The Death Knell

Chapter 2: Own reflection

   As he walked towards the stair door leading down, the door was kicked open with a “bang”, and a very imposing figure came up from the door.

   Su Ming’s first reaction was that the person who had originally made the death knell came.

   But a gust of wind blew away, twisting the dense rain a bit, the neon light of Wayne Building illuminates him and the people who come.

   He found that something was not quite right.

   was wearing exactly the same armor as him, and the weapons and equipment were exactly the same, except that he was slightly shorter than himself, about one meter seven.

   The atmosphere suddenly became serious.

As a subconscious reaction, he took off the stick behind his backhand with the memory of his body. With just a twist and a press, the short stick that had contracted automatically stretched out a large part, held it firmly in his hand, and put it out. A fighting start style.

   This is the beloved weapon of the death knell. Both ends of the long stick are equipped with powerful electric shocks and anesthesia bombs. In many cases, employers like to let the death knell catch them alive and take them back for the employer to play with.

   And the opposite action, exactly the same as him!

   If he hadn’t seen the person coming up from the door, Su Ming would have felt that he was looking in the mirror, too synchronized, whether it was the speed of splicing the sticks, or the posture.

   “Who are you?” X2

   Two people asked at the same time, and their voices were like husky demons whispering under the influence of the mask.

   “I am the death knell.” X2

   The two said the same thing again. As a result, the atmosphere between the two became even more rigid. They took their weapons and circled a hollow circle.

   The rain poured down, but it did not affect the line of sight inside the helmet.

   The two did not speak any more, just thinking about each other, keeping a distance and being quiet, and observing the opponent carefully before fighting. This is the habit of a master of fighting.

   Although I don’t know what the other person is thinking, Su Ming must be thinking more.

“What’s the matter? Another self? Did a lot of people come here at that time, and everyone became a death knell? Or is this the real death knell, I am just a fan? But my current physical fitness and The speed of thinking is undoubtedly non-human, and this body is the death knell.”

   “This is the Wayne Group. The opposite will not be Batman? But the bat has never been in the uniform of others. He is actually very proud of his identity. The bat is the symbol of Gotham.”

  Of course, there are not a few people in the DC world with such physical fitness and fighting skills. There are also a few who can fight better than the death knell, but they all have their own names and do not need to wear yellow and black armor to pretend to be the death knell.

   Benefited from the nine times the thinking speed of ordinary people in the legend, but within a few tenths of a second, the massive possibilities were thought of by Su Ming, and they were excluded one by one.

   Now the scene is deadlocked. If you want to retreat, it will cause unstable steps, and it will be easy to be hit by the opponent’s attack. Turning and leaving is even more impossible, showing your back will have no other end in Gotham.

   “Is it just a fight? You can leave after knocking down the opponent!”

   Needless to say, this idea came to both minds at the same time and was quickly adopted, causing them to take the same action at the same time.


   The metal rods collided in the air. The two of them had similar strength. Each stepped back. The water splashed under his feet and moved quickly. The front end of the stick pointed at each other, preventing chase.

“Huh…” Su Ming secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he also inherited the death knell fighting experience, as if he was instinctively instructed by an arm, and he could fully display his physical combat power. Skills and tricks, at least his life is guaranteed.

   The other side didn’t know what he was thinking, and he didn’t pursue it, as if he was thinking about tactics like him.

“If the opposite person is a sound person, just wearing a death knell-style helmet, it is very difficult to adapt to the lack of the right vision. My attack should focus on the right side of his body and attack from the blind corner of the vision because the nose is blocked. , The right foot is the best choice!”

   Su Ming immediately formulated tactics in his mind, and immediately turned the stick in his hand, played a stick, and drew the opponent’s right foot.



   The stick made the sound of the wind, and the cold metal cut through the rain curtain, breaking a drop of rain into pieces in mid-air. Two black shadows wrapped in neon color, drawn two vacuum planes, and hit each other.


   The two sticks collided in the air again. Obviously, both of them chose to attack the other’s right foot and guard against their own right foot, so this time the collision was a tie again.

