The Death Knell

Chapter 13: Gotham's most dedicated reporter

   came out of the basement, he searched for some ammunition from the man in black, after all, it is not always possible to solve the problem with a knife and stick.

   Then, he returned to the police hall, and Cindy was waiting for him here.

   She stood at the door with her head up, as if looking at the dark sky in a daze, the rain flowing arbitrarily on her body and gradually flowing into the room.

   “Are you thinking about the end of the world?”

  Su Ming walked to her side and looked outside quietly. The sky was full of black clouds, except for the bat-shaped light spot, nothing could be seen.

  Cindy was probably looking at that too, because her one-eyed eyepiece also reflected the shape of a bat.

   “Well, why do you think our world is like this?”

   “I don’t know, but although I don’t want to die, there is no sense of fear in my heart and I am calm.”

   Cindy shook her head and nodded again. Not knowing what she was thinking, she went under the eaves and reached out and took a handful of rain, but the water quickly slipped through her fingers:

   “After being reformed by the military, we have all lost our sense of fear and the awe of life. Shouldn’t weapons be like this.”

Su Ming’s soul comes from the real world, and he is not someone who has been transformed, but he probably knows what is going on from the comics. The death knell is that his brain thinking ability is nine times greater than that of ordinary people, which makes his rational thinking overwhelm everything. It is not a disease or sequelae.

   “Yes, but we are not perfect weapons, because the military still left our feelings.”

   “Hehe, you are right, so they lost us.”

   Cindy is laughing at herself as if laughing at the military.

   Because even after leaving the army, some things have been changed forever. She is used to being used as a weapon, and she also regards herself as a weapon.

   Weapon’s mission is to kill. Even if she leaves the military, she is still doing what weapons should do.

   At this time, Barbara shook her wheelchair out of the corridor and was stuck under the stairs in the basement. She didn’t know how to get up. She saw the two people there, but she didn’t dare to speak, her expression was a bit embarrassing.

   Cindy walked over and lifted Lianren with the wheelchair easily.

  Barbara was wrapped in a raincoat, still holding her computer in her arms, she was a little nervous and a little nervous, worried about Director Gordon’s situation, and somehow confused about the purpose of the death knell.

   But the current atmosphere is still relatively peaceful, if she doesn’t look at the **** tragic surroundings…so she closed her eyes.

Su Ming thought it would be easy to find a car, but when they walked to the parking lot against the wind and rain, they realized that not only the vans driven by the people in black, but also the police cars parked here. , It has all exploded, leaving only the steel frame of the vehicle in place, and all kinds of charred wreckage, even the heat dissipated in the heavy rain.

   These people in black have no support, and the car is not a remote-controlled bomb…

   Seeing Su Ming looking at her, Cindy shrugged and said that she did it because she didn’t have any professional equipment. She could only guess that the signal jammer was in a certain car.

At that time, I never thought about bringing Barbara. No matter where she went, she and Su Ming only had to have a wheelbarrow. So she blew up the fuel tanks of these vans and the explosion detonated the surrounding police cars. such.

   It turns out that the signal is indeed restored.

Su Ming found a police car that looked a little intact. Just put his hand on the door and before he could open the door, the four tires of the car flew out, crookedly drawing four different arcs in the rain, inside the hood. There was also a thick smoke, the smell of steel.

   “There is no good car in this place. Does the police station have another garage?”

   He washed away the embers from his hands with rainwater, and asked Barbara a question, but in the wind and rain, Barbara could only shout and answer with all his strength.

   “Underground garage! But…the door is going to explode!”

   But when he was about to look for the entrance of the underground garage, things changed. A very ‘beautiful’ van drove over from the street quickly, and a drifter stopped on the road near the park.

It was supposed to be white as a whole, but it drove a short distance in the rain. The upper part of the carriage was full of traces of muddy water splashing. It could not be washed away by heavy rain. There was a radar-like pot cover on the roof. It was also faltered by the wind.

   However, he was barely able to recognize that there was a line of yellow letters under the sludge of the carriage, GCTV1, Gotham City TV News Channel.

   “I suddenly got an idea.” Su Ming supported the helmet with his hand, as if touching his beard.


   A few minutes ago, in the driving carriage, a young and beautiful female reporter was tidying her golden red hair.

   While shaking with the car, she took out a small mirror and quickly applied makeup on her face, but the dim lights in the car and the bad road conditions made her almost poked the lipstick in her eyes.

