The Death Knell

Chapter 14: Death knell live

Victor nodded, the male anchor, when he is frightened, he can be exaggerated. I didn’t expect that Pete is quite comprehensive and infectious. He usually looks like a big five and three rough, but screaming is no different from other little men. .

“Very well, although it’s a bit too late.” Victor commented, pointing out a few loopholes in the performance that she thought were loopholes: “It’s just that the screams are too long and a little abrupt. If it is bigger, you will scare them, so when you call, you can have a sharp tone, but the volume should be slightly lowered. Try not to use post editing, which is too troublesome.”

   Pete was completely stunned at this time, keeping the expression motionless.

   Victor walked over and pushed him: “Okay, go back to the car and cut the tape. I will teach you slowly when I have time. Your expression seems to tell me that I saw a ghost.”

   As he talked, Vic laughed himself. Although there were corpses everywhere, ghosts did not exist.

   But at this moment, another voice suddenly appeared behind her, as if it was in her ear.

   “His expression is not to tell you that you saw a ghost, but that he saw me.”


   Victor stiffened immediately, and she, who had been facing the depths of the police station hall, didn’t know that someone had leaned forward to such a close position behind her unconsciously.

   At this time and in this environment, there are probably only murderers, right? Why didn’t the gangster leave after the murder? This is different from the past!

   Wei Ke wanted to cry without tears. She guessed that there were countless guns pointed at two people behind her, so Pete didn’t move.

   “Vicovali, I really like your show.”

   The voice said slowly, as if floating behind her, fluctuating left and right, but she didn’t hear any footsteps at all.

   “Heh…hehe…that means everyone loves me, too, right? Don’t hurt me.”

   Wei Ke said with a dry smile, but didn’t think so in his heart, do you have a gang boss or a fan of perverted murderers? The clue this time is a trap, just to catch yourself and do something abnormal?

   She doesn’t want a fan like this at all!

   “Turning around slowly, I happen to have plans to be on TV.”

   Following the voice instructions, Vic turned around slowly, and she immediately showed the same expression as Pete.

   There is no imaginary army, dense muzzle, but one person behind him, who is hugging his chest and watching them quietly.

   But this person is more terrifying than hundreds of gangsters, because he is a death knell!

   It was Su Ming who appeared in front of her at this time. They planned to take advantage of the two of them to go in for an interview and steal their car, but when they overheard the female reporter introducing herself in the parking lot, he changed his mind.

   He asked Cindy to take Barbara around and wait for him in the car. He not only borrowed the TV station car, but also the reporter.

   Although the Vikvali of this world is somewhat like the setting of the New 52 World, it has become a TV anchor rather than a reporter for the Gotham Gazette, but it is undeniable that this woman is not only good at talking, but also full of luck.

   She first appeared in the comics or early DC in 1948. She was one of Batman’s previous girlfriends. In the era without Catwoman and Talia, she was also the only one among Batman’s many girlfriends that survived.

   How lucky is she? It’s almost the same treatment as the children of the plane.

   Every super villain treats her courteously, and it’s the little guy who wants to deal with her, there is no threat at all.

   She randomly found a boyfriend, Bruce, the richest man in Gotham. She wanted big news and found Batman.

Su Ming remembers that it should be Tim Burton’s Batman movie in 1989. It was about a time when the Joker planned to blow up Gotham City and let the bat feel his pain. When everyone was busy going out of the city for refuge, she said Going along, ran to interview the clown by himself.

The clown was also interested in her madness and was very happy to accept the interview, and exchanged her ideas and ideas with her, not only invited her to stay, invited her to eat, but also let her follow her all the way and witness everything about herself and the bat. .

  Su Ming still remembers the lines of the movie. When the clown showed her the super bomb, she clapped like a little girl.

   “Mr. Clown, you have made such a wonderful thing, oh, you are so powerful, purple, I love purple!”

   didn’t know if she was talking about the purple bomb or the clown in a purple suit.

   If it weren’t for Batman to defeat the Joker in the end, Su Ming felt that Vic was likely to become Halle-like.

Since then, she has also shown a crazy interest in darkness in comics. She has interviewed many Gotham villains, many of whom are double-faced, scarecrows, and the like, but she returns with loads every time, any super villain We had a great conversation with her.

