The Death Knell

Chapter 27: Falcone's tolerance

  Falcone’s rule, in today’s view, is a dictatorship full of black violence.

   No matter what business you run in Gotham, then you must pay protection fees to the gangs headed by Falcone, otherwise, you will not survive a day in this city.

   Of course, the reason why it is called order is that the protection fee can be renamed to management fees. After all, Gotham is already a gangster city.

   But this also brings about a problem, that is, in this city, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. After all, the more people at the bottom of society, the more they will be exploited.

   is like in the sea, big fish eat small fish, small fish eat dried shrimp, dried shrimp eat sludge.

In Gotham at that time, more than 90% of people didn’t even count as sludge. They had to work hard to survive in the most ordinary jobs. After paying the protection fee every month, the remaining money could barely be maintained. Live, continue to make money for the gang next month.

   Everyone is in a hurry and numb, living the same life every day, doing everything they ask you to do under the supervision of the gang, no matter what.

   People will be beaten or even more terrible punishment if they fail to follow suit. For example, the house is set on fire, the road is shot with submachine guns, the whole family is tied to concrete bricks and sunk into the sea. Everyone is shrouded in this black terror.

  You can’t even have anything to be seen by the gangsters, they will take everything.

   Your husband is handsome, take it away.

   Your bike is of good quality, take it away.

   Your sofa fabric is very soft, take it away.

Although these things were not done by the Falcone family, and most of these things were done by uninfluenced punks, their small gangs adhered to the big gangs, and the big gangs adhered to the bigger ones, until they became the top ten. family.

  In other places, if you ask children what they want to do when they grow up, the answers must be various, including those who want to be scientists, priests, or firefighters.

   But in Gotham at that time, there was only one answer-I wanted to be the boss.

  Because the only way for children to get ahead is to join a gang, follow a good boss, become the kind of person they hate most when they are young, and climb up step by step through various dark behaviors.

   In the Gotham government at that time, more than half of the officials accepted political donations from gangster families, and the remaining half also lived under threats and intimidation from gangsters. It can be said that it was a hopeless city.

   At that time, James Gordon, a retired soldier, returned to the city and became a detective. The first case he took over was Briswick’s parents who were shot dead in an alley.

   He comforted the young Briss, and promised her that he would find out everything and get justice for her parents.

   But all the clues point to the gang. In the process of solving the case, he encountered many, many things, allowing him to see the terrible torrent in the dark.

   Strictly speaking, Gordon, who was a murder detective at that time, had a good life.

  As a policeman, he doesn’t need to pay protection fees, and gangsters will not take the initiative to trouble them.

   After all, in the eyes of the ten families, Gotham is their own city, and the police in the city are also maintaining law and order for their own families. How can there be any reason for their own family to pay protection fees?

  Even though Gordon was born in Gotham, he has seen the outside world, the colorful outside world, unlike Gotham’s eternal grayness, he cannot accept that his city looks like this.

   He is going to bring all the gangs to justice, so that Gotham can see the light again.

  Although half of the rice bowls he carries are surnamed Falcone, they are always full of good dishes.

   But he did this not for himself, but for more poor people.

   So he suffered a lot, was demoted, threatened, framed, and assassinated.

As his investigation deepened, the gang’s methods became more intense, and he nearly died countless times. Until the appearance of Batgirl more than ten years ago, the two worked hard together for three years, and he finally won.. …..

   The ten families fell apart, leaving only one Kobot family, which is today’s Penguin Girl. The territory she occupies is less than one percent of the previous size.

   He personally sent Falcone, the former Gotham Emperor, to the Black Gate Prison.

  Although he came out soon, he went to Hong Kong and Gordon never saw him again.

   Since then, Gordon has spent more energy to deal with the endless variety of masked people. Probably only one person will think of the thrills of his youth when he rests and drinks at night.

   Now, the person in the memory appears.

   “Gordon, good boy back then, you are old now.”

   Falcone said with emotion, there was no hatred in Gordon’s eyes, just like an ordinary old man was looking at his nephew.

   He is still so magnanimous, in a neat suit, and gentle. Everything in this room seemed to go back in time, back to the glory days of the’Romans’, when Gordon first met him.

   At the beginning of solving the case, he visited Falcone to look for clues, and Falcone also received him very generously. The underground emperor of the city and a small policeman talked across this desk.

   is like today.

   Gordon will not be confused by him. Maybe he would be thirty years ago, but he is by no means today. He still remembers how his men ‘invited’ himself before.

   The Romans are back, fully armed!

   “You are older than me, Falcone.”

   Gordon did not flinch even when he was in a desperate situation, and he immediately retorted.

  Falcone just smiled, still touching his cat in his hand unhurriedly, the cat being drowsy by the fireplace, and yawning in his arms in comfort.

   “Yes, we are all old, this world is destined to belong to young people, so I plan to come back to this place to have a look before I die.”

   “Gotham is nothing good, you should go back to Hong Kong.” Gordon sat opposite him and looked at him calmly.

Falcone’s hand paused, he lowered his head and smelled the rose on his chest, UU reading looked up at Gordon in confusion: “Yeah, there is nothing good to see… .I gave you a splendid city, but you actually made it like this?”

   “At least people are free.” Gordon closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa.

“What is freedom? They don’t even dare to go out at night.” Falcone shook his head and laughed, as if he had heard some joke. Seeing Gordon closing his eyes, he said again: “You used to talk to Batgirl lied to me, I don’t blame you, because I know what you want is a better city.”

   “I don’t blame her either, because someone in the family killed Briss’ parents behind my back. Even though it was a court infiltration, that was what I deserved.”

   “…” Gordon did not speak.

“Remember? I asked what you want? You told me that what you want is a city where people can live and work in peace and work and children can grow up healthy. So I let it go, I gave it to you, let you To achieve what I can’t do, I asked you to put me in jail, I made you the hope of Gotham, and then I went away, but this is the answer you gave me?”

Falcone calmly put the cat on the carpet, watching it curl up on the spot, and fall asleep. He picked up the wine bottle from his desk and poured it into two glasses, golden wine. Glowing in the firelight.

   “Gotham… it just takes time, it will get better…” Gordon said something he could hardly believe.

“That’s why I am optimistic about you, Gordon, you always have hope and will not give up.” Falcone smiled and stood up, shaking a glass of wine into Gordon’s hand, gently Clink glasses with him: “Compared with the little **** of the Copper family, you are my ideal successor.”

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