   “Oh! Slow down, Pete, I don’t want to die today. I have a date tomorrow.”

   A man’s voice came from the driver’s cab, and he answered her loudly in the sound of the heavy rain slapping the glass:

   “It was you who asked me to drive to grab the news just now. Now it is you who asked me to slow down and make someone make up. I am your photographer, not your driver and boyfriend!”

   “Well, it’s all the same, are we here yet?”

   The beautiful woman made a pouting gesture in the mirror, tried different smiles, and dealt with it insincerely.

   Photographer Pete has long been accustomed to this. He knew the virtues of his partner. He called himself out of his home at midnight of the storm. The two stole the TV station car, saying that the cable guy told her there was a big news.

   looked at the pitch-black environment outside where he couldn’t see his fingers. Pete doubted the authenticity of the news. If the leaders of the TV station found out that they were stealing the car in the middle of the night to pursue an urban legend, it is estimated that the job would not be saved.

   But his partner is always a woman who is desperate for news. She doesn’t seem to have to sleep. Seeing her at any time is either reporting the news or pursuing the news.

   TV station only has him who is too honest and willing to be the partner of female lunatics. Although his income has increased a little, he has almost no time off work every day, because she may be fooled by her with rhetoric at any time, looking for clues during the break.

   “It will take a few minutes, but the road is full of water, and the car may stall at any time.”

   The female reporter moved her chin, as if she was warming up her facial muscles. She didn’t understand the mechanics, but she knew the result she wanted.

   “Then don’t let it turn off.”

   “What did you think I was doing before?!”

   Pete used to think he was a very gentle man, although in this world men grow up to 1.9 meters and are obviously not liked by women, and it is common to be called a woman, but he is still a young man after all.

   But after working with his current partner, he deeply realized that he was not as good as he had imagined. He gradually got used to yelling and swearing swear words from time to time, like a prowler.

   After finally calming down, he asked her again: “Victor, is your report reliable?”

   The female reporter replied confidently: “Of course, do you remember the beggar without eyes that we interviewed before?”

“Well, remember, that guy called the police that he saw a fast food restaurant cutting human flesh in the back kitchen.” Pete turned the steering wheel and avoided the manhole cover like a dark spring on the ground: “Since he is a blind man, the studio director took our News interviews were sent to the Funny Channel, which made me faceless for about a week.”

   “But it turns out that the blind man was right! The shop was finally discovered by Batwoman as making human sausages, although it was not a fast food restaurant, but a laundry room, and there was no back kitchen, just a garage.”

   Wei Ke got into the cab from the rear carriage, and seriously emphasized to Pete that his news was accurate, but the leader did not know the goods!

Pete glanced at her from the corner of his eye, and said helplessly: “Why do you think I still have the face to work on the TV station? But that incident damaged the director’s reputation. She will definitely hold on to the car theft this time. “

“Of course she can choose to hold on to it, provided that we didn’t find the news!” Vic raised a slender finger and dangled it from side to side to correct him: “But as long as we catch this exclusive report, hum, Bang! I just let her know that my old lady is not easy to provoke!”

   Pete rolled his eyes. The whole Taiwanese knew she was not easy to mess with, she was a famous lunatic. If it hadn’t been for Victor who had gotten a lot of exclusive news, probably they would have been **** out by now.

Seeing his expression, Vic patted his shoulder grinningly: “Don’t worry, have you heard that some blind people actually have special abilities? Legend has it that their soul vision is very powerful and can see through or predict the future. Last time I He turned that blind man into my informant. Today, he gave me a big news, and I promised to give him 200 yuan.”

   “Well, now our source of intelligence is seen by a blind man, because you believe in the ethereal spiritual legend.”

   Pete wants to know if the TV station will let the two of them off lightly by returning the car.

Vic shook his head and smiled triumphantly: “This time he didn’t see it, but he heard it. On a stormy night, he sneaked into the city court to hide from the rain, but not long ago, he heard about the Gotham Police Station. There were intense gunshots, according to him: gunshots are as intense as the sound of a rabbit diarrhea.”

   Pete has a black question mark on his face. What is this metaphor? Does a rabbit have diarrhea?

Vic also rolled his eyes and smiled awkwardly: “In short, blind people’s hearing is better than ordinary people. This is scientifically based. Then we have reason to believe that a major incident has happened in the police station. In such a storm, this Isn’t it our exclusive?”