   Joker has kidnapped everyone close to Batman, but he has never kidnapped her. This is also a mystery in DC comics.

   Su Ming unexpectedly encountered the Earth minus 11 Victor at this time, but might as well use her reporter status and luck.

   “Is it live now?” he asked Vic.

   “No, we are recording and broadcasting, we haven’t had time to edit yet.”

   Wei Ke doesn’t understand why the world’s number one killer wants to ask this, is it because he doesn’t want his whereabouts to be revealed?

   So she immediately explained that there was no live broadcast, but a video.

   Su Ming under the mask didn’t know the expression, but said: “I want to broadcast live.”

   He took out the gun, gently slammed the pistol hammer with his thumb, and pointed at Pete, but the question was for Vic, as if he would kill her partner if he didn’t answer.

   “We don’t count, we have to agree to it in the station.”

Vic hurriedly waved his hand, as if afraid that he would shoot, but in her opinion, a killer like the death knell has his own ideas for every move. Since he didn’t kill himself in the first time, he wanted to broadcast it. It seemed that he was short. Time is safe.

   “Okay, let’s go back in the car, there are still people waiting.”

   Just like this, Barbara and Cindy in the carriage watched Su Ming escorting the two reporters out with a gun. They were confused, and they didn’t know what his purpose was.

   Even Cindy couldn’t think of it. Although Su Ming was also a death knell, he seemed to have a lot of ideas different from him.

   Back in the carriage, although Vic was surprised by the fact of the two death knells, she would not doubt the authenticity of the death knell. There were still dead bodies on the floor outside!

   They also kidnapped the police chief’s daughter Barbara, don’t know what they are planning? But under the gun, she and Pete honestly completed the editing of the previous video and sent it back to the station.


   At this time, there are not many people on Gotham TV. Most of the midnight programs are automatically played old movies on the computer, or boring TV shopping.

   is a news channel, the studio host still needs to broadcast the news 24 hours a day, but in such a ghostly weather, what else is there to say? It’s nothing more than bringing the meteorologist’s set and talking about it every half an hour.

   In the director room…

   At this time, the director on duty received the video of Victor. She curled her lips. She didn’t even want to look at it, but this is still not her word, and it is impossible to cover the sky in the eyes of everyone.

   She and a few editors and staff can only click on the play button, and the scenes in the video surprised them. It seems that Vic has discovered the big news again.

   The director gritted her teeth. She was going to give a short report to the director tomorrow because the Victor duo stole the TV station’s OB van.

   Now, let alone the director punishing them, this is the rhythm of giving them prizes.

   “Damn it, good luck for you!”

   The director thought in his heart, but in the eyes of everyone, he still gave the video to the editor and asked them to start writing for the host in the live broadcast room……..

It’s almost 12:30. The night shift host in the live broadcast room starts to drink water and prepares. They are like workers on the production line or bulls and horses. Several live broadcast rooms, several hosts take turns turn.

   No. 1 live broadcast room from 12 o’clock to 12:27, there is a half-hour rest, his second live broadcast indirectly broadcast to 12:57, and then exchange.

  Seriously, the midnight news program has never been watched by anyone, but for the salary, he still had to endure the urge to yawn and put on the most professional smile.

   But his eyes brightened when he was backing the desk, because he found new news and it was his first round of broadcast, which is also a good thing.

   Well, it’s like a small reward for ordinary and numb work, which is about the same as the ten dollars in the lottery.

   With the red light on in the studio, he showed a dignified, virtuous, intellectual and elegant look. This is basically the way men of his profession in this world:

“Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to the news channel of Gotham City TV. The latest news is that a group of thugs stormed the Gotham City Police Station early this night. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. The incident is still under investigation. Please watch our reporter from the front. Report sent.”

   The director made an OK gesture to indicate that he had cut into the video, but the host did not mean to relax, and instead followed the video.

   In the video, there are traces of fighting everywhere, and the police station is completely reduced to a battlefield. Although such a scene is uncommon in Gotham, it is the first time that it happened in a police station.

