The Death Knell

Chapter 18: Roman

   Yes, I can’t let them know that place, Barbara may be able to, but the reporter must not.

   “Well, if I have another clue, can I not blindfold me?” Victor tried to bargain.

   “No.” Su Ming tore the towel in three parts, covering all three of them: “If you dare to touch it, I will break your toe.”

   “But your strapping is very uncomfortable, and even if I want to touch it with my hands, why do I break my toe?” Victor sat on the chair and twisted constantly, as if uncomfortable.

   “Because I am willing.” Su Ming replied with a willful answer: “Where is your evidence?”

   “You won’t let me see, I won’t say anything, you kill me.” Victor turned his head, craned his neck, and delivered it to Su Ming.

“I didn’t say not to let you see it, it’s just going to be a place, and the person you want to kill will die tomorrow.” Su Ming said his thoughts and pushed her back to her place to sit down. Cindy drove crazy. , Now everything in the car seems to be shaking at high frequency.

   “Okay, remember what you said, hehe.” Wei Ke laughed, and she found that she was really lucky: “The boss in black you are looking for, I already know who it is.”


   Now even Cindy is interested, so many people have not found it, why did Victor find it? She didn’t think that female reporters would be smarter than herself.

   But Su Ming knows that Victor is such a wicked person. God seems to be taking care of her. Let alone find clues, it is not impossible for her to finally solve the world crisis with the lucky halo added.

This is the case in the comics. She is unbelievably lucky. If a gangster wants to molest her, there must be a certain superhero who happens to pass by; if you want to check any news, clues will take the initiative to run to her; the leader thinks If you want to criticize her, there will be a big boss on the board to support her immediately.

   Su Ming decided to take her with her at the beginning. In addition to using the TV station to do things, it was just because of the good luck. Sometimes doing things really requires luck.

   I just don’t know if luck is a super power?

   “You continue talking.” Su Ming motioned for her to speak.

“Ahem, I checked the wound on the corpse. This wound is very precise. It can even be said to perfectly avoid dirty organs such as the intestines, stomach, and gallbladder, and directly damage important organs such as the liver and spleen. This Not only does it require a very long weapon, not a dagger, but it also requires the murderer to hone this special execution technique for a long time, so I thought of ritual killing.”

   Vic cleared his throat and published his long talk.

   Cindy shook his head, lit his cigar, and puffed out a smoke ring, but was quickly blown away by the wind.

   “I don’t remember Gotham who has hobbies like the Ripper.”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet.” Victor showed a smile on the bottom half of her face outside the towel, and she slowly explained: “I never remember that Gotham had seen the Ripper, then From the special ritual to kill, I also think of-if this is not an original method, it is to follow the classical traditional torture, and finally I remember that I have seen this kind of record.”

   “A kind of ancient punishment?”

   Su Ming put his arms around his chest, closed his eyes and recalled carefully, but even with the death knell’s brain power, there was still no clue. There were some traditional tortures from the celestial dynasty, such as five horses dividing the corpse and dismantling eight pieces, all of which were his previous memories.

   Cindy obviously didn’t think of anything. From her expression, she could tell that her cigarette would not help.

“Hehe, I didn’t look at the corpse carefully because it was disgusting, but I estimated that the length of the murder weapon was about 60 cm, and the blade width was about 5 cm. This also verified my idea. This is a caesarean. I happened to be the other day, When reporting a ritual murder case, I accidentally saw information about this punishment.”

  Vike directly said the answer, but the name is indeed a bit strange. Seeing the other three people has no clue, a sense of pride spontaneously arises in my heart. Sure enough, the efforts to become an excellent news anchor were not in vain, and her unpopular knowledge finally came in handy. She continued to explain:

“This is an ancient Roman punishment. The victim was tied to a pillar and cut into the abdominal cavity from his side with a Roman dagger, avoiding all insignificant organs, causing people to die in blood and remorse. If mentioned in Gotham Romans, who do you think of?”

