The Death Knell

Chapter 17: Reporter accepts award

   Su Ming and Cindy spent about five minutes, after which they replayed in the heavy rain.

Today’s night seems to be darker than before. The whole street is full of uneasy atmosphere. Many civilians who have just been awakened hide behind the curtains in their homes. They dare not turn on the lights to attract attention. They can only use fearful eyes in the dark. Looking at the two fuzzy figures downstairs through the glass rendered by rain.

   “I only have one bad news, and that is that I found the footprints of the ninja’s feet on the top floor. Other shadow dancers have come here before us.”

   Cindy looked at the stagnant water that had covered his knees. Gotham’s drainage system was already operating at full capacity, but it still couldn’t cope with such a heavy rainfall.

   Su Ming nodded, but he found nothing there.

The inside of the    building was as clean as it was licked. This is absolutely impossible in a cheap residential area. The people in black should have cleaned it before leaving.

Unwilling to give up, he tried to find witnesses again. He also kicked open the doors of several houses and used knives and guns to question the residents. Although some of them were frightened to incontinence and messed up the sheets, he still did not witness. By.

   This shows that the man in black moved quickly, and even no sound came out. But on the other hand, it also shows that neither Gordon nor they shot, so Gordon should not be injured.

   He sighed, the only clue at the moment is the assassin’s corpse. Use her to fish to attract the Assassin Alliance to talk?

   But that was too passive, maybe when the assassins came to ask for the corpse, the people in black had already been wiped out, and Gordon was already cold.

   “Let’s get back into the car first and take the body with it.”

   There was no way, he could only get back into the car with Cindy and watched the big river of rain outside the window facing away, both of them were thinking about the way in silence.

   “Why do you think the body is dressed like this? She didn’t have a gunshot wound on her body, how was she caught?”

   Of course, Cindy has his own ideas, but he still intends to listen to Su Ming’s insights. As he said, the knowledge of the two can sometimes complement each other, and more clues are not a bad thing.

   At this time they were sitting in the cab, Cindy was leaning against the steering wheel, while Su Ming was leaning against the co-pilot with his hands on the back of his head.

   He shook his head and watched Vic directing Pete round and round outside the window. Once he would pat the sky, and then he would shoot the water:

“There are more gangsters in Gotham who can do this. The scarecrow’s fear gas can be bought on the black market, but it is almost sold on the supermarket. The killer crocodile, the mutants with mud face are also hired, and gangsters can produce We can afford their commission. But our black-clothed friends acted impulsively, and the shadow dancers would never open their mouths to reveal their secrets. No matter how to torture them, it was all in vain and provokes the Shadow Dancers League.”

   “Alas, such a powerful gangster could have become my potential customer, it’s a pity.”

   Cindy also lamented, she felt that she had lost a hundred million. No matter what the gang, their previous performances were just ordinary people, while the Assassin Alliance is countless elite assassins.

  Many of these assassins have been trained since childhood. They mastered various cold weapons at the age of four, learned to kill at the age of five, and began to perform missions for the Alliance after the age of eight, assassinating targets worldwide.

   They have no self-awareness and give up their real names. They are the weapons of the Alliance. Low-level assassins don’t need a sense of honor. What they are best at is attacking the target group in the dark.

   Maybe the gangster is going to disappear, but before it evaporates, the two have to fish out Gordon.

  Barbara also knew at this time that their clue was broken. Except that Gordon is still safe at the moment, but it is likely that he only has three hours to survive. The three fell silent, thinking about the clues.

   The surveillance of the streets around a large area has been destroyed by various gangs, and there is no way to find it. Su Ming is like going back to the 80s. How did the police solve the case in that era?

   Just as they were sitting still, Vic hummed a little song and returned happily with Pete, looking very satisfied with the show he had just filmed.

   got into the car and sat down, shaking her raincoat and taking off, she saw Barbara’s frown.

   “Oh? Why is the little girl like this?” She asked Su Ming curiously.

   “Because we currently have no clues except for a female corpse. Did the TV station call you? Are there any enthusiastic viewers?”

   “Hehe, despite your high salary, no one dared to lie to you. Even the scammers are scared, so I haven’t received a hotline there.”

  Vike took out his cell phone and shook it. The TV station did call just now, but it only confirmed whether she was still alive and asked her to tell the death knell. The TV station would cooperate with his request and ask him not to kill them.

   “If no one calls, they will not actively send someone to help me find clues? It seems that the motivation is still not enough. We should go to the TV station to kill a few people to give them some motivation.”

   Cindy was a bit dissatisfied. The previous tasks were not so troublesome. The employer must at least give a picture of the target, telling the name and scope of activities, which is like now.

   “Okay! It’s best to kill a director of our news channel first, she hates it the most, and always wants to kill a good news person like me.”

   Victor immediately encouraged Cindy to drive, so he went back to the TV station and went to kill her. If he could kill her with the death knell, wouldn’t he be more comfortable in the future?

   I have to say that her thoughts have always been on the verge of madness, as if there is a sense of indifference to life, she is like a bystander of all events.

   Su Ming took off his helmet and looked at her with a faint smile. He knew what Victor should have found, and he was asking for compensation at this time, like a bounty hunter wiping his mouth.

   “Let us kill now, did you find something? Because that is the reward I promised to the clue provider.”

   Wei Ke smiled triumphantly and took out a pair of glasses from her pocket. The lenses were wet, as if they had just been fished out of the water, and she handed them to Barbara.

“You can’t say nothing, because the person who provided the clues is me.” She pointed to her nose, and when Barbara was sure that it was Gordon’s glasses, she continued: “Chief Gordon is here. When he was kidnapped, he threw down his glasses, but he took the opportunity to leave a clue on the glasses. I just found it in the water. Hidden underwater and covered it with corpses and stones. If it weren’t for my luck, I would have found it. No more.”

Su Ming took the glasses from Barbara. At first glance, there is nothing special. UU Reading is the kind of glasses that the average old man likes, the style is very old-fashioned, maybe Barbara is bad. The concept of dressing was learned from Gordon.

   But he knew it would not be that simple. Using the lights in the car and looking at it from another angle, he could see that there were some crooked scratches on the lens.

   “He engraved the words on the lens with gravel.” Cindy leaned over and said immediately, “This is a license plate number, which should be the one that kidnapped him.”

   “As expected of Gordon, he can do this when he is kidnapped, Barbara, leave it to you, do you know how to do it?”

  Su Ming returned the glasses to her. Of course she knew what to do. She immediately turned on the computer and started hacking into the server of the Ministry of Transportation, trying to find videos in other urban areas or vehicle registration information.

   However, the program gave her feedback that the server does not exist.

   “Damn, the server of the Ministry of Transportation is offline. It is possible that the storm has cut off the power there.”

  Barbara patted the armrest of her wheelchair. She was so angry that she just wanted to save her father. Why is God so uncooperative?

   Su Ming comforted her, indicating that it’s okay. Now that you know the license plate number, there must be a place for their information.

   “I know a place where all the information about Gotham is available, but it depends on you to get it.”

   “I…I can do it!” Barbara nodded seriously: “It doesn’t matter if I go to jail, I want to save him.”

  Su Ming just smiled. He looked at Cindy. Cindy already understood what he was talking about. She didn’t care, but she still pointed to the car behind her.

   “Then you’d better cover their eyes and remove the phone card. You can’t let them write down the route in such a place.”


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