The Death Knell

Chapter 24: misunderstanding

   Su Ming picked up the little girl’s laptop, quickly entered the name, and the query was fruitless. He tried the console again and changed to the appearance search, but there was still no answer.

   As expected, the monitoring of bats excluded himself, Su Ming had already expected it.

   He uses Batgirl’s system to search for her true identity, just to try his luck, it doesn’t hurt to try.

   Now only one possibility has been ruled out.

   He sat aside, beckoned Barbara to come back and waited for the meal, then he took out his cigar.

  Barbara looked at his expression and slowly returned to the table. She did not ask Su Ming about the result of her inquiry, nor did she say anything, as if things had never happened before.

   She changed the subject: “You said that Indian Mountain is really that scary?”

“If my impression is correct, indeed, as soon as I open the door of the underground research institute, there are deformed monsters everywhere.” Su Ming said of the scenes he had seen in his series “Gotham”: “But I have to correct it. One thing is that the death knell will never be afraid, nor will you give up your mission.”

   “Then what is your mission? I don’t think anyone can spend money to ask you to save me and my dad. Our family doesn’t have that much money.” Barbara asked again.

She has a clear picture of the financial situation of her family. After all, she had been in charge of the house before she was paralyzed. How much income each month, how much food and daily necessities were spent on, remembered everything in her notebook. Clearly Chu.

   Before the death knell broke out on TV that the basic price for killing a person is 2 million, not to mention that saving someone is more troublesome than killing, and this price cannot be paid for killing her.

  Su Ming glanced at her, her speed of change was almost visible to the naked eye, and in just a short while, she accepted everything before and could think normally.

   Originally she looked like a little girl from the country, but now she can face the death knell and remain calm. Sure enough, are people still qualified?

“Our mission can’t tell you. When everything is over, go and ask your father.” Su Ming shook soot on the table, and Batgirl’s beautiful metal tabletop was yellowed by a small piece on the shiny panel. , An extra yellow spot.

   But it is estimated that Afu is the hard work. Su Ming still has some respect for the old housekeeper, so he decided not to play on the table anymore, just play on the floor.

   He fooled the little girl casually, because some things were not acceptable to her now. If it were replaced by the oracle of the main world, maybe Su Ming would speak out and ask her to advise, but for now, let’s find Director Gordon and see what he knows.

  Barbara lowered her head as if she understood something after hearing Su Ming’s words. When she thought, she liked to touch the sleeves of the sweater, where she was already rubbing the wool ball.

   Vic also finished her work at this time. She panted and brought Pete to the table, lying on the table as if tired and paralyzed, feeling the coldness of the metal.

   Su Ming slid the remaining half bottle of wine to her from the table, and she drank it without any kind of politeness.

   “I have something to tell you, we found each other’s nest, the next step is to rescue Director Gordon.”

   “Huh? Isn’t this a good thing?” Victor pulled out the bottle from his mouth and made a ‘pop’. His pretty face was filled with puzzles. Is this kind of thing so serious?

   Is it going to go back and say that good news will not be shot?

   “However, the enemy’s nest is unexpected. Now it is 100% sure to be a trap. If you follow along, you will be in considerable danger and your lives are in danger.”

   Su Ming said while he noticed that Pete’s face gradually turned pale, he seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

   Victor rolled her eyes, this woman didn’t know what giving up was, she pointed to Barbara next to her: “Then, the little girl is going with you?”

“Without her, Chief Gordon would not believe us, so Barbara must walk with us, and we will protect her. But you are different. Cindy and I have only two people, and we can’t separate and protect you.” Su Ming Nod, admit it generously.

   Wei Ke almost didn’t even think about it, the golden red head kept ordering like a chicken eating rice. She doesn’t care about life, what she wants is news.

“We will follow you too. After all, how can a strong fighter like you not have a reporter to record your heroic appearance? By the way, Mr. Su, you have become a death knell as a male. Do you have any views on the rights movement?”

If it’s not that the frame of her right eye is empty and there is no false eye, otherwise Su Ming will definitely smash her and let her see what she looks like. This woman is really mentally ill, and the patriarchal movement shuts her up. what’s up?

“You’d better ask your partner, he seems to be peeing, and then your shoes will be the answer.” He pointed at Pete next to her with his chin. The brawny man now shrank away like mud: “If If you decide to go, I can tell you this is Resident Evil, and you’d better prepare chemical protective suits and gas masks.”