Because the two of them used a lot of force, they both turned around and relieved their strength. Then they crouched on the ground, holding the stick in one hand and turning their backs behind them, like a scorpion’s cocked tail. It is convenient to use the anesthesia in the stick. gun.

   But when both of them splashed a piece of turbid water and saw the other side posing in the same posture, they knew that the plan to use anesthesia was frustrated.

“Well, when we first arrived in the DC world, we encountered such endless things. It is obvious that we are all death knells. Even our memories and habits are the same. Maybe we can talk? Both of them are transformers and masters of fighting. If you fight, you may have to fight for three days and three nights and you will not be able to tell the victory or defeat, and there will be a lot of noise…” Su Ming thought in his heart, so he decided to shelve the dispute and wanted to knock down the opponent. The escape plan is no longer feasible.

   “Wait!” X2.

When the two spoke at the same time, Su Ming secretly rolled his eyes. It seems that the other party also has some concerns and does not want to entangle, and the point is that no one pays commissions to deal with such a powerful enemy. Mercenaries cannot do business. , Hatred and emotions, there is no green dollar.

   “Put down the weapon, let’s talk!” X2

   “You put it down first!” X2

   “Let’s put it together!” X2


   Su Ming is helpless, everything they do is synchronized, terribly weird.

   He is obviously an ordinary person from another world, not a real death knell, what’s the matter of this mysterious tacit understanding? How much influence has I been affected by the death knell itself, has even the way of thinking become the same?

“No, I have never experienced life and death with others. When I was a young and Dangerous boy, it was better to say that I was lost in the fun of life. I have never dealt with these real dark things. So I rely on the death knell. The physical memory from the past has adopted his way of thinking and methods that I have learned from comics.”

   Su Ming was thinking about things in his head, and at the same time and on the other side dropped his weapons.


   Both long sticks were simply thrown into the rain, and they were covered with sewage on the roof. The two stood opposite each other, and the heavy rain flowed down the mask like a small waterfall.

   “Say it!” X2

   Seeing that the two people said the same thing at the same time, Su Ming tried to get rid of the influence of death knell thinking, raised his palm, and put his other hand on the palm.

   “Stop, stop, let’s stop having fun, this is the most creepy thing I have ever experienced, let me say it first, listen.”

   “It couldn’t be better.” The other side was obviously relieved, at least finally able to communicate.

“I’m a mercenary, codenamed Death Knell, Slade Wilson, but you can also call me Su.” Su Ming briefly said about his background, because he can’t figure out which parallel world it is, so other settings He also couldn’t understand.

   “Interesting, I probably guessed what happened, I am also a death knell, my name is Cindy Wilson.”

   The opposite seemed to understand something, and he touched his helmet a little uncomfortably.

   The death knell is different from other masked people. His black and yellow uniform is more of a warning color like the body color of a bee, not to hide his identity. Anyone knows that, Slade is the death knell, a myth in the mercenary world.

  If you think about it, how can there be business if it is mysterious? At least let the financial future customers find themselves.

   “What’s going on? Did the military use my blood to clone humans again?”

  Su Ming knows that the death knell has the past of the military, and the genetic modification also comes from the military, not to mention that there are so many clones in the DC world, and there are many forces with cloning technology.

   “No, I don’t think I have a cloned relationship with you. The person who performed biochemical transformation on me has long since died, and there is only one potion for strengthening.”

   Said that he was called Cindy’s death knell, fumbled for the lower right edge of his mask, lifted it back, and took off his mask.

   Su Ming was big for a while, and this death knell called Cindy was actually a woman.

   She has short blonde hair and a stern and beautiful face. She is a standard American beauty. The only pity is that her right eye is also a black blindfold, which seems to be blind.

   What makes Su Ming feel incomprehensible is that she is only in her twenties and is not an old lady.

   If it is a female version of herself, she should be in her fifties…

   thought this way in his heart, he also fumbled under the mask, and sure enough, there was a very inconspicuous sliding buckle, pressed and pushed to the side, the helmet also took off.

