The Death Knell

Chapter 16: Arrive at the scene

   This time the journey is far. Because of the irrigation of the underground tunnel, Cindy had to detour the Northern Ring Road and waited for the location previously queried. The time now is after 1:00 in the morning.

   Under the dark night, there was water everywhere, even the boundary between the ground and the sky was blurred, but she could still see Sheriff Gordon’s brown car parked on the side of the road not far away, with the taillights on.

   Su Ming and Cindy are going to get off the car to check the clues. As for the two reporters, even if they rush Wei Ke to leave now, she will not leave.

   She is still waiting for more fierce material, and Su Ming promised to let her shoot the “mercenary advertisement”.

   Pete is Vic’s attendant. Su Ming doesn’t think he has the courage to walk through the three gangs alone at midnight.

   “Can I go down? Shoot a news clip to solve the case or something?” Victor immediately hurriedly put on his clothes and looked at Su Ming expectantly.

   Su Ming doesn’t think it matters. With the video data, maybe there will be any doubts in the future, and you can review it.

   “Yes, but don’t take pictures of our two death knells at the same time, don’t take pictures of Barbara, or live broadcasts. If you play tricks… I will make you worse than dead.”

   Cindy has no opinion on this, anyway, the reporter has no threats, just treat it as non-existent. Moreover, she thinks that it’s not bad to be able to make an advertisement on TV, as more business can make more money.

   But you still have to keep the earth on which you are based before you can think about the future.

  Barbara wanted to go down too, but she was really inconvenient to move, so she had to stay in the car and watch the surrounding television equipment in a daze.

   The cold chill returned to Su Ming’s body again, and all kinds of emotions instantly moved away from him. He strode toward Gordon’s car and opened the door to check.

   There was a mixed smell of tobacco and coffee in the car, but there was no **** smell. The phone was placed on the dashboard, showing several missed calls from Barbara, which proved to be Gordon’s phone.

Unfortunately, there is no Batman or Brith’s name in the phone. If Gordon knows her number, it must be remembered in his mind, and every time he finishes the call, the prudent Gordon always deletes all the call records. .

  Su Ming believes that on the communication provider’s side, Briss has already moved her hands and feet. She wants Barbara to hack into someone else’s company server and get Bat’s phone number or location. This idea can also be dispelled.

   The car key is still plugged in and the engine is in neutral, indicating that he was only planning to leave the car for a short time, but an accident occurred.

   There is still half of the gasoline, the battery is fully charged, and there is no trace of the hood and the trunk of the vehicle, which eliminates the possibility of vehicle malfunction.

   Then what caused him to leave his car and fall into the trap of people in black?

   “Su, there is a corpse in the water here.”

   Cindy, who went to check the monitoring probe, jumped off the telephone pole and splashed a big splash. Sure enough, there was something like a music player connected to the camera on the roadside. She recovered the equipment and planned to study this technique in the future.

   When she walked towards Su Ming, she found a vague white shadow under the sewage not far in front of the car. Experience immediately told her that it was a corpse.

   He Su Ming knew that the corpse was the reason Gordon left the car. As a policeman, only this situation can guarantee that Gordon will stop and check at any time.

   It can be seen that the people in black want him to be captured alive, not the dead. This is good news.

Cindy picked the corpse out of the sewage with his toes. The corpse and the pavement of the sidewalk made a squishy “click”. The woman had become a little deformed from the soaking. The impact of the rain accelerated the decomposition of fat, and the skin looked Loose.

   The cause of death was obvious. It was a large amount of blood loss caused by trauma. The two started an autopsy on the spot, trying to find more clues.

   As a killer, understanding the structure of the human body is a basic skill. When necessary, it is no problem to be a forensic doctor. Cindy checks the internal organs, while Su Ming checks the limbs and head.

   “Dear viewers, what we are seeing now is the scene of the disappearance of Director Gordon, behind me is…”

   From a distance came the voice of Vic recording the program to the camera. She did not intend to record the two death knells together. After all, she knew that this should be a bottom line. Once the line was crossed, the death knell would immediately turn around.

   The two were not affected by her, but quickly performed their own actions. The four hands seemed to grow on one person, and the autopsy was in order.

   Thirty seconds later, both of them confirmed that there were no omissions. In the heavy rain, they could only get so many clues.

   “Who said first?” Su Ming asked with a smile, “I don’t want to play a game that says the same thing at the same time.”