“Cool!” Victor immediately stood up, kicked Pete beside him, and asked him to look for chemical protective clothing in the bat cave: “I have been waiting for the outbreak of the Resident Evil for a long time. Here, praise Father Zeus!”

“All right, if you find one, find one for Barbara, Victor, help her to change it.” Su Ming is too lazy to care about her, anyway, she won’t die anyway, just let her go. .

   “You two don’t need it?” Victor immediately agreed, and at the same time enthusiastically asked him and Cindy if they needed it.

   “No, our helmets have anti-chemical functions, and their physical fitness is far beyond that of ordinary people. It will be too late to quit when we detect something wrong.”

   Hearing Su Ming’s words, she immediately took out a small notebook and wrote it down: The death knell is suspected of transforming people… Then she made an ‘OK’ gesture, turned her head and ran away.

   “Do you like red-haired women?” Barbara suddenly came out next to him, making Su Ming almost choked.

   “No, why do you ask?”

   “Because it feels like you are treating Miss Vali, very…indulgence.” Barbara looked at him with inquisitive eyes, something indescribable.

“I’m very laissez-faire to you, even though you are also red-haired, but this doesn’t explain any problems.” Su Ming patted her head to tell her not to think about it. It is better to charge the laptop at this time: “If it wasn’t for me In order for your father and daughter to see each other the first time, I can leave you here and provide us with intelligence support.”

“But didn’t you just say that you brought me to win the trust of my father?” Barbara frowned. She thought she was valuable. In her superficial knowledge, people in the dark always like to use Value to distinguish people.

“That’s me who lied to Vic, even if I didn’t take you with you, do you think Cindy and I had four knives put on the neck of Director Gordon. Does he have any other choice? Anyway, he will thank you afterwards. we.”

   Su Ming took a breath of smoke and watched the smoke hovering in the cave being blown by the breeze. It turned into a skeleton and a bat.

   In fact, this sentence is also a lie, because in the TV series, there are countless electronic devices and security doors in the underground research institute. Without the oracle of Barbara, I am afraid he and Cindy will slap their claws.

   Barbara’s face blushed. She misunderstood Su Ming’s meaning. The little girl’s imagination reminded her of another aspect.

“Does… the death knell means to like me like this… But, I am the daughter of a policeman, what should I do? However, he is actually quite reliable…but my leg…….”

   At her age, it is easy to think of that, especially the taboo identities like her and Su Ming, which make her feel that her heart beats faster.

Now he appeared at the time when Barbara was most helpless. Although at first he only brought her fear, but gradually, the feeling of that fear to cardiac arrest seemed to change, and the heart became more like a saying Jumping in an unclear rhythm.

   This is the suspension bridge effect in psychology. People in a dangerous environment will instinctively have a good impression of the opposite **** together.

   This is the human reproductive instinct inherited from the blood. In ancient times, humans would keep their blood circulating in a difficult situation. This instinct was carved into human DNA. U U Reading

   This may also be just a kind of compliance psychology. The more famous phenomenon of compliance psychology is Stockholm syndrome. In the subsequent case of digging and raising slaves, those women who have been kept for a long time helped to abuse them because of this psychology.

When a strong man completely dominates the life and freedom of the weak, the little blessing he occasionally provides will be infinitely magnified in the eyes of the weak. Over time, the weak will have a feeling of worshiping the strong, and be fatal to the strong. From.

   This also led psychologists to put forward a famous hypothesis, that is-humans can be domesticated, just like cats and dogs.

   In the world, Su Ming doesn’t mean this at all. He is full of ideas to survive now.

   Just when Barbara was thinking about it, Su Ming was thinking about her plan, and Cindy came back. She came down from the spiral staircase, holding a huge roast turkey in one hand and a pot in the other.

“I found this one off-the-shelf, but there seems to be no turkey festival recently, right? I really can’t figure it out. There are some potatoes, onions and other vegetables. I just throw them into the pot and cook. “

   The three people gathered around the metal table and started a unique dinner. Cindy was a little curious about what Vic and Pete were churning not far away, but she didn’t bother to care about it. Su Ming had to deal with it anyway. The previous tasks were not so easy.

   Now in her head, she is already thinking about what means should be used to keep Su Ming and her team after she has passed the global crisis.

   Su Ming was right. Without friends, the business is getting narrower and narrower. It is time to find a partner for his future life.

  Who is the most suitable? Naturally, it is the death knell from another world, Su Ming who cooperates with him tacitly.

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