The Death Knell

Chapter 26: Meet old friends

“Fortunately, we didn’t take the tram.” Cindy said to Su Ming next to her. She stroked her blond hair sticking to her forehead from the rain, and put her eyes on the dashboard: “At this speed, we probably still In half an hour, you will reach your destination.”

   Su Ming watched the rain outside the window. On the viaduct not far away, there was a tram that stopped in mid-air due to the city’s power supply problem. He didn’t know if there were anyone there, or if someone was waiting for them to return home.

   If things go according to the worst-case scenario, these people will not be able to return home.

  Su Ming thought about this problem before. Everyone else has a home, and he only has a rental house. He seems to be alone forever.

   “If there is a chance, after the things here are over, I will leave and find a way to go to Earth 0, what are your plans?”

   He turned his head and asked Cindy a very jumping question, and at the same time, he was careful not to let the troublesome reporter hear it, and he stopped looking at the blackout tram.

   Cindy thought for a while, or shook his head: “This is my world. Earth 0 you said is your home?”

   “No, it’s not there, my home is farther away…it’s just a place I am more familiar with.” Su Ming fumbled, and there were not many cigars in his cigarette case.

“where is your home?”

  Cindy did the same. Then she stopped the car because she saw a small supermarket on the side of the road.

   The two got out of the car. She knocked off the door lock with a long stick very skillfully. The two went in and searched while continuing the previous topic.

   “Hehe, I don’t know, maybe there is a number, maybe not.”

   She stuffed a few bottles of colorful alcoholic beverages into her backpack, and then turned her eyes to the puffed food. While checking the packaging bags, she pretended to say casually:

   “It’s better to stay here, we can be partners for a long time.”

“Your world is numbered negative 11 in the blood domain, representing the 11th world of the dark multiverse. Barbatos cannot be defeated here. He is the **** of the dark multiverse. If you want to stop this completely In crisis, I not only want to hide them here, but also have to go to Earth 0. This is the only way I can save myself.”

   Su Ming still said the problem. These emotions and thoughts have been lingering in his mind for too long. He needs others to share a little bit and does not need any substantive help, as long as he can listen to what he knows.

   Cindy’s hand stopped in the air, and then she casually hugged the puffed food with the tomato painted on it.

   “Really? It seems that there are many things you need to explain to me…”

…………………………………………. …….

   Director Gordon regained consciousness from the darkness. He touched the back of his head and recalled the previous events.

   He was pulled into the car by a group of people, but before that, while kneeling in the mud, he carved the license plate of a black van on his glasses.

   He stuck it in the crack of the curb stone on the side of the road. If anyone could find it, he might be able to find his position.

   But this hope is very slim. After all, the bat has left the city. Who else can do this?

   Although he is very optimistic about some young people in the police station, he is only optimistic. He knows that even if the police find the glasses, they may not be able to track down here.

   After all, he doesn’t know where he is now. People in black knocked him out after getting in the car.

   The environment he is in now is a darkened room, but it is not the prison cell he imagined. On the contrary, the bed under him is very soft, and he can feel the silky smooth touch by just touching it with his hands.

   This does not make him feel relaxed. As an old policeman, he can feel that the surrounding environment is very humid, with a gloomy feeling. It should be underground.

   glanced at his watch, he was only in a coma for a little over an hour, not enough time for those vans to leave Gotham, so he is still in the city now.

   He slowly got up, everything on his body was intact, except that the gun was missing, even the handcuffs were still on his waist.

   seems to be really invited as a guest, although the invitation method is a bit tougher.

   He fumbled in the dark, and turned on the bedside lamp. The soft light illuminates this small room.

   On the bedside table, there is a glass of water, a bottle of painkillers, aspirin, and a handy sign and doctor’s order on the medicine bottle. His name is also written on the patient’s column.

   They brought this from his house! They invaded his home!

   “By the way, Barbara!” Gordon remembered what the black woman had said to him, they had another team to the police station!

   He stood up, did not go to get the medicine, but immediately walked towards the door of the room.

   Hold down the handle, just twist it, and the door opens.

   Of course, not surprisingly, there are still a few women in black guarding outside the door.

   “Where is my daughter? Let me see her!”

   Gordon, as if mad, caught a woman by the door, but was soon pulled away by more hands.

   “Chief Gordon, our boss is waiting for you.”

   At this time, the woman who had punched him before came out from the corner of the corridor. She took almost the same steps in every step, walked slowly in front of Gordon, and said to him with a smile.

   Gordon found out that he was in a cold corridor now, with pale lights above his head, and the surrounding walls were tiles, just like he was in a hospital.

   “Where is my daughter?”

   The woman rubbed her temples like a headache, and sighed: “When you see our boss, you will know.”

   Gordon broke free from the person who was holding him, tidyed up his windbreaker, slapping the non-existent dust on it, as if his clothes were soiled by these people: “What are you waiting for? Lead the way.”

   The woman didn’t care, turned her head and walked towards the way she came.

   Gordon looked around carefully, but didn’t get any information, except to make him more convinced that he was somewhere underground, there was nothing to see here.

   The corridor is very long, and the whiteness makes people seem invisible to the end. There are small rooms on both sides, but the door is closed and I don’t know what is inside.

   After turning several times along the corridor, after Gordon felt lost, they finally came to a bigger door.

   This door is made of solid wood, decorated with beautiful gold edges and enamel, and carved with reliefs of the three goddesses of destiny. The expression is lifelike and vivid.

   The woman knocked on the door, then stepped back and raised her eyebrows at Gordon, making a please gesture.

   Gordon walked in without fear.

   In this room, he felt like he was in the study room of Wei En’s mansion. UU Reading was filled with various books on the tall bookshelves, and a fireplace was burning not far away.

   There are family portraits on the walls, soft wool carpets on the ground, exquisite handmade sofas in front of the fireplace, and the sculptures in the rooms are also masterpieces. Even the teapot on the coffee table has the best aroma of black tea.

   Everything made him doubt his previous judgment. It was clearly a mansion of a big family, not an underground maze.

  Until he saw a huge desk not far from the fireplace, behind which sat an unexpected person.

Even if he is alone, the man still sits straight, and his hair is brushed back meticulously. He is wearing an elegant handmade suit with a rose in his chest pocket, and he is gently stroking the white cat in his arms. , Looked at Gordon with a smile.

   He is old, much older than the last time Gordon saw him. His black hair is now all white at his temples, and his face and the back of his hands are covered with wrinkles.

   But the only constant is his eyes, which are still so calm and full of majesty, just like they were ten years ago.

   “Gordon, my old friend, welcome to my family.”


   Gordon could only look at the figure and say the name in surprise for a while, and the entanglement between this name and him was too deep, and he could not speak for a while.

For the first ten years of his working career, Falcone was the mountain above him. Everything in Gotham was related to him, bars, restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, even hot dog stalls on the sidewalk, on the first floor. The boss who traced back up was also him.

   He runs the dark order of Gotham, and everyone lives under the exploitation of the gangster family.

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