The Death Knell

Chapter 28: Honor of the underworld

   Now in Gotham, he is probably the only one who can call the Penguin Girl the Little Cripple.

   has no contempt, and no emotion, as if the word came out of his mouth, just talking about the younger generation of his relatives who are not good at home. At this time, it is two old friends who are chatting about family affairs, and they are not shy at all.

   Gordon frowned. He didn’t understand what Falcone meant, and kidnapped himself with dozens of guns. Is he just to reminisce about the past?

  Falcone took a sip of wine, sat back in his seat, and let out a soft sigh.

   “After I came back, I observed her site and I have to say that she is far worse than her mother. I am an uncle and my face is blank.”

   “Penguin girl…”

“Yes, everyone now remembers her name is Penguin Girl, she also uses this as her nickname… but she forgot, she should be Miss Copper, not because of her lameness “Falcone also leaned on the sofa, turning the ring in his hand gently.

   “She is different from you.” Gordon also picked up the cup and took a sip. Facing Falcone, he needed some way to calm himself down and think seriously.

“Yes, so I let her keep the Coporter house. She was cunning, but useful. I thought she would be very promising at the time.” Falcone recalled with a smile, looking up at the dark ceiling , It’s like looking up at the sky: “But she has lost too much territory over the years, and even allowed the new-style underworld family to rise. This is the biggest mistake. You see, she actually let the Japanese Yakuza into the brother Tan.”

   “Yakuza and the others entered Gotham under the guise of operating investment under the guise of a legal company, but one day I will bring them to justice.”

   Gordon, of course, knows these Japanese people, and now most of the Gotham mobsters are them. They operate a series of activities such as underground gambling and drug transportation. He just needs some evidence and has been working hard.

  Falcone nodded, and stretched out a hand to shake Gordon slightly.

“Yes, I understand, but this is not your task. You are in the light. This is the task of Miss Copper.” Falcone smiled and said to Gordon that his three views were ruined. The words: “When I left, I met with her. I kept her family and territory in order to let her assist you, and she agreed to me.”

   “What…” Gordon was shocked, what’s going on?

“You are a policeman, you can arrest any criminal, but when a person like Yakuza enters Gotham in a legal skin, are you unable to do what you want?” Falcone said calmly, as if everything was going on. In his foresight: “So I left Kobot. When there is a gangster that you can’t solve, then she will use the way to solve it, but she…”

  Falcone shook his head and looked at Gordon with a smile, his ring colliding on the glass.

“Now her business is in a mess, she seems to be scared to lose her courage… I can still accept the rise of the black mask and silence. After all, the Cyannis family and the Elliott family are brothers. Tan’s veteran qualifications, even though these younger generations are a bit crazy.” The Romans said dissatisfiedly, and the reprimanding words quickly spurted from his mouth. Although the sound was not loud, the powerful power came against him: “But the red hood, double-sided There are no less than dozens of gangs, such as women, mud face gangs, etc. What are they? No honor, no rules!”

   Even if the lion is old, it is still a lion, and this kind of majesty of the underworld emperor, Gordon has only seen him.

   And now Falcone is not even angry, he just said a few complaints.

   Yes, these new gangsters are more of a gang of madmen who are doing gangster business. Almost all of them are abnormal.

   What they care about is not business, but… fun.

   Gordon is still trying to digest this amazing news, he feels that everything he has is in the hands of the old man in front of him, and he is also thinking about his purpose.

Falcone looked at him and said, “You said you did too. Copper is just taking some goods on her site, and it’s just an arms business. Why do you keep sweeping her place? Did she give you trouble? Or is she not polite to you? Has threatened the safety of Gotham?”

   The arms business is legal under Amazon’s rule. In their view, weapons are just foreign objects, and the warriors who participate in the battle are the most important. So as long as you report the origin and whereabouts of weapons to the Parliament, anyone can engage in this business.

  A coward, who can’t beat a warrior with a stick with a gun, so Amazon thinks that selling arms is equivalent to selling wood…

  The Amazon Parliament rules the world. They have millions of the strongest fighters on the ground, many of whom have supernatural powers. What else to worry about?

   It’s just that the Penguin girl does this business, she has a huge number of weapons, and she never reports.

   said it was illegal, but it was almost that way, because as long as she made up an application and paid some taxes, it was legal. After all, she lacked such procedures.

   She might as well say that she is Gotham’s ‘Grey Dao’ boss, and what she does is ambiguous.

  Unfortunately, as the only descendant of the top ten families, the Penguin Girl is the top ten families that have blood feuds with Briss, and the Batgirl is staring at her every day. Don’t say that Penguin is smuggling arms, even if she sells a boat of fish without filing taxes, the bat will give the clue to Gordon.

   Gordon is a good and upright person, and he has a steady stream of evidence that Bristle sends. Of course, the place he scans most often is Penguin’s place.

   To be honest, although the Penguin girl is short and walks funny, she is very shrewd and has no bottom line.

   A flattery, beard and slapped horses are her good tricks, she walks the old-fashioned gangster road, using the new-style gangster methods.

   She doesn’t need honor, but she remembers the rules.

Penguin seldom takes the initiative to make trouble for Gordon. She runs her restaurant most of the time. Sometimes she meets Gordon by car on the road. She also enthusiastically invites Gordon to dinner and introduces him loudly at the intersection of cars. Introduce how authentic the lobster and salmon production area is and how fresh the taste is.

   Gordon always shakes the car glass to isolate her chattering publicity, and then drove away. But Penguins never mind, and will recommend new dishes the next time they meet.

   She has a close relationship with many high-ranking officials in the city government. Bingshan Restaurant is also the most popular in the city. Every night, the high-ranking officials and dignitaries in the city gather there, and she is in it.

   Just like their top ten families used to be, Gordon doesn’t like that atmosphere.

   “Because she broke the law.” Gordon said to Falcone.

“I know that you are such a person, and there is no room for sand in your eyes, haha.” Falcone laughed again, took a white handkerchief and wiped the corners of his mouth: “But I also know that it is Vayne The little girl in the family is frightening you, she will always hate us.”

   “Because you killed her parents.”

“It’s not just us… The Wien family is also the founder of this city. We share the prosperity and wealth of this city. She should have become an excellent entrepreneur or a gangster, not Today…not today.” Falcone was guilty, and Briss’ parents were actually his friends, and they often went to the theater together.

   “Be the hero of today?” Gordon raised his eyebrows.

“Become the lunatic today…” Falcone raised his head, looking at him with his old eyes, as if examining his heart: “Tell me, Gordon, do you think Briss is normal? Wearing the costume of that little animal, she flew around the city, releasing her inner fear… spread the fear to her enemies, and doubled the feedback to herself. Is this normal?”

   Gordon squirmed his lips, as if thirst made him aphasia. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything.

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