Pete’s lens was used very well, and the scene was really terrifying. Numerous boring viewers in front of the TV, seeing such a **** scene in the middle of the night, screamed, but some people were scared and others were happy. In the stormy night, many Criminals choose to take a day off, and they are also looking for some exciting scenes.

   “Director, Vic has sent a live broadcast application.” An editor wearing headphones said.

The female director gritted her teeth and looked at the instrument next to her. The ratings were like an electrocardiogram after the resurrection of the dead. It broke through the TV station’s historical high of midnight news ratings in just two minutes, and her mouth was bitterly squeezed. Two words:

“give her!”

   The host received the signal and nodded slightly to indicate that he understood that after the video was played, the shot was switched back to the studio.

   “We now have new news about the front, and now the studio will connect with the front reporter Vicvari.”

   The signal was on, but what appeared in front of the camera was not a familiar smiling face. Instead, it was a black and yellow mask. The high-definition video camera clearly recorded every drop of rain sliding over the cold mask.

   “Hello, Vic…Wait, oh my goodness! It’s a death knell!”

The host who was originally smiling dignifiedly, waiting to connect with Vic, as if he was scalded by boiling water, screamed and jumped up from the chair, back and forth again and again until his back leaned against the wall, and then There is no escape, like a frightened child.

   But his eyes cannot be removed from the screen. The yellow-black armor seems to have magical powers, attracting all his attention.

   “Good evening, host.” The death knell in the lens tilted his head slightly, as if saying hello: “Good evening! Gotham!”

   Maybe in a corner of Gotham, there will be lunatics saying to the TV: Good evening, death knell.

   It is obvious that the people in the studio are not included in this list. They are as if they are caught in the throat, and they can’t say anything.

Su Ming doesn’t care if these people have the courage to communicate with him. He put the gun in his hand and motioned to Pete to give him a vision: “As you can see, the Gotham police station is over, but unfortunately, the box is not what I wanted. Chocolate, haha.”

   This joke is not funny at all, and everyone watching TV feels a panic of fear.

   After the camera is zoomed out, you can see the death knell against the head of a girl with a pistol. The girl is still sitting in a wheelchair, shrunk in a heavy rain, her eyes tightly closed, shivering.

   “This is the daughter of the Gotham Police Chief, Barbara Gordon, maybe some of you know her.”

   Su Ming knocked on his helmet with a pistol, acting like a neurosis, in order to more in line with the terrifying image of the death knell in the hearts of the Gotham people and deepen their fear.

   “What I am looking for is Director Gordon, but there is another group of people who robbed him first. Here, I want to tell this group something.”

   He took a few steps forward and moved closer to the camera to increase the sense of oppression even more:

“You better put Gordon in my hands. He is my goal and I want to live. Otherwise, I will find you no matter where you are, and I will kill you one by one slowly. I promise that process. , It will be the same… painful!”

   Talking, UU reading www. uukanshu. com He shot Barbara and Barbara fell from her wheelchair and fell into the water.

   Many empty housewives and men in front of TV couldn’t bear to cover their mouths at this time, and fear once again flooded their hearts after the jester was arrested.

   This kind of naked killing and the jester’s madness are two different fears.

   The camera turned to the death knell again, his muzzle was still smoking, and the poor girl died.

“If you know the clues of these people in black, or if you know the whereabouts of Director Gordon, please contact the TV station and they will tell me. I will satisfy you who provided the clues, a careful wish, you just need to tell me who you want. Death, that person will not survive the next day.”

   “If calculated at the price of my service, this is a remuneration worth 2 million U.S. dollars, and it is also an opportunity for you to get rid of annoying ghosts.”

“Oh, one more thing, everyone on the TV station, please roll my video in the news 24 hours a day. If you can’t do it… the police station behind me is the end of your TV station. “

Pete gave another close-up to the police station. All kinds of miserable scenes were shown vividly at Su Ming’s request. Everyone in the studio subconsciously replaced their faces on the corpse over there and swallowed unconsciously Saliva.

   The signal is interrupted.

   The host in the studio suddenly screamed, running around like headless flies.

   “It’s over! It’s over! The death knell is coming to kill us, I want to go home! Go home!”

   His performance was broadcast to every household, but at this time, no one who watched the news channel would laugh at him. Everyone felt as if something was breathing behind him in the dark, which was creepy.

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