The Death Knell

Chapter 19: Batcave guest

   The car was swaying from left to right on the muddy road. The three people behind the car also kept hitting things. From time to time, the strong man Pete cried out.

   “Oh ♂!”

   “Ah ♂!”

   Su Ming has an impulse to tell him: “Stand well ♂!”

   But in the end he decided that he didn’t hear it.

   He is also slanderous in his heart, Briss is so rich, why didn’t he say to pay to repair the road outside the house? When it rains, the Batmobile will be very bumpy, right?

   Cindy seemed to be familiar with this place. Turning left and right, he dashed up a path. The path was covered by various trees, and he couldn’t even see what was ahead.

   Numerous branches and vines slapped against the windshield, and some tough ones would come in from the window and hit the armor of the two of them, leaving water in the car.

  Su Ming did not speak, but silently put on the helmet. Since Cindy said it was here, then there would be no mistake.

  I went all the way down the invisible mountain road, and soon came to a small river valley. At this time, due to the storm, the water level in the river valley was soaring, and a lot of yellow mud was mixed with it to flow downstream.

   If it is an ordinary person, in this case, I would not dare to move on. If the car breaks down, everyone will be washed into the sea by the flash flood to feed the fish.

   But Cindy had no qualms, just reduced two gears a little, waded through the rapids, and drove the car into a cave a few minutes later.

  In the cave, it is not what it looks like outside. Instead, it is a smooth road. The concrete road leads straight to the depths, and the top of the high cave is illuminated by a long light.

   walked along the road, and soon came to a steel gate, but it seemed that the door had been blown off the last time she came, and the twisted metal was turned over in black.

   She was not at all polite, parked the dirty van next to the shiny Batmobile, turned off the fire, and patted the compartment behind her.

   “I’m at the station, get off the bus, which traveler has reserved a day trip to the mysterious place?”

  Su Ming jumped out of the car and took off his helmet. Finally, he breathed some dry air here.

   After moving his hands and feet, he immediately got close to the Batmobile. He had been greedy in the movie for a long time, and this super toy was placed in front of him.

   took off his gloves, he touched the cold steel machine, the Batmobile was maintained by Alfred as if it were new. The bright paint is black all over, and every corner and detail is very beautiful.

   There is a huge turbojet engine behind the body and a tail wing like bat wings, plus wide anti-skid tires, and a slender body. It is mysterious in its hideousness, and in its stability and gorgeousness, it is much better than Cindy’s previous broken Jeep.

   is a little different from the movie, it seems to be due to the parallel world, but Briss’ Batmobile looks more like a weapon.

   “Don’t think about it, I wanted to drop in before, but unfortunately I couldn’t even open the hatch.”

   Cindy leaned in. If the Batmobile could remove the tail wing and spray some orange paint, she would also like it.

“It should be controlled by the computer here. Bats and butlers are very good at that.” Su Ming patted the glass of the car and put on his gloves: “If you really want to, you can drive away if you have a chance next time because of you. I met the best computer genius back.”

   Cindy looked at the few people who were shaking their heads and walking off the TV station truck. Pete seemed to be retching constantly, apparently because of serious motion sickness.

   “You mean Gordon’s daughter?”

   “Well, yes, although you are a little late in the world, her talent is undoubtedly one of the best hackers in the world” Su Ming said affirmatively.

   “Where is it on your side?”

   “Hey, you definitely don’t want to provoke her from another world. As long as you play her idea, dozens of people like bats will come to you every minute.”

   Su Ming laughed, the Raptor team was originally Barbara’s, not to mention, even national teams like the Justice League will come up.

“Well, it seems that she is very valuable. I will have a good relationship with her. Maybe she can help me in the future.” Cindy touched her chin and looked at Barbara who was lifted out of the car: “If we have a future.”

   “It should be too late. When you get to the Bat Cave, with Barbara, intelligence is not difficult.”

  The other three got out of the car at this time and looked at here curiously.

Although the light here is dim and there are only some faintly illuminated lights, when the light of the camera is turned on, you can clearly see that there are shiny metal platforms all around the stone wall, rows of various instruments and Computers are placed everywhere, the most eye-catching is the Batmobile in the center.

   “Oh… it’s awesome here, get on soon, I want to record a special report!”

   Victor immediately became excited, and instructed Pete to quickly turn on the camera, and then took out the mirror to touch up makeup.

Although this is not his place, Su Ming is still very generous. He spread his hands and said to a few people: “You can treat this as your own home. Feel free to welcome everyone to the Bat Cave! Oh, but Victor , The video is still the old rules, understand?”


   She just agreed, and she didn’t know if she heard it, but watching Pete nodded frantically with fear, it should be fine, after all, he was using the camera.

   “What should I do?”

  Barbara was a little at a loss. She didn’t know that the location Su Ming said was actually Batgirl’s secret base. Did they know each other? But can you find clues to the missing father?

   “Oh, come with me, there is a server here, as long as you can crack its security firewall, then you can read all the information of Gotham.”

   Cindy immediately took her to a row of computers. The huge display was like a wall, surrounded by many small screens. There are hundreds of buttons on the console, but not even a description, they all look exactly the same.

   This is also the reason why Cindy couldn’t start before.

  Barbara checked this huge host, and quickly found an external port to connect with her laptop, UU Read began to run the cracking program.

   “How is it? How is it?” Cindy asked her.

   “I don’t know yet. It seems to be going well at the moment. Batgirl’s external firewall is doing well, but her defense against physical connections is flawed.” Barbara quickly tapped the keyboard.

   She silently said sorry to Batgirl in her heart, but this would not make her feel guilty, it was for her father.

   Su Ming nodded, leaving room for her to work, instead of going to the host to join in the fun, but to visit the bat cave, the first time he came in person, it is natural to see the difference between the parallel world and the comics.

An empty cylindrical glass cabinet with a black mannequin. It is probably where the Batgirl put her battle dress. It seems that she wore it away. However, the chest of the mannequin is too big and the proportions are out of balance. Comment.

   A winding staircase leads to the upper part. If it is correct, it leads to the study room of Wayne Mansion. If you want to get down from above, you need to play the piano in the study room.

  On an operating table, the housekeeper often cuts on the bat or sutures the wound. Alfred is really versatile.

   A huge dinosaur model. This looks like a model toy, but in the comics it is actually a security measure for a bat cave. A mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex, although it will not kill, but the program will let it severely wound all intruders.


   Something seems to be wrong…

   “Cindy~!” Su Ming turned his head slightly and shouted behind him: “Did you solve the dinosaur here?”

   Cindy was watching Barbara, talking to her very softly, to improve the relationship, hearing Su Ming’s words, asked indifferently:

   “What dinosaur?”


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