The Death Knell

Chapter 12: Not an oracle yet

In the brightly lit communication room, there is a messy scene at this time, tables and chairs are dumped in large areas, various office supplies are scattered all over the place, and the dust floating in the air sinks and floats under the lights, like small creatures in the ocean .

   At this time, Cindy expressed dissatisfaction with Su Ming’s lack of progress. Even through the mask, Su Ming could feel her contemptuous gaze, as if she disliked him and even a little girl could not handle it.

  He is very helpless. Is it possible to torture a disabled underage girl? Maybe the death knell used to be so dry, but that was not his Su Ming style.

   He moved a chair and sat across from Barbara, looking at her through the scarlet one eye on the mask.

   “Now that the phone and the Internet are open, you can give him a call. Don’t worry, I won’t kill him this time.”

  Barbara expressed suspicion: “You are only her follower, I want her to agree to me personally, she is a mercenary, should you know to speak credit?”


   Cindy couldn’t help laughing. Su Ming was treated as her follower, which made her think that Barbara was a savvy one. Of course, she should be a woman among the two.

   Su Ming helplessly wiped the filth on his body, making himself look decent, looking more like a leader: “Don’t you see that I am the one in charge?”

  Barbara looked at the two with inquiring eyes. The two had the same equipment, the same tone, and even the blood on their bodies. How could you tell who had the final say?

   So she shook her head and said honestly: “I can’t see it…”

   Su Ming sighed for a long time, stood up and went to stand guard at the door, and signaled Cindy to say that he had difficulty communicating with the little girl.

   Cindy sat down on the chair he had let go, took off his helmet and flicked his hair, ignoring the moisture on his eyebrows and smoking a cigar, as if sitting on the sofa at home.

   Somehow, after acting with Su Ming for a while, she always subconsciously wanted to prove that she was stronger.

   “Well, I promise you that I won’t hurt Director Gordon, no one will pay this time.”

   With Cindy’s assurance, Barbara took out a small red phone from her pocket and dialed a number, but with the busy tone over there, her face became ugly.

   I called it a few more times without giving up, but the answer is still that the user you called was not answered.

   Cindy had expected it a long time ago. It seems that things are really as Su Ming said. Since these people in black come to kidnap Barbara, they will definitely attack Gordon.

   After all, in terms of social value, Barbara is just a high school girl, and Gordon is an important figure in this city.

   “Why… it must be that his cell phone is not nearby.” Barbara continued to press the replay button.

   Cindy leaned on the chair, smoking a cigar leisurely, black tactical gloves drew on the table with the dust to write and draw, as if drawing a wine bottle.

   “You can try, but it’s just a waste of time. For every second of Gordon’s kidnapping, he is in danger of one more second.”

   Barbara’s dialing hand stopped, she was a little at a loss, but soon she threw away the phone, put the laptop on her lap back on the table again, and began to tap the keyboard.

   Her hands danced quickly, her fingertips rising and falling like playing music.

   “What is she doing?”

   Cindy looked at Barbara as if she was in a frenzy typing desperately, could she find Gordon in this way?

   Su Ming leaned against the door, rubbing his long stick on the edge of the door frame. When he stunned the crying men just now, he got a little heavier and had some vomit on it.

   “There is no satellite on your side. She entered the server of a communications operator in Gotham City in the dark, and then used the triangulation method of the signal base station to determine Gordon’s location.”

   “Oh?” Cindy touched her blindfold, Su Ming knew but she didn’t, which made her look a little depressed: “Do you have popular technology over there?”

  Su Ming doesn’t know exactly what Earth size his body is. In his own words, he has watched a lot of series while working as a security guard.

   Although he doesn’t know how to operate, he has never eaten pork, at least he has seen pigs run.

   “Nothing, we will be somewhat different. I’m sure your mythological knowledge is definitely better than mine.”

  Su Ming comforted her, and the two acted together. It is a good thing to complement each other’s knowledge. Cindy really didn’t get entangled, she thought it made sense.

   For the sake of courtesy, she praised again:

   “You kind of comfort people, you are so cute.”


Are words like    used for men in this world?

  Su Ming wants to go home, at least to return to a patriarchal society he is used to. It’s not that he has straight male cancer, but the words and deeds of the people around him. From time to time, he always reminds him of the difference here, giving him a sense of confusion.

   At this time, Barbara focused all of her attention on the computer. Her father was still missing, and all she could do was this. The sound of the keyboard in her hand never stopped.

   A few minutes later, she hit the Enter key, and the attack command that she had just written, successfully hacked into the communications company under the Wayne Enterprise, which is the operator of Gordon’s mobile phone service.

   She moved her shoulders and waited for the results of the program’s feedback. Her expression became less nervous, but she kept rubbing her fingers and waiting.

