The Death Knell

Chapter 3: Endangered world


There was a crisp noise not far away. It may be that the cable was blown off by the wind, or it may be that the rainwater short-circuited the transformer box. The Wayne Group light box above them suddenly emitted a cluster of sparks and a wisp of blue smoke. Up.

   The plume of smoke was quickly dispersed by the rain and disappeared. The two of them just looked up and looked at the darkened billboard without saying anything.

   Now the surroundings have become dim, except for the butts of the two cigars, which are still brightly lit.

   Su Ming thought for a moment: “I come from a parallel world, you are in another world.”

   If the other party is the death knell, this news can tell her that when the intelligence cannot be used in the operation, she will not spread or sell the news. Just like Batman collects information on the weaknesses of all the superheroes on earth, so that they can solve the problem immediately if they become black.

   This news is a kind of strategic reserve. Su Ming can use this news to prove his sincerity without worrying about future troubles in a short time. When no one pays for her to kill herself, the secret is safe to keep with her.

   Death Knell and Batman know each other’s true identities, but in view of their respective principles, Batman will not attack him when the death knell did not commit a crime, and some things will not appear without evidence even if they know that it is the death knell.

   just so, death knell work has always been clean and tidy.

And the death knell will not attack the true identity of Batman Bruce Wayne, because the Wayne Group is too rich, Bruce’s life is also very valuable, not tens of billions, the death knell decided to leave Bruce’s head with him On his neck, maybe someday will be able to withdraw it?

   is like a clown. He actually knows the true identity of Batman, but he only wants to play with the bat, not the boring billionaire. But this does not prevent him from kidnapping the people around Bruce. From the butler Afu to Bruce’s girlfriends, they have all been kidnapped by the clown and forced Batman to come out and play games with him.

There are also a lot of villains who know the identity of Batman, including the black mask, silence, Bain, etc., but because the symbol of Gotham City is Batman, only by defeating Batman can you prove that you have ruled Gotham, but not defeated Bruce, dressed as a bat, can only say that he defeated a rich playboy…

   The death knell depends on the existence of the dark side of this society, so he must also protect the existence of this society.

   Whether it is someone who wants to destroy the earth, or someone who does not play according to the dark rules, this is the enemy of the death knell.

In the comics, every time a big alien comes to invade the earth, it will cause chaos. At this time, some gangsters will take the opportunity to grab a bank or a jewelry store, and even ordinary people will go to the roadside store to move a TV home. , Anyway, don’t do it for nothing, superheroes are busy.

But among these people who took the opportunity to trouble the superheroes, there will never be a death knell, and even many times, the death knell is to help the heroes solve the invaders of aliens and other worlds, and participate in settling the world crisis. The money is confiscated.

   However, when the crisis is over and the world is safe, the death knell will continue his mercenary business. Any superhero who stands in the way is just one word, do it!

“Well, I probably guessed it. Actually, I’ve seen another self in the parallel universe before, but…he is much older than us.” Cindy was smoking a cigarette, and the sound of rain did not drown. How far her voice came, but Su Ming heard it clearly.

   “What kind of person is that?”

   Su Ming asked her, the two stood side by side, looking at the bat light shadow in the distance, twisting and twisting on the dark clouds.

   “A poor man, wearing a cloth headgear like a bank robber, and using old-fashioned firearms. He is very old, his body is deteriorating, and his self-healing cells make him immortal…”

   Cindy said indifferently, even though it was pitiful, but there was no expression on his face.

   “Have he ever said why he came into this world? How did he leave?”

Su Ming also wants to leave. Although the previous days were so boring to explode and life was no fun, but… at least in the original world, his motherland, society is peaceful and stable, and the people live and work in peace and contentment, and there will be no day outside There will be no super villain who will kill him for no reason.

“He said that a criminal group called’Syndicate’ killed his child. He tried to find a chance to kill his enemy when they were traveling through the world, and he tried to find a chance to kill his enemy…Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. .Our world is ruled by the Amazon Parliament. Highly centralized power represents faster reaction speed and stronger power. The invaders of the parallel world are quickly beaten away. They return to their own world and turn off time and space. The door, the death knell of the old man, naturally went back.”

   “Did the Justice League repel them? Wait, is there a Justice League in your world?”

Su Ming thought for a moment, and decided to ask this question, because before he crossed, DC had just updated a new DC universe event-“Metal”. If there is no Justice League, it means that this is a dark multiverse. The reverse projection of the bright multiverse in the garden of the world.

   It is a universe made of dark matter, like the front and back of a coin, but because of the nature of the world, everything that happens here is darker than the ordinary DC parallel universe.

   If this is Earth 11, then there will be no major events. Your own living environment will be much more relaxed. As long as you don’t provoke the Amazon Council and the female version of the Justice League, you can comfortably watch the vigorous postures of the female heroes.

   But if the earth is minus 11, the trouble will be big. This is a world where there are no other superheroes, only Batgirl and countless villains. At the same time, it is a world on the verge of extinction. In the future, the entire world will be submerged by the war between Batwoman and Atlantis. The only survivor is the Batgirