knew the girl’s identity.

   “Barbara Gordon?”

Despite the questioning tone, Su Ming has actually affirmed that for a character like Barbara that appears almost every time in the bat special issue, although the reality looks a little different from the comics, the unique temperament and characteristics are still exposed. she was.

   “Who are you?” Barbara found out that the man had given up bullying the male police officers, and she was secretly relieved, but she couldn’t predict what would happen to her.

Su Ming looked around. The smoke and dust caused by the explosion in the room had not yet fallen. The male police officers looked at himself and Cindy as if they were watching the demons coming out of hell, screaming hysterically, and felt they were about to die. .

   He suddenly discovered that Barbara in this world seemed a little natural, and asked who he was?

   “You put on your glasses and see for yourself who I am.”

  Barbara rubbed her eyes, wiped the dust off her glasses, and took a closer look…


   As the director’s daughter, she naturally understands the criminals that Gordon once talked about.

   Several of them were specially confessed by Gordon. They are extremely dangerous among criminals. When Barbara saw any of them, she hurried to the police station to hide them.

  Among them are jesters, Lei Xiaogu, the Mad Hatter, and others. Most of them are lunatics or cold-blooded killers. Of course, the most dangerous mercenaries in the world, the death knell, are indispensable.

   Cindy came to Gotham a few times to do business, then patted his **** and left. When the police arrived, the corpses were completely cold, and the crime scene was completely contaminated with blood. No evidence was obtained.

   Briss and Cindy fought, but was knocked out. The death knell has more weapon skills than her, possesses the ability to regenerate the body, and the key is that she is not bad in terms of intelligence.

  Yes, bats are just the limit of normal humans, and the death knell is to transform people, which has long surpassed the human category.

   Waiting for Briss to get ready, planning to catch her on the spot next time Cindy comes to commit a crime again, but she finds that the second death knell’s fighting method has changed again, the target is killed again, and the death knell goes away.

  Time and time again, the death knell is like an erratic shadow. If it weren’t for the jester who always appeared in Bris’s dream, then the death knell would be a frequent visitor in her nightmare.

   I can’t beat it, I can’t catch it. The death knell is always scary, like the bat in her own heart.

   These are what Batwoman told Gordon, and Gordon also told Barbara. She still remembers what Gordon said:

   “The death knell is actually a madman, but she is a calm madman. She never feels that there is nothing wrong with killing, and that people will die if they live. She just speeds up the process and regards herself as a porter of nature.”

  Of course Barbara remembered her father’s words at this time, and it didn’t help her in the slightest. A death knell would kill, here are two!

   Wait… Two death knells?

  Barbara took off her glasses again and patted her head. She suspected that she had a concussion, and she had seen double images.

   As a result, she tossed a bit and found that the death knell in front of her hadn’t diminished, so she tilted her head blankly and started thinking.

   Could it be that the impossible assassinations were completed before the death knell because they were actually a killer group or a killer organization? One death knell took Batwoman around the city, while the other took the opportunity to kill the target?

  Barbara felt that she had discovered the truth, and at the same time a huge panic struck her heart. She seemed to know some secret that she couldn’t know, and she must be silenced!

   I still have a lot of things to do, I haven’t seen my biological mother yet, I…

   Seeing her in a daze, Su Ming simply knocked out the other police officers with an electric baton, and the world was finally quiet.

   “Who the **** is the death knell?” Barbara did not wait to kill, but both of the death knells looked at her with interest. She hugged her computer tightly, as if that thing could give her a sense of security.

   She saw other police officers collapsed in the corner. Fortunately, there was no blood flowing out, indicating that there should be no serious problem.

   “I am, he is not.” Cindy quickly took a few steps forward, taking Su Ming’s original position.

   Su Ming shrugged. Anyway, this is her world. She can say whatever she wants. It is an objective fact that she is the death knell, and it is useless if she does not admit it.

   “What are you doing here at the police station? This is not where you should be.”

   Barbara had an expression that she was about to die bravely. She was ready. It seemed that the death knell was not kind. Maybe this is the end of her life.

   Cindy was a little surprised. It seems that Director Gordon’s daughter is really courageous, no wonder she can survive facing jesters.

   “We originally came to your father. Some things need his help, but it seems that he is not in the police station?”

   “Don’t want to know where my father is, you can kill me.” Barbara immediately refused when she heard that she was looking for her father.

   shook her head, Cindy didn’t intend to kill her.

  As Gordon’s daughter, it should also be a worthy goal. No one pays for it. It is better to keep Barbara’s head around her neck to keep it fresh. UU reading www. uukanshu.cOM

   And now she has a task, which is to avoid the destruction of the world. This is the most important thing. If the earth is gone, wouldn’t it be a waste of money to make so much money before?

“I don’t know if you saw the guys in the corridor. They are wearing black suits. They should come from a well-organized gang.” Su Ming decided to use a more gentle language to obtain information: “And their goal It’s you, and of course your father. I’ll go out and sabotage the signal blocking device in their car. Can you still contact him now?”

   As long as the phone gets through, Su Ming and Cindy can just stay here and wait. Can Gordon throw away his daughter?

  If it can’t get through, it means that Su Ming’s inference is true. Gordon has been kidnapped. Then Barbara must find a way to save him. It would be better to call the bat directly.

   This is Yangmou.

  Barbara is noncommittal. Su Ming plans to go out, but Cindy takes the initiative to destroy the equipment and asks him to stay and communicate with Barbara. Men in this world always have a little advantage in communication.

   Looking at the girl in the wheelchair, Su Ming didn’t know what to say. She was obviously guarding the two of them now, saying everything was a waste of saliva.

   Time just passed by, until Cindy came back humming a little song. Not only did she go out and blow up the jammer, she also restored the network connection to the police station building by the way.

She became soggy, and her armor kept dripping down: “Your colleagues have inner ghosts. They should be in the corner of the crowd. I found that the network was physically cut off from inside the police station… .. How about it, have you reached any consensus when I go out?”

   What consensus can there be? Does it count if they sit in the room together?

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