The Death Knell

Chapter 23: Strong like clouds

   “But that’s only for now. We still don’t know what Falcone has prepared for the Shadow Dancer League. It may be a biochemical bomb that was buried with Gotham.”

   Cindy stretched the bottle over to toast him and sighed. If he catches Gordon for Batman, he probably intends to destroy himself and everyone.

   Ten years ago, Gotham was his city. Ten years later, Gotham became lunatic. Falcone has every reason to be mad. The gangster city he built after decades of painstaking efforts is gone.

   He is old, and there are no decades that can be used to rebuild the dark order, so taking his city away before death is completely in line with the logic of a lunatic.

   As for why dragged into the Assassin Alliance? That’s because Lei Xiaogu felt that Gotham was the source of evil, and the Assassin Alliance had always wanted to destroy Gotham, but it was blocked by bats.

   Now that the bat is not there, Falcone and Lei Xiaogu have a chance, but there is only one Gotham, who will destroy it?

   Although the purpose is the same, the two people have completely different ideas. One is the emperor of the underworld and the other is the ninja master. They are not a group at all.

   The conflict between the two is also logical.

   Of course, there is no evidence to support this speculation so far, and Cindy didn’t say these words, they were just candidates in her mind.

   “We can’t go in before the ninjas, so the only way is to squat around there. As soon as the ninjas enter, we will follow so that we can react no matter what the situation.”

   Su Ming also smiled bitterly and toasted her, this was not the plan.

   “It is Talia who hopes to bring the shadow dancers, and she is the only one who is reasonable, otherwise, even if Falcone is settled, we will have to fight the shadow dancers.”

   Cindy took a few sips, the golden liquor ran down her snow-white neck, she wiped her mouth with satisfaction, threw the bottle away, and said her concerns.

  Su Ming actually had the same thinking. If those ninjas received an order to destroy all living people, they would even kill all the wanderers in the Indian Mountains, let alone Gordon.

   But who knows the future? You can only take one step at a time, even if Talia is really here, if you want her to change her mind, she must fight first before talking.

  You need to prove your glory and determination by fighting the leader. The Assassin League values ​​this, let her respect your will, and then it is possible to change the order for you, otherwise endless assassinations will be ushered in.

   If you need to face so many assassins, it’s best to have someone specialize in protecting computer experts.

   “It would be great if there were a few helpers, reliable ones, who of our mercenary friends are in Gotham?” Su Ming asked her.

   “Oh, no mercenary has any friends, it’s all business.”

   Cindy snorted, anyway, she doesn’t remember any acquaintances here who can work with peace of mind. She can stab others in the back for money, and others can naturally.

   Su Ming gave her a helpless look, this woman…

   “You talked about you and offended all your business partners. No wonder your business is getting narrower and narrower. Don’t you know that you don’t know how to put a long line to catch big fish?”

   “It depends on what kind of fish it is. Even if they catch it, they are octopuses. I don’t like them.” Cindy looked like a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. What else could he do with the past?

   “Oh…Forget it, on our side, Gotham has a rookie mercenary, codenamed ‘silence’, have you heard of it?”

  Su Ming gave up arguing with her. Everyone has their own ideas. Maybe Cindy prefers to do this business. He also likes a free life, so he doesn’t want to interfere with her.

   In turn, Su Ming thought of a newcomer who appeared in the comics, a black woman codenamed Silent, an assault expert, a master of thermal weapons, who was good at blasting.

   The key is that she, like the death knell, is very particular about the spirit of contract, as long as the money is in place, she will not give up the task.

Cindy recalled it and shook her head: “Either the person you mentioned does not exist, or she is too unfamiliar. I don’t know how you are doing on your side, but on this earth, talking about employment Soldier, people think of me first. Don’t you think? Barbara?”

  Barbara is sitting in her small wheelchair. The previous conversation between Su Ming and Cindy made her feel like clouds, mountains and mists. Why are you here? What this earth?