   Pete heard it, it made sense, so as long as he grabbed the exclusive news for the TV station, his previous car stealing became a reporter’s eager pursuit of news. There was nothing wrong with it, and there would be a bonus!

   So the two looked at each other and smiled, like two foxes rushing to the chicken coop, full of expectations for a better future.


   The car arrived at the entrance of the police station. Needless to say, he took a flashlight and immediately saw the wreckage of cars and the corpses everywhere. Weike knew his 200 yuan worth.

   This is not big news, what else is it?

   She and Pete quickly put on ponchos, wrapped the camera and microphone, and prepared for recording and broadcasting. The rain was too much. In order not to affect the camera’s reception, Vic had to shout loudly.

   The female reporter adjusted her makeup again and made her hair into a cute bangs under the raincoat. She looked at Pete and her head indicated that the radio and lighting were functioning normally.

She jumped out of the car and Pete followed closely. She chose an angle and used the wreckage of a black-framed car as a background. Not far away, the door of the police station could be seen broken. Falling to the ground like a sack.

  Weike signaled to start. When she saw the familiar red light on the camera light up, she immediately showed her most intellectual appearance.

   “Audience friends, I am your old friend Vic Valli. Now, we are at the door of the Gotham City Police Station. You can see the tragedy behind us.”

   Pete has cooperated with her for a long time, and immediately knowingly gave a long shot of the ruins and corpse behind her.

   “We have no way of knowing what happened in the police station, but please follow us and find out.”

   “Please remember, this is an exclusive report by Wei Ke.”

   said, she raised her finger playfully and pointed at the camera, showing a kind expression, as if she was talking to an acquaintance. Her style made many people in the city like to watch her news.

   She took Pete to the police station, showing various expressions in front of the camera along the way.

   “Oh my God, this is simply purgatory on earth!” It was horror, she was like a little girl who found a man-eating monster under the bed.

   “Who are these people in black?” This was a doubt, she was acting like a detective at the moment, as if she was shrewd and strong trying to find clues.

“These police officers fought to the last minute. May them rest in peace, and hope that their families will accept my sincere condolences and condolences.” This is sadness. She is almost more professional than the spokesperson of the city council and bowed to the cold body on the ground. .

   In short, she has contributed an Oscar-level acting skill. Among news anchors, this acting skill is enough to make her proud.

   entered the police station hall, the brightly lit situation here can be said to be even more tragic. If there is rain outside that can wash away the blood stains, then this place is completely a world of blood.

   Both civilians and policemen fell on the floor of the hall. This is the scene of the massacre.

“Oh my God, friends in the audience, Vic is very scared now. I don’t know if the murderers have left, but as a reporter, I decided to explore the truth! Please look forward to my follow-up report. I am Vic Vallee.”

   She acted appropriately, fully embodying the image of a journalist who is facing danger and seeking the truth, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com had firm eyes in fear, as if she was driven by a great mission.

   But she doesn’t actually think it is dangerous. The scene here is a fight between the gang and the police. They are not abnormal murderers and will not stay at the crime scene.

   She just wants to earn a wave of attention for herself. With her popularity, even if she doesn’t work in Gotham in the future, she can get mixed up in the metropolis.

   At this time, she saw that Pete’s face also showed a look of horror, as if imitating her, but this tall man was not suitable for this look at all.

“Kakaka.” Victor put down the microphone and said helplessly: “I know you want to be a news anchor, but your physical condition… Almost, not everyone can eat this bowl of rice. .”

   Pete opened his mouth wide, and this time he looked a little more frightened.

“Oh, I really can’t help you, what do you do with your mouth wide open? It’s too exaggerated.” Wei Ke shook his head amusedly. …. But who told us to be partners, let me teach you. Look at my face, slowly squeeze my eyebrows, and then open my mouth slightly.”

   Wei Ke is doing the slow motion of his expression very kindly. The news is almost here. When I get back to the car to edit the video, I can send it back to the TV station.

   The **** in the studio must have nothing to say this time, so Vic is in a good mood now and plans to support his partner. The TV station is a place to talk about contacts, and it is necessary to have a good relationship with the photographer partner.

Pete seemed to have heard Vic’s correction, but he did not follow Vic’s words, but was free to play. He carried the camera on one shoulder, wiped his eyes with the other hand, and then covered his face and screamed. stand up.

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