The Death Knell

Chapter 29: Rome will always be Rome

   Gordon was speechless, he didn’t even know whether he should speak or not.

  Even anyone who knows the inside story can tell that she is actually not normal at all. The identities of Batwoman and Briss seem to be completely separated, like two completely different people.

  Even every time a jester is caught, she always smiles and shouts to the Batgirl:

   “Dear Bat, you and me are the same!”

   “I know you! We are the same kind of people!”

   “You made me! Hahaha!”

   Every time at this time, Batgirl would just quietly watch the badly wounded jester be carried to the **** vehicle of the Arkham Asylum, without saying a word, then she flung her cloak and disappeared into the darkness.

   No one knows what she is thinking or what she will do next.

   How can Gordon fail to see things that even a lunatic can see? There are so many lunatics and weirdos in Gotham today because there is one of their “kind” that attracts them.

   But on the other hand, Briss grew up when he watched. He believed she would do the right thing. Gotham really needed a power in the dark to stop the spread of evil.

   But today, Falcone told him that he knows everything…

   The path Gordon chose was actually something he had foreseen long ago, and he even arranged a helper for him.

   The lady of the Copper family, today’s Penguin Girl, should have dealt with these things in the dark for him, and it should be her who played the role of Batgirl today.

“Look, Gordon, you are an upright person, and you can’t even lie to me again. We all know Brith is crazy and her personality is split in two.” Falcone said to Gordon lightly. There is no joy of getting the answer in the tone, only endless sighs.

   Gordon chose Batgirl to deter the dark forces of Gotham.

   Compared with the energy of the penguin, she can provide very little help, except for the bat fear, nothing else.

   Gordon now knows that if the Penguin girl wants to do it, then as a descendant of the ten families, she can bring people a thousand times the fear of bats!

  Anyone in Gotham who has reached his age will shiver when he hears the names of Falcone and the Ten Family. The black horror is like the real night.

The Penguin girl knew everything. Falcone had already explained it. She just waited in secret to accumulate strength. Once Gordon gave up working with the bat, she would take the initiative to ask Ying to come to her door and push things forward. To the direction the Romans wanted to see.

   She is waiting for this day when she makes good officials, establishes contacts, and reserves weapons.

   reshape a new and beautiful Gotham, Gotham that is jointly controlled by the black and white.

If everything really follows Falcone’s arrangement, using white for himself and black for penguins, then there will be no chess pieces of other colors on the Gotham City chessboard, and everything will be developed according to Gordon’s ideas. Maybe it will really become a happy city like his ideal.

   Director Gordon is not a child. He knows that where there is light, there is darkness. Since darkness must exist, it is better to let it obey his own discipline.

   But then, Gotham is just a black and white city, but it’s no different from the dictatorship of Caesar, the Romans, to the republic of the Senate.

   Rome will still be Rome.

“No, that’s your Gotham. It’s not what I want. A city managed by a gang is destined to fall!” Gordon shook his head, throwing all kinds of associations into his mind. He has his own principles and doesn’t want to be with the gang. Make any connection.

“Yes, I understand what you think. Over the years, I have been following you. You have worked very hard, although Gotham is getting worse and worse.” Falcone comforted, and he added some more to his glass. Liquor: “Under your supervision, the security during the day has improved significantly, and the government’s cleanliness has also increased. The only problem is at night. Copper and her disappointed me.”

   Gordon frowned, and the person who disappointed Falcone never ended well. History has already proved this.

   But Falcone did not continue the topic, he just put down the wine glass, patted his hands lightly, and said to the door: “Sophia, you can come in.”

The familiar woman outside entered the room. She took off the felt hat on her head, and her long black hair was scattered like a waterfall. She looked at Director Gordon who was sitting on the sofa and walked quietly to Falco. Inside.

“Let me introduce, she is Sofia Falcone, my little daughter. You haven’t seen her before because she has been studying in Europe.” Falcone smiled and patted her hand, and said with satisfaction : “Although it makes other people very uncomfortable to say that, Sophia is indeed the most talented of my children.”

Gordon looked at the woman’s face. He hadn’t paid attention to it before, because this woman always said “boss” and “our boss”. Gordon thought she was just a senior thug. Tan Zu has hundreds of thousands.

   And now when I look closely under the light, there is only one word that can describe her, that is, femme fatale.

   She still looks like a skinny smile. Compared with her father, she doesn’t have the kind of control over the world, but she has a little more neurotic madness.

   Gordon turned his eyes back and said mockingly to Falcone: “No need to introduce, we have known each other a long time ago, she is very enthusiastic…”

   “Oh? Really?” Falcone raised his eyebrows, UU read www. He asked his daughter with a smile: “Are you getting along well with Director Gordon?”

   “Of course, Father, Director Gordon is a very good person.” Sophia answered him in a sweet and greasy voice, just like Dad’s good daughter, but her eyes were full of deep and profound eyes on Gordon.

   “She will help you build a new Gotham after everything, not Kobote anymore…From now on, the Falcone family will be your backing.”

   “Wait, what after everything?” Gordon heard something wrong from his words. He couldn’t understand Falcone’s meaning: “What new Gotham?”

  Falcone closed his eyes, frowned and tilted his head, as if he was remembering something, but he quickly smiled apologetically:

   “Oh, didn’t I say it? Well, people tend to forget things when they are old… Then my dear Gordon, do you know where we are now?”

   “Where? Gotham’s sewer? Or an abandoned mental hospital?” Gordon stared at the fireplace and looked at the ceiling.

   Falcone raised his right hand, there was a small gap between his thumb and forefinger, and shook his head regretfully at Gordon.

“Unfortunately, it’s a bit worse. You don’t actually know Gotham. The darkness you see is like a shallow layer of water plants floating on the sea at night… But it doesn’t matter, you don’t We should understand this. This is a problem that our families should deal with.”

“where are we?!”

   Gordon looked at him closely, he had been fed up with this kind of guessing, fed up with the feeling of being arranged and manipulated.

  Falcone leaned back in the chair, as if enjoying the warmth of the sun on a winter afternoon, beside the fire, he smiled comfortably.

   “Indian Hill, Gordon, we are in Indian Hill.”

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