   Cindy spoke again suddenly, with a cigarette in one hand, and the other finger pointing to the computer on the table. At this moment, she understood:

   “You are welcome to join the criminal family. If I remember correctly, hacking into someone else’s company system is at least a crime of espionage.”

   Barbara’s face became stiff, and the death knell pointed out that she was a criminal, which made her feel ashamed to be seen through.

That’s right, it’s not the first time to be able to use hacking skills so skillfully. In the past, she has hacked into other websites countless times, not doing bad things, just exercising her skills, Improve your programming method.

   She invaded schools, invaded small supermarkets in the community, and even secretly invaded the Gotham Police Station, wanting to see what Gordon does during work hours.

   But she has always been very careful, because hackers are very unpopular in this world. Technology and the Internet are still new things here. In the news propaganda, hackers are like terrorists on the Internet.

   This secret is not even known to Gordon, because she is afraid that Gordon will take her to jail, so Gordon has always thought that her daughter likes playing computers and maybe video games or something.

   I was anxious this time, as if instinctively hacked someone else’s server to look for clues, and only now is reacting.


  Barbara blushed, trying to explain something, but there was a mountain of iron evidence, and there was no possibility of denial.

  Su Ming shook his head helplessly, now he is doing serious things, and Cindy said that these can’t help much.

   “Okay, she was teasing you. Do you think the law makes sense to us? Or can we testify against you in court?”

  Barbara took a peek at the colleagues by the wall, and now she was even a little grateful that they had been knocked out, otherwise they knew it, and they didn’t know how the matter would end.

  Su Ming took off his helmet. Seeing Cindy snorting so happy, he was also a little addicted. He planned to take one too. Suddenly he realized something.

   “No wonder you just rushed out to deal with the signal jammer. Have you taken the bet on the corridor door frame?”

   Cindy proudly raised the cigarette in his hand and drew a circle in the sky like a magic wand: “Hey, this is your cigar, let alone, the taste is a bit different from ours.”

“the man…….”

  Barbara showed a horrified expression again. There are actually two death knells, and one of them is a man!

   Knowing so much, will he survive in the end?

  Su Ming has gradually become accustomed to these people’s incredible expressions when they discover that he is a man.

   After all, men in this world have always been synonymous with weakness, and death knell is a world-famous strong man. Such a different identity appears on a person, and no one will find it difficult to accept it.

   “The result came out, what do you want to do if you don’t stare at the screen, but stare at us blankly?”

   He pushed Barbara’s computer. Rows of numbers appeared under the series of codes above. Su Ming didn’t know what it was, but it should be very important to see them flashing constantly.

“Oh, oh.” Barbara adjusted her glasses, adjusted her breathing, and let out a gentle breath: “This is the number of the signal base station my father passed along the way, and then retrieved the location of the base station from the database. Compare it with the map of Gotham City…he went to Arkham at night!”

“Arkham?” Cindy shook his head, rolling his helmet on the table, as if playing a black and yellow ball: “It is said to be a sanatorium, but it is actually a military fortress. It is available 24 hours a day. There are at least 400 guards patrolling with live ammunition, gunboats, armored vehicles, and armed helicopters. People in black will not be there.”

   “Yes, at 12:03, he left there and returned along this road. The last location of the phone is here.”

  Barbara pointed at the screen and tapped the keyboard with the other hand to zoom in on the map a bit. Through triangulation, she could even go to a specific street.

   Cindy leaned over to take a look, and a Gotham map appeared in her mind immediately, and it was more detailed than the police station.

   Because in her memory, she still knows many unseen addresses, such as small arms shops, gangs engaged in smuggling, many assassin’s agent offices, and various black businesses.

   But after watching the screen, Cindy squeezed out the cigar, pulled Brith’s high-end Tibetan wine from the backpack, bit the cork and took a sip. The spicy alcohol warmed her stomach and body.

“Gordon took the correct route. He crossed the sea-crossing bridge, then walked through the North District Tunnel, and then just walked straight along the road to get back to the police station. However, it is raining today that the tunnel will be filled with deep water and the car may not be able to pass. “

   “Whose site is that?” Su Ming also took a look around, but he didn’t see anything. There was no memory in his mind. The map was still a simple map.

“Nobody’s site, it’s a very delicate location.” Cindy smoked a cigarette and came up with a word. Then, she tapped around the map with her finger: “Here, this, and this, respectively. It’s the site of black masks, red hoods, and double-faced women…

   “So Gordon’s final position is the junction of the three, regardless of the three.” Su Ming also understood.

   is like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. No one can take this place. If you want to swallow it alone, the other two will definitely unite, so you just vacate it and use it as a buffer zone.

   This is also a relatively peaceful area in the downtown area of ​​Gotham. There may be some small gangs, but it will not be a climate.

   “What should I do?” Barbara now knew Gordon’s location, but she had no choice but to look at the two people anxiously.

