The Death Knell

Chapter 21: Cracked

   “Papa Papa……”

   Victor clapped his hands beside her, her delicate face was almost as red as her hair, and her chest was undulating violently, her expression full of excitement.

   “Bravo, Mr. Deathstroke, you are the most powerful warrior I have ever seen.”

   Su Ming put the shotgun back on his back again, and dealing with this dinosaur was not too much effort, and with the help of the self-healing ability, the little impact he had received before, no longer felt pain.

   “Even if you call Encore next, I won’t be back for you. Hurry up and make your show. We will leave when we get information.”

   can’t entangle this woman, otherwise she will have a steady stream of questions and requests. Su Ming only wants to use her good luck to achieve her own goals, but doesn’t want to involve her too deeply.

   “Oh, okay, but can I take a piece of a dinosaur as a souvenir?” Victor lingered and said his thoughts.

  Su Ming turned around and walked towards Barbara and the others. At the level of an oracle, it should be almost cracked.

   “Whatever you want, but if you want to find the identity of Batwoman from a supplier of raw materials, you can save it. She is not that stupid.”


   Vic stomped her foot. She didn’t know why her thoughts were always seen through by the death knell, but she was a reporter, what was her face?

   Wearing high heels and tight skirts, she trot to the remains of the mechanical dinosaur, drew a huge eyeball, put her small hand into the gap in her head, and pulled out a piece of wire that was still connected to the hardware.

  Su Ming doesn’t bother to care about her. Victor is a woman with curiosity surpassing everything. It is already a pathological condition, but she knows where the bottom line of others is.

   She is also very smart, and she has probably found out that neither of them meant to kill them.

   He came to the back of Barbara’s wheelchair and watched the lines of characters jump out on the big screen. The fluorescent lights illuminate the faces of the three people, but he didn’t understand how it was going.

   “The dinosaur is done, where is your side?”

   “It’s coming soon…” Without looking back, Barbara operated the keyboard and console at the same time, typing something into it: “Open Sesame.”

A brand new picture appeared on the big screen. It was a shot overlooking Gotham from a height. Su Ming’s spatial computing power immediately made him react. This should be the dripping stone beast’s perspective on the top of the Wien Building. A camera was placed.

   In addition, Bat’s database is always linked to major departments, and he will also have synchronized copies of the data over there.

   “She is monitoring the whole city…”

  Barbara murmured, the various pictures in front of her shocked her. As she became familiar with the operation of the system, she found bat probes all over the city.

   She understands Batgirl’s motives, but does not understand the need for her to do so. According to the density of this private camera, nothing on the ground of Gotham City is a secret to her.

From the luxurious high-end restaurant boxes to the broken bridge hole where the homeless lives, there are her surveillance probes everywhere. She treats everyone as a potential criminal guarding them. There are even several probes facing her and Ge. Deng’s home.

   Su Ming patted her on the top of the head to make her look back: “Welcome to the inner world of the Dark Knight, yes, she is what you think.”

“It’s crazy, I don’t know… Is she really a good thing? She is violating everyone’s privacy, whether they are criminals or not.” Barbara frowned, she was a little unacceptable, she I always thought that Batgirl was just like her, with kindness towards the world.

   Actually think about it, because bats never show up during the day, and that is because there is only darkness in her heart.

   “For the bat, the citizens of Gotham have only two states of’already a criminal’ and’not a criminal for the time being’. She doesn’t trust anyone.”

   Cindy sneered at one side. She didn’t like the style of bats. Strictly speaking, she at least believed in the contract, because she felt that she was more suitable for this society.

   “Even if it is my father? He has been supporting her.” Barbara was a little unacceptable. She clutched the arm of her wheelchair tightly, her eyes in a daze.

“Even if it’s your father.” Su Ming sighed. The Batgirl in the dark multiverse is darker than Batman in the main world. He comforted: “For Batgirl, your father is just unlikely to be a criminal, so threatening. Low. Although she regards Gordon as a friend, the friend in her mind is different from ordinary people. Batgirl will always keep one hand just in case.”

  Barbara was in a daze. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but compared to Batgirl, Death Knell was a world-famous villain, synonymous with blood.

   “No, this is just your guess.”

   “Maybe, but I have heard of one thing, you might as well listen to it?”

   Cindy heard Su Ming talk about Barbara’s difference, and after seeing the power of the Internet, then she must not be allowed to fall to the bat, and immediately interjected.

  Barbara looked at her, her eyes full of inquiry. In fact, from many parts of this computer, she had already seen what kind of person Batgirl was, but she didn’t want to believe it.

Cindy picked up his helmet and sat on the console on one side: “Just after your last accident, Gordon and Batgirl caught the jester. Gordon raised the gun to the jester, but the muzzle was batted. blocked.”

“What does this mean? Batwoman has a leg with the jester?” Barbara was distraught, and she would tremble like a bunny when she mentioned the jester’s it was not a bat, It’s me or Sue, we won’t stop. “

   Cindy pressed Barbara’s wheelchair armrest, dragged her closer, and looked at her big blue eyes, the fear in her gradually turned into her face.

   “That’s because you don’t care about the law!” Barbara turned her head away from Cindy, and her slender fingers moved away from the keyboard and hugged her chest, as if feeling chill.

   “That’s because I knew Gordon would not shoot!”

   Cindy squeezed her face, turned her head, let her look at herself, let her face reality:

“Like the bat, I have learned the resume of Chief Gordon! We all have his complete psychological analysis! We all know what kind of person he is! So I believe that Gordon will also be a policeman without being blocked. What to do! But what about the bats? Do you think she is trusting Gordon by blocking the gun?”

  Barbara was speechless. Although she didn’t know what was going on at the time, when she woke up in the hospital, Gordon was very decadent, just telling herself that he was a policeman first, and then her father.

   He cried and apologized to her. Barbara didn’t understand at the time, but thought that Gordon was sorry for her legs.

   So after knowing the truth of the matter today, Barbara finally understands that it is his own choice to give up killing the jester, and has never been related to bats.

   Gordon’s decadence is not only because of himself, but because he understands that Batgirl never believes in anyone.

He has been a police officer in Gotham for more than 30 years, and has worked with Batgirl for more than 10 years. She still won’t believe him, even if he thinks he has kept her secret, but in fact it was only what she let him know. That’s it.

   Batgirl always has her own plan.

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