“Let me first.” Cindy stood up and looked around, but there was nothing around him except the rain: “In addition to this stab wound, the deceased’s internal organs also had some traces of blood congestion. He had suffered severe blows before his death. .”

   “She has a well-developed cardiopulmonary system. She should be a manual worker or an athlete; there is nothing in her stomach. She was hungry for two or three days, so I think she was executed in a secret prison somewhere. She is a prisoner.”

   Su Ming nodded, stood up and looked around, then said:

   “My findings are consistent with yours. The deceased did not come here by himself. Her soles are intact. Walking barefoot would not be like this. This is proof of the corpse throwing.”

“Her knuckles are thick, and the first three fingers of her left and right hands have obvious scratches and calluses. She often uses knives or darts. The muscles of her limbs are balanced and strong, indicating that she is a martial artist or a swimmer. The defensive injury of the forelegs indicates that When I wrestled with people during his lifetime, there were fixed binding marks on the wrists and ankles.”

   “Someone tortured her and executed her.”

   The two stood quietly, thinking, and were quiet for ten seconds, during which only the sound of rain spread between them.

   “There is no obvious torture injury.” Cindy said, looking at Victor in the distance, the woman acted kindly in front of the camera as if nothing had happened.

   “It may be water boarding. There is a penalty called sticking an official. Covering your face with paper and watering it will show signs of suffocation in the autopsy.” Su Ming immediately thought.

   “Where did you hear it?”

   Cindy said that he had never seen this method of torture. They are popular in places like pushing people into the toilet, but that would cause water to accumulate in the lungs, and they would be drowning during autopsy.

“Oh, similar penalties have been popular in various ancient civilizations. You will have the opportunity to learn later.” In fact, he saw from the series when he was a security guard. This penalty should be the original creation of the celestial dynasty, and it should be in this world. Asia: “The torturer should have lived in the East, or simply be an Oriental.”

   Cindy sighed and shook his head: “What you think should be what I think. Now this situation is a bit complicated.”

   Su Ming naturally understands, because ordinary people absolutely can’t reach this woman’s physical level. If you put all the information together: “Those guys are here too.”

   “Shadow Dancer League.” X2

   The two said the same thing at the same time again, but this time, they just looked at the corpse on the ground quietly and said nothing.

  The assassins of the Alliance died here. No matter who did it, the assassins will avenge her. This is the tradition of that ancient organization.

  If this was done by the people who kidnapped Gordon, the Assassin Alliance would not take the time to distinguish. They would find the man in black’s den and wipe out all the living things inside. Gordon trapped in it would naturally die.

   “How many hours is Nandalbat from Gotham?” Su Ming asked first, he needed to know the time.

   “Don’t you know? How long is it on your side?” Cindy was curious. She knew that Su Ming had something they didn’t have here. Would it make people run faster?

  Nandabart, sometimes also translated as Nandabar, as the headquarters of the Assassin Alliance, it is not in the south, but in a place of ice and snow, a mysterious place that cannot be recognized by any technological means.

   Same as Paradise Island, Dinosaur Island, and Orangutan Island in DC World, UU Reading www. seems to be hidden by some power or simply not in the material world. However, the general position of Su Ming can still be estimated. From the Green Arrow series and the Dark Knight trilogy movie, it is likely to be in Iceland or Greenland.

   “About six hours?” Su Ming calculated the location of Gotham, and it was almost the same if flying.

   “It’s a bit slow. On our side, in only four hours, you will find that Gotham is full of shadow dancers.”

   “This is not something worth comparing, we have limited time now.”

   Su Ming interrupted her angrily. The ghost knew why she was so proud, and even the speed of the Assassin Alliance had to be compared. But saying that this speed is faster than flying, do they have special skills on the way?

   “Well, those people in black should be lying in ambush in the two buildings. Let’s go and see if there are any traces left.”

   “Okay, I’ll go over there.”

  Su Ming turned his head and left. He can only feel that his life is constantly shortening, and the threat posed by Barbatos has always been entwined in the world.

   Cindy shrugged in the heavy rain. She just wanted to show her strength. Amazon women are so charming, but it seems that Su doesn’t buy it too much?

   She walked to the building on the other side of the road, kicked open the doors of other people’s homes, and cross-examined door-to-door. The people who were awakened from their sleep knew all the answers, because she looked like she would chop something as vent at any time.

   After they left and went to the building, Vic took Pete to the side of the body and began to shoot, and suddenly, she felt that she had stepped on something…

   Then when she saw the wound on the waist of the corpse, she showed a sly smile like a fox.

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