   “Roman Falcone?” Su Ming sighed: “If it is him, indeed he hates Gordon and Bat.”

   “Hate? Ouch, Gordon **** him, and Batgirl tied him to a bat lamp and baked him half-cooked. He should hate them to death.”

   Cindy interrupted with a smile, smiled and shook her head. She had heard about what happened ten years ago. Bats are really a bit perverted. You can’t kill but nod. Why do you tie people to a lamp and roast them?

But if all of this is done by Falcone, then the problem will be complicated, because Falcone is not a brainless gangster, but the underground emperor of Gotham more than ten years ago, a man It is definitely not a fool to do this in the feminist world.

  He will never do meaningless things. As a killer organization that has been passed down for hundreds of years, the Assassin Alliance must understand various ancient punishments, so the scars on the corpses are the signatures specially left by the Romans.

   is telling them, I killed your people, come find me.

   If it were a Roman a dozen years ago, he would definitely have the confidence to challenge the Assassin Alliance. At that time, Gotham was completely in his grasp. But now, what is he fighting against?

   “Could it be planted and framed? I remember Falcone should be locked up in Black Gate Prison.” Barbara wanted to check on the computer, but now she is also blindfolded.

“Why is Gordon’s daughter so innocent and cute?” Victor laughed at her, and tried to touch her little face, but Barbara avoided him: “The second month in prison in Falcone, it was because of ‘ After a sudden illness, he was released on parole for medical treatment. Legend has it that he went to Hong Kong and did well there. It seems that he is back now.”

“Yes, no one will plant a man who disappeared in ten years, let alone people have forgotten him a long time ago, only he will bring up the old things.” Cindy also agreed with this view, the Romans should be back. After all, the clues in everyone’s hands can only deduce such a conclusion.

   The rain outside the car has become heavier, and now she has driven the car off the ring road, bumping on a muddy road.

In the darkness outside the window, the shadows of trees kept passing by, the rain washed the leaves and the sound of’cracking’ came from the leaves, which became a piece in the ear. Su Ming also noticed that the broken trees flashed past his sight, indicating the current situation. The wind is also getting stronger, and the original heavy rain has now become a storm.

   He didn’t know that Wei En Mansion was actually such a remote place. It is estimated that even the water supply and electricity supply here need to be specially laid. It takes time to rush to UU reading, and it is not convenient at all.

   Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if Brith lived next to the police station? When the bat light is on, she can meet Gordon in less than two minutes…

  While looking at the plants and darkness outside the window, he was thinking wildly, trying his best not to think too much about the dark multiverse. It is a sharp sword hanging over his head. It is no good to always look up at it.

   Victor finished her clues and fell silent, but her ears were trembling slightly, as if trying to remember the route by hearing.

   But that is not something someone like her without special training can do. It is destined to be a waste of effort, and luck is not a panacea.

   His thoughts went back to the kidnapping of Gordon.

   If Falcone had deliberately recruited the Assassin Alliance, then he must be fully prepared. The assassins were human, but they were well trained. If they were ambushed by heavy firepower, they would not survive.

   Except for their leader, the immortal’head of the devil’ Lei Xiaogu.

   Now it seems that the Romans don’t know where they have pulled up another team, ready to go to war with the Shadow Dancer Alliance, but as far as Su Ming knows, there is almost no intersection between them, let alone hatred.

  As long as you give money, the Assassin Alliance is also happy to serve the gangsters, why did things turn out to be like this? And what does this have to do with Gordon?

   If he wants revenge, he should look for Gordon, the bat, and the penguin.

   Gordon asked him to negotiate, but when he got there, he found Batwoman there. The two ambushed him, and the bat humiliated him. Penguin took the opportunity to swallow his territory and became the biggest gang in Gotham at that time.

  Falcone should buy the services of the Assassin Alliance, not provoke them.

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