   Hearing Cindy talking to her suddenly, Barbara was in a daze, but her performance was taken as a default by Cindy, and Cindy proudly stood up to Su Ming.

   “Ms. Siwa.” Su Ming didn’t mind if she drove the ball into someone, but turned around to avoid and said the name.

Now Cindy is a little faint. Siva is recognized as the strongest assassin in the world. She didn’t call this originally. Siva is the name of a Hindu goddess. Because she is too strong, people use god-like power to describe her fighting skill.

  Su Ming has read the official TRPG rule book produced by DC. Batman and Bronze Tiger’s fighting ability is 14, the death knell is 15, and Siwa is 16.

The explanation of   16 points in the rule book is: a super power of the universe level.

   A mortal can cultivate his fighting skills to the level of the universe, and there is no one. Although it’s only a TRPG, it’s a game, but it can also reflect something from the side.

   “She is an assassin, we are a killer, it’s different…” Cindy made an excuse, but turned her head to the side with a guilty conscience.

   In fact, what she said is somewhat reasonable, because death knell assassinations are often done with fanfare, hacking with a sword or direct machine gun shooting, with the help of various modern weapons.

   Ms. Siwa prefers bare hands. She only uses one beat or one finger to kill, quietly.

“In the dark part of this world, there are people who are similar or even stronger than Siwa, such as Aikido master Sa’ar, Siwa’s teacher, Datomo, and Twelve Brothersin Silk’s father Huang Master, the old Japanese man code-named’Master’ (sennsei), maybe there is something I don’t know.”

   Su Ming also sighed, the water in the comics world is too deep, and his current strength does not give him much support.

   These people are just fighting masters, and super powers are not yet counted.

   He must find a way to become stronger, but fighting and guns are not enough.

   Cindy has the same feelings as him, because she has never heard of anyone except Master Dayou, and now she hopes that these people will not exist in their world.

   However, in fact, these people are all super villains, and it is inevitable to exist in the dark multiverse.

   “Okay, just to talk about it. These people are basically mixing in Asia. In the future, you can go there and be careful. We still have business.”

   Su Ming first got rid of this silence. He just made clear his future goals. Maybe he is not the opponent of those people now, but then it must be different.

   A strong opponent will only give him more motivation, but will not discourage him.

“That’s right, before the Shadow Dancer League arrives, we still have a little We should take in some energy to prepare for the next battle.” Cindy also agreed with him, which also allowed us. She had the idea of ​​becoming stronger.

   There used to be only one Ms. Siwa on the surface, and now there are a bunch of strong fighting men in the dark. How can she bear it if she is unwilling to admit defeat? She has decided that if she survives this time, she will find a quiet place to practice her fighting skills.

   Even though she uses firearms, she has food.

   I can’t find a helper now, so it’s better to eat first, it’s a long night.

   Cindy walked off the stairs, presumably to go to the Wayne Mansion to clean up, while Su Ming looked at Barbara in a daze and whispered to her:

   “Use this system to help me check the whereabouts of Brissway and her housekeeper Alfred.”

  Barbara immediately became alert. A killer inquired about the whereabouts of Gotham’s most famous and wealthy man. This is not a good thing.

   “What are you doing?”

   “It’s nothing, I just plan to develop new customers. As you heard just now, Cindy’s recent business is not very good.”

   “I definitely intend to do something bad, I won’t help you.” Then, the little girl turned her wheelchair and slid away leisurely.

   Su Ming smiled, it turned out to be Gordon’s daughter, even her stiff mouth was the same. Although she turned her wheelchair and ran away, the system was still on and her laptop was still plugged in.

   is like Gordon, I didn’t see it, it just didn’t exist.

   Now that she has so much understanding of dark things, Briss is too rich, and the death knell cannot be against a super rich without being paid.

  Su Ming looked at her back, maybe after seeing the darkness, she will gradually become accustomed to the power in the darkness and become completely mature.

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