The Death Knell

Chapter 25: Foresight

   I have to say that Cindy’s craftsmanship is really bad, it seems like she said it herself, except that she threw all the vegetables she could find into the pot.

   Su Ming swears that this is the most unpalatable stew he has ever eaten, and the method is still Western sweet soup.

   It’s the turkey left by Briss. It should be made by the old housekeeper. Although it smells like a refrigerator, it can still be eaten.

   The three of them had nothing to say while eating.

   Victor still did not find decent protective clothing, but found a few bat masks.

   Although I didn’t know what Brith was using for it, after the inspection, it was found that it did have anti-virus function, so they all put on one.

   There are no decent weapons in the bat cave, and Su Ming doesn’t like darts, so he adds a little smoke bomb, even if he is ready.

   Everyone returned to the car, leaving a mess on the ground, and did not clean up or cover it up.

  Su Ming wrapped their eyes again, and Cindy drove away from here.

   Coming to the outside of the cave, the wind seemed to be weaker, but the rain appeared to be heavier. The dense rain covered the car again, and the atmosphere became serious again.

   Su Ming also leaned against the co-pilot, resting his head on his arms and calculating silently.

   If it is said that Ercone and Lei Xiaogu can be dealt with, then the Laughing Bat and Barbatos, who are still hiding in the dark, are a bit bad. Su Ming knew their plan, but it was just them in the comics. In the real world, everything can change.

   For example, the arrival of oneself has a destructive effect on the original story, and the butterfly effect caused is even harder to estimate.

   His previous comic memory can’t provide much help anymore. At most, he can understand the opponent’s strength level and hole cards when dealing with the enemy.

   If the Laughing Bat is fighting head-on, he and Cindy will definitely win, but Barbatos is completely different.

   He is known as the dragon of the dark universe and the **** of bats. It is conceivable that he is a monster of the multiverse level. Such a powerful one can never be handled by one or two people.

   In the comics, to defeat Barbatos, you need some special…metal.

  Metal is the doorway between the two multiverses connecting light and darkness, and Barbatos plans to use metal to travel to the main world.

   There, several metals are being poured into Batman’s body as planned.

   So he influenced some people over there through his dreams, making them his followers and acting according to his plan.

   First of all, the amber gold of the Owl Court. It looks like clear spring water. When Batman was fighting with them, he accidentally drank it.

   Then there is the Bacchus factor, which exists in the blood of the Joker and enters his body when Batman and the Joker hurt each other.

  N metal, when Batman went to help the eagle man and the eagle woman, he was exposed to the glow of N metal, and the metal energy permeated his body.

   is followed by promethium, the metal that makes up death knell armor. Batman also uses it to make his own ‘final machine’-a high-tech automatic operating table that can quickly treat injuries. He has used it several times.

   is the last metal, bat gold, located in the ancient tomb of the bat tribe in Egypt.

   When these metals are gathered together, the Batman in the main world will become a gateway to the dark multiverse. He will exchange space with another Bruce, and the other Bruce will be the Laughing Bat with minus 22 on Earth.

   The Laughing Bat will summon Barbatos on Earth 0, and prepare various dark rituals there. When Barbatos arrives there, he will launch and continue to accumulate power to pull all the world into darkness to achieve his goal.

  N metals are things that convert dark energy into reality. They can harm Barbatos and its dark creations.

   But if you want to completely defeat Barbatos, you need the tenth metal in the universe, X metal. That thing exists in the world melting pot. As for the world melting pot, Su Ming only knows that it is located somewhere in the dark multiverse.

Where is    specifically? I don’t know. How to get there? I don’t know.

  In other words, even if you save the earth’s minus 11, you just prolong your life. Once the bright multiverse falls into the dark, the entire DC world will lose balance and everyone will die together.

  Yes, Barbatos’s purpose was not originally like this. He just wanted to drag all the universe into the darkness and become its territory. There is no light at all. He is the only overlord.

   But the problem is that his knowledge is still limited, and he has not thought about the balance of the universe.

   52 bright universes, 52 dark universes, located in the plane of an invisible world, one facing the sun, the other is shaded.

   They are like eggs on both ends of a scale, everyone can coexist.

   If you take a few from the other side, the balance will become unbalanced, causing serious consequences, such as the flash point paradox and infinite crisis.

   If you take them all as he planned, the balance will overturn and everyone will finish playing.

   If Su Ming wants to continue to live, then he must go to the Bright Multiverse to eradicate the evil.

  Because the plot has changed, my arrival has affected the fate of Earth minus 11. Everything is different from the comics. If the Justice League still does things like the then the result is unpredictable.

   He didn’t want to put his destiny in the hands of others.

   But Deathstroke is a mercenary, not a magician, how can he cross the barriers of the plane?

   Now he hasn’t thought of a way, so he can only take one step at a time.

…………………………………………. ………..

   Cindy didn’t know what he was thinking, but felt that Su Ming seemed to have become a lot silent.

   At this time, the accumulation of water on the road is already very deep, and the car driving on the road is like a boat, and the water waves pushing away can ripple on both sides.

   Apart from the five of them, there was only the body of a shadow dancer in the car. It was wrapped in several black trash bags and left in the corner. It might be used as a bargaining chip for dealing with the Shadow Dancer League.

   Everyone was silent, there was a pre-war atmosphere, but no one had a different expression.

  Barbara was in a daze, thinking about some things she didn’t have, her cheeks flushed for a while, and she looked at Su Ming’s back from time to time.

   Victor is excited. She is touching up her makeup, adjusting the position of the gas mask in front of the mirror to see how she looks good. She feels that she is going to witness history tonight.

   Pete, well, he has no idea, because he seems to be in shock.

  The weather makes them the only vehicles on the road. On the dark highway, only their car lights are the only light.

   The storm must have damaged the power supply facilities in Gotham City. Now most of the city is dark, except for a few downtown areas.

   However, the bat light on the police station seems to be always on.

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