The Death Knell

Chapter 15: Crazy Child Reporter

   As for the chaos of Gotham after the live broadcast is cut off, it is completely out of Su Ming’s consideration. If the chaos can really attract bats, it would be best.

   He picked up Barbara next to him, put it on the wheelchair and pushed it into the carriage.

   “A good performance, you have the talent to be a female anchor.”

   Wei Ke secretly poked his mouth next to him. Does acting means being a female anchor? Doing this on my own requires a lot of hard work, such as makeup, etiquette, and all kinds of partial knowledge, which is very hard work.

  Barbara was shaking with the cold, the rain completely wetted her, but her pale lips trembled and said:

   “As long as we do this, will my father be safe?”

   Su Ming motioned to Vic and Pete to get in the car. They were kidnapped. Cindy started the car as they watched reluctantly coming up.

“I’m not sure, using my identity to threaten, how much time should I buy for your father… But now you are safe, everyone in the city thinks you are dead, no one will try to chase or arrest you anymore. Capture the dead.” Su Ming searched in the carriage, found a towel, and handed it to Barbara.

   “This will also increase the kidnappers’ concerns. If they can think about the consequences of angering the death knell, then the methods originally intended to be used on Director Gordon will be considered again and again, and it will take some time to weigh the gains and losses, no matter what they consider.”

   Cindy, who drove the car, stepped on the bottom of the accelerator. The extraordinary reflexes made her drive effortlessly, and she was also distracted to participate in the conversation between Su Ming and Barbara.

  Barbara nodded and looked at Su Ming gratefully.

   “Thank you, you are a good person.”

   “Never mind the good person card, I will pay him the bill when Gordon is rescued.” Su Ming immediately shook his head and said he refused. The good person card is too unlucky.

   “Hehe, you really don’t look like a killer, you still make jokes.”

  Su Ming’s words were treated as a joke, Barbara finally relaxed. She felt so tired, but now she had some backbone. The name of the world’s strongest mercenary gave her more confidence in Gordon’s safety.

Although this name is notorious, when the villain stood by her side, Barbara had a little confidence. She shivered and wiped the water on her body, thinking in her heart: “Is this what Dad said, in the dark the power of?”

   Wei Ke sat quietly opposite, looking at the two, there was a bold idea in her heart. She felt that the end of the world was definitely coming.

The world-famous murderer was actually talking and laughing with the daughter of the Chief Gotham Police Department. He also broadcast an inexplicable fake death scene, and listened to their conversation. At this time, the death knell should be saving Chief Gordon. On the way, he offered a reward of 2 million just to keep Gordon alive.

   The world is crazy.

   “Using murder to save another person is the most illogical but logical thing I have ever heard.”

  Thinking about it again and again, Vic still took the initiative to speak to Su Ming despite the dissuasion from Pete’s eyes.

  Su Ming looked at her. She didn’t appear in the whole process just now. Now the TV station may think she is dead, but the occupational disease relapsed so soon, have you forgotten your fear?

   “Kill one person to save another person, this is called the way of balance, but you don’t have to think too complicated, I’m just doing what I should do.”

   He took off his helmet, the car became warmer, and the moisture condensed in the helmet, like a steamer. He had never considered that the uniform was so uncomfortable to wear before.

   Although Vera was also surprised by his male identity, but for a moment, she still dedicatedly asked: “Then do you think you are mentally ill? Mr. Death Knell, have you ever felt that you are not normal?”

Pete beside    opened his eyes wide, this is a proposition!

  Su Ming has some interest, because this question was asked by Batman from other worlds.

   “Then do you think this world is normal?” He read the comics and directly gave the standard answer, which was a rhetorical question.

  Sure enough, this answer made Vic thought thoughtful, she frowned and stopped talking.

   Pete breathed a sigh of relief, MD, I must resign this time when I go back. I won’t do it, and I won’t do it for any amount of money. It’s too exciting.

   Cindy, who was driving, also heard Su Ming’s theory of balance. For some reason, he felt very philosophical, like those proverbs in ancient eastern countries.

   “Is it balanced…”

The car moved fast in the heavy rain, passing through the streets and alleys, it really made them encounter some robbers or road hogs who also came out in the storm to look for their prey, but Cindy only had to peek his head from the car window, all the gangsters I was so scared.

   After a few minutes of relaxation on the road, Vic was no longer scared. She found that the death knell did not seem to be as crazy as the rumors, but had his own understanding and unique knowledge of the world.

   Seeing the gangster running away, she sighed in disappointment. If the death knell fights with them, maybe she can still shoot a little egg or something.

   “You seem a little disappointed? Like watching murders?” Su Ming keenly noticed her secretly sighing.

   “No, it’s not.” Vic shook his head: “I just want to shoot some fighting scenes, the audience loves to watch.”

   “Well, since you want to shoot, if we find a clue to kidnap Gordon’s gang later, you can shoot when we go to their lair to kill them, as long as the brawny next to you doesn’t vomit.”

  Su Ming decided to compensate her a little and relax the atmosphere a little bit. After all, she is the lucky star of DC, and luck cannot be described, so try not to offend him too hard.

   But for Pete next to her, Su Ming was already full just when he saw a strong man weighing nine meters tall and squeezing and **** it.

   “Great! He will be fine… right, Pete?!”

In Vico’s majestic eyes, the burly man agreed with a small expression on his face, and he stretched out his hand with Lanhua’s finger to wipe the tears that he accidentally dripped. Seeing Su Ming turned his head, he was somewhat Want to throw up.

  Weike nodded in satisfaction, and she actively squeezed between Barbara and Su Ming.

   “Thank you, if that’s the case, I have another exclusive news!”

   “It’s nothing more than profiting each other. I take that as an advertisement. It’s a good chance that it can be broadcast on TV.”

   If there is a future in this world, Su Ming doesn’t mind giving Cindira some business.

   Victor’s eyes lit up, and he took out a notebook from his pocket, opened it, and put on an interview posture, making Su Ming dumbfounded.

   “I thought you were a TV reporter. UU Reading”

   “TV stations can also use pen to record. So, Mr. Death Knell, can it be convenient to reveal the relationship between you and the other death Knell driving? Or is it that you are not the death Knell, but she is?”

   Cindy let out a triumphant laugh. Seeing it, everyone felt that he was the genuine one, and Su Ming was more like a killing bat.

  Su Ming sighed. He just didn’t want to kill the innocent indiscriminately. He took out the knife behind his back: “Sure enough, it’s better to kill you all…”


“It’s just a joke, no one paid, and you didn’t stand in the way, so you won’t die… and Batgirl likes you very much. The neuroses in the whole city are your fans, maybe the jester every day In Arkham, I still read your news reports.” Su Ming took the knife back again. It’s not his style to kill indiscriminately.

   Speaking of Batwoman, Vic was struggling again. She rolled her eyes, holding her little notebook in her hand, and her eyes flashed with curiosity.

   “Oh? Really? But why doesn’t she come to me? If I leave my address and mobile phone number, can you pass it to her for me? I want to give her an interview.”

   “Who are you talking about? A bat or a jester?”

   “Anything is fine.”

   Victor put on an expression of hunger and thirst, and licked his lips, just like those uncles and colleagues who talked about **** in the world before Su Ming.

   “You woman is crazy enough, are there any normal people in this city?”

   Su Ming is so angry and funny, she is probably one of the people in the city who wants to see the jester the most, probably just a little bit below Hallie.

   The carriage was full of joy. Only Barbara didn’t know what to do. When the topic was mentioned, she felt that her lower back began to hurt again.

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