   Su Ming raised his eyebrows: “You can’t call Batwoman or something? She always has a mobile phone. Let her save people. We have something to discuss with her.”

   “I don’t have her phone. She used to appear as long as the bat light was on, but… But Batwoman has left, she is not in Gotham.” Barbara was desperate.

   Su Ming and Cindy both frowned. Could the bat have gone to kill the sea queen?

   “Where did she go?” Cindy asked again, she was a little anxious, because the earth was approaching the end, but she could not find the key person.

“I don’t know….. She came to our house in the middle of the night to talk to my dad, but when I woke up, I only heard the back half.” Barbara pressed her temple and tried to recall: “She said she Leaving Gotham for a while, she said there was some danger and wanted to take us away, but we refused, so she left by herself. Maybe the first half of the conversation said where she went, but only my father knew.”

Cindy leaned back in the chair and looked at Su Ming. He said that the world is dangerous, so he should know what is going on. But Su Ming didn’t have a clue for a while. Batgirl actually knew in advance that it was dangerous. , What would happen if she could escape?

   Did she know about this multiverse event? But in the dark multiverse, there would be no way to know without an outsider like Su Ming telling her.

   These men in black who appeared this time wanted to kidnap Gordon and Barbara. What kind of chess is this? Gordon seems to have no effect on this big event.

   Both women looked at him, which made Su Ming feel very stressed, especially Barbara, as if she would cry at any time.

   “How did you do it in the past? After confirming the location of the mobile phone signal?” He moved the computer close to Barbara, hoping she had some ideas.

   “No, no, I used to be just for fun, and it’s over at this point.”

   Barbara’s expression didn’t look like a lie at all. It seems that she in this world is not as mature as the oracles of other worlds.

   “Listen to me, now I’m starting to invade the traffic system of Gotham City and retrieve surveillance video in this area. When the mobile phone stops moving, I will retrieve it from that time.”


   Barbara wiped her tears secretly, adjusted her glasses, began to rewrite the address code of the intrusion program, and connected to the server background of the Ministry of Transportation.

   As long as there are still ideas, she knows how to investigate. She has let go, and the director’s daughter has completely forgotten her identity at this time.

   is like being infected by the death knell.

  This method of acting outside the law also made her faintly happy. She seemed to understand Batwoman.

   A few minutes later, she successfully obtained the monitoring of the relevant road section, and there was nothing unusual. The road was just a quiet rain scene. There were no pedestrians on the street, let alone a car.

   She looked at Su Ming again like asking for help.

“The monitoring is passive. Through some instruments, you can access the monitoring and repeat the recorded scenes.” Su Ming moved closer to the screen, and he could smell a sweet smell on Barbara: “This rain is too little It should have been recorded around ten thirty, and it has been playing repeatedly since then. Rewind a bit and see if there is anything.”

   Barbara Yiyan adjusted the time to about ten thirty, and the three of them quietly looked at the screen.

   Suddenly, the screen jittered.

   “That’s it, stop.” Su Ming shouted: “Slow down and let it go for three seconds.”

   However, they were disappointed in the end. The last video recorded was a shadow passing by a black glove, and there was no information that could be used to distinguish the identity.

   “Oh…no way, it seems we can only go to the place where the incident happened.” Cindy picked up the helmet on the table, patted Barbara on the shoulder and was about to leave.

   There is no other way for Su Ming, UU read www.uukānshu. To know where the bat might go, com must find Gordon, who is the only clue for the two now.

   “Take me!” Barbara didn’t know where the courage came from. She grabbed Cindy’s hand and begged: “I can help you, like I did before, I’m going to save him.”

   “No, you can go to the armory to hide, and when it’s dawn, the police at work will be safe.”

   Cindy immediately refused, because he was inconvenient to move during the storm, and bringing a wheelchair disabled person was simply a drag.

   But Su Ming doesn’t think so. Let’s not talk about the computer technology of the oracle. After that, the two rescued Gordon, and Barbara was present to persuade him to gain trust more easily.

“I think I can take her with her. After all, she is still not out of danger. Even if she hides in the arsenal, what if the man in black comes again?” Su Ming persuaded Cindy and signaled that the police around her are all waste. The police can’t count on it the same: “If we save Gordon, Barbara is arrested, and we have to accompany Gordon to rescue her. Isn’t it endless? We have limited time.”

   When Barbara wanted to correct that she could actually shoot, Su Ming gestured desperately, but she finally held back.

   Cindy thought for a while and sighed. She didn’t know why she was always easily moved by Su Ming. She put on her helmet and collected the unfinished wine again.

   “Well, follow me, but don’t expect me to push the wheelchair for you. If you make trouble, I will kill you.”

She put down the cruel words and left. Su Ming shrugged to Barbara, pulled a blue police station raincoat from behind the door and threw it to Barbara: “Okay, this is what you asked for, so now Just bring your computer and wireless network card, let’s go outside to find a car.”

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