The Death Knell

Chapter 22: Indian Hills

   In the huge bat cave, there is only Victor’s yelling voice. She continues her performance in front of the camera, and has decided to use today’s date as a lucky number in the future.

   not only survived the death knell, but also saw many dark secrets that he hadn’t thought about before. The big news received today is the same as that of the past year. She is now in a very happy mood, and she is more determined to engage in the news industry.

   It is a pity that Barbara is not so happy.

   Originally, she thought Batgirl was the hero of the city, but it turned out to be like this.

   Batgirl has a dark heart, she doesn’t trust anyone, just listen to know what kind of life she is living.

   Seeing this machine and monitoring everyone in the city gave Barbara a sense of emptiness like an idol disillusionment.

   Su Ming looked at her as if she was completely distracted, and now a few people were still waiting for her result, reaching out and shaking in front of her.

   “I said, I want to change the time when I want to pay homage to my girl’s feelings. Shouldn’t I check the license plate number first? Gordon is still waiting for rescue.”

   “Uh, wait a minute.”

   Barbara recovered and began to input the license plate engraved on Gordon’s glasses.

   Yes, whatever the bat is, she is just one of the people wearing tights, and she still regards her as the hope of the city, so stupid…

   Not to mention whether Bat’s voyeurism is normal, but her tracing program is indeed well-deserved. Almost immediately, the registration information of the car appeared on the big screen.

   It doesn’t matter who the owner of the car is. The name is likely to be a pseudonym. What’s important is its trajectory today.

   If there is no today, then the past traces can also be used, such as where it has been parked, where to refuel, and where it often appears. With these, the system can draw a small enough area for them to search, and the two death knells can definitely find clues.

   No one can avoid so many hidden probes, and the places people pass by will inevitably leave traces.

  Barbara called up all the videos, inquired and cross-compared, the big screen in front of her was divided into countless small ones, and at the same time it began to play frantically. The program will screen all useful information based on digital recognition technology.

   The worst scenario that Su Ming expected was not discovered, because the whereabouts of the car today was quickly summarized by the system, and the final destination was marked on the map.

   “No, don’t be here.”

   Seeing the last constantly shining red dot on the map, Su Ming shook his head helplessly. Why is such a big Gotham and so many places to hide, why it is the place he least wants.

   “What? Is there something wrong here?”

  Barbara called up the data of this area. In the data display, the name here is Indian Hill, which is a junk car yard near the east river terminal of Gotham.

   Before Gotham City was built, it was a reserved area for Indians, so it got its name. However, with the continuous advancement of urbanization, the Indians finally succumbed to the power of capital.

   They sold the hill where the bones of their ancestors were buried, in exchange for a long string of numbers on the check, and then left Gotham. It is said that they went to Las Vegas to open a casino and became rich.

   But no one remembers who bought the place and what they originally planned to do. They only remember that it was a long time ago, after the invention of the automobile, that was where Gotham disposed of scrapped vehicles.

  Before the old cars are crushed into small metal cubes and sent to the steel plant for reuse, they will be like bricks, piled on top of each other, and piled into hills there.

The current Indian Mountain is more like the Wanderer Mountain. Countless homeless people like to build a nest in the old cars and spend the cold night. Maybe they can make a fire and roast them. They found it in the trash can. Leftovers.

   At least, there is a place that no gang can look down on. There is no oil or water at all. Even the land is as barren as the people there, and there is nothing to grow. Even thieves and robbers who act in the dark will not go there because they are destined to waste their efforts.

  What can you get from garbage girls and tramps? Fleas and bed bugs?

  Barbara didn’t know why Sue was resisting after seeing Indian Mountain. He and Cindy mentioned earlier that Arkham and Black Gate Prison were not changing their faces, talking and laughing, as if getting in and out of there was easy.

   But how do you look at it, a junk car yard can’t be compared with the other two places, right?

  Cindy also didn’t understand. Could it be that Su’s habit of cleanliness has developed to a morbid level, and he will feel itchy all over the body when he hears it? Probably not. If so, he should scream with a breath of Gotham air.

  Su Ming looked at the two of them, fiddled with the armor piece on his elbow, thinking about how to speak.

  He is not a native resident. He knows exactly where Indian Hill is under the cover of the junkyard.

  In the DC main world, there is the research center secretly established by the United States after World War II. The research project is, biological and chemical weapons…

   According to the urinary nature of the dark multiverse, things will only develop in a worse direction, so the Indian Mountain here should be that kind of place.

   Any biochemical project that can be thought of should be found there, but the owner has changed from the US government to the Amazon Congress.

   Transformed people, mutant people, genetic monsters, deadly viruses, doomsday weapons…

   He and Cindy should be fine, but the 8 million people in the city are at risk.

   If Gotham is destroyed, no matter who destroys it, Briss, who is 11 on the earth, will become a super villain.

Atlantis flooded Gotham, she would become “drown to death”; if Gotham was destroyed because of the biological and chemical weapons studied by Amazon, she might become “poisoned”. If Gotham failed for other reasons After that, she may become something like “scorched”, “destroyed” and so on.

   No matter what name she takes after she is blackened, as long as she falls into the darkness, Barbatos’ conspiracy will succeed, and his Dark Knights will add another member.

   At this time, Falcone had prepared a gift for the Assassin Alliance there, leading them to go.

   If Su Ming and the others went in before the ninjas, they would undoubtedly thunder, and if they went late, Gordon might be in danger, which made him a little hesitant.

   His brain is running wildly, calculating and guessing.

   The two women watched him staring at the big screen in a daze, and exchanged inexplicable glances with each other, but they also knew that Su Ming would not find it tricky for no reason, so they waited quietly for explanation.

   Su Ming finally sighed and told them what he could say, only that in his original world, there was the Underground Biochemical Research Institute, and some unfavorable things had come out of it.

   “What are you saying is not very good, what do you mean?” Cindy also got serious, and asked, all experiments related to the military are often weapons, such as Death Knell himself.

   “On your side, magic is also used in the military, so when technology and magic are combined, I don’t know what will be in it. Maybe it is a magical zombie? Maybe it is a black death virus improved by magic.”

   Hearing this, let alone Barbara, even Cindy was taken aback. It turned out that they thought the jesters were the craziest people in the world, but it turns out that politicians and generals were the craziest.

   There are 8 million people in Gotham City, and they have lived unconsciously on a huge poison tank for decades.

   “This…it’s a bit difficult.” Cindy also thought of Su Ming’s previous problem, she unconsciously barked her teeth, took a sip from the bottle.

“If you want to tell good news, there is one too.” Su Ming also took out his bottle, bit the cork, and found Barbara looking at him. He frowned: “You can’t drink, you haven’t adult.”

   Barbara stared at him with the expression that you were teasing me: “I am waiting for your good news, not drinking your wine.”

“I know, it’s just a joke…” As soon as Su Ming raised his neck, he poured the small bottle of wine into it. There was no special feeling, and his mind was still very clear: “The good news is that it should be there in the 1990s. It stopped functioning. If there is a containment breach in it, Falcone is the first to match, and as far as it is concerned, he is still alive.”

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