   Cindy was also surprised, obviously she couldn’t understand something.

Su Ming looked down. Although he couldn’t see the details in the puddle due to the interference of rain, he could still see that he was very young, with short blond hair, handsome and unruly face, with a touch of stubble. , A black leather blindfold was over his right eye. He touched it, and he could feel that there was no eyeball under the blindfold. He undoubtedly inherited the body of the death knell when he was young.

   Here comes the question. The death knell’s right eye is in the old story. He was shot blind by his wife with a gun. In the new 52 world, he was blinded by Batman’s son Damian. But anyway, the death knell in his twenties should still be a bachelor in the army.

  What is going on with this world line? How was he blind?

   “Man? Are you a man?” Cindy’s expression was cold, but his tone was incredulous.

   Su Ming is depressed. It’s not right that the death knell becomes a woman?

   “Are men weird?”

   “A strong man like you is very rare. Among those with superpowers, I only know the ‘Qi Xia’, but he is an Amazon politician bastard. Compared to him, I am a saint.”

   Cindy walked under the huge ‘W’ of the Wayne Group logo, took out a cigar from a small box on her belt, lit it in her mouth and smoked it. She felt that she needed to take some nicotine.

   Su Ming walked over, and the two of them couldn’t fight anymore. The original questions from each other now became a common confusion. At the same place where Cindy took out the cigar, Su Ming also had a small box on his body. He also took out one, and the two stood together in silence.

   When he heard Cindy mention Qi Xia, he basically knew which world it was.

   One of the many parallel worlds in the DC Universe, Earth 11, the world ruled by the Amazons, here, whether it is a super villain or a superhero, it is a female version.

Batman has become Batwoman, Superman has become Supergirl, Aquaman has become Sea Queen, Flash has become Flash Woman, Bone has become Steel Woman… The Joker has become Nong Chen, the Penguin man became the Penguin woman, the double-faced man became the double-faced woman, and the Shadow Warrior League also became the Shadow Dancer League.

The point is that the celebrities who were originally females are still women, Harley Quinn is still Harley Quinn, Plant Ivy or Plant Ivy, Black Canary or Black Canary, but with the original superheroes or super villains. Lovers or partners become best friends…

   This weird world, I don’t know how it was created, the DC editorial department is really mind-blowing.

   In short, in this world, men have always had a low status. Until modern times, gender equality has not been said, but generally women are engaged in careers and men are doing housework at home. No way, the highest leadership in the world is Amazon. They are all women. UU Reading www. uukanshu. com So government officials are also women, they have stronger power and rights, far better than men.

   The only weird thing is that the original Wonder Woman is a man in Earth 11, named Qixia, and the only well-known male superhero, but it sounds like Qixia here is a super villain, something not quite right.

  Unfortunately, he was raised by Amazon since he was a child. From Su Ming’s point of view, he is very strange. Can you imagine the outfit of Wonder Woman being worn by a muscular man…?

   For Su Ming, he couldn’t talk to a man dressed like that.

“Cindy by my side seems to be the real death knell of this world. I should have brought the body of that death knell from another parallel universe, and because of the relationship of crossing the wall of the world, he was affected by time fluctuations. Become young.”

   He immediately made an assumption in his mind, and at present, the possibility of such an assumption is very high.

   In that case, it’s a little troublesome. Even if you can find your own home, it’s Cindy’s home in this world. He has no money, no bank card or a place to hide money, unless he is going to the street to rob a gangster, otherwise he really has no money to eat.

   But it’s robbery… It seems too bad, the death knell will not do such a thing.

And even if he knows that those people’s money is not clean, even if he said that he was a young and Dangerous boy before, but he was only thirteen or fourteen years old at that time, it would be better to say that he was huddling people, cheering people, eating food, even other people’s. I haven’t snatched the smoke, so I stopped playing when I was fifteen or sixteen.

Not to mention that he has been retiring to the world for nearly ten years. He was an ordinary office worker half an hour ago. He is a harmonious and civilized young man. The original moral concepts of the world always restrain him, and there is an invisible obstacle in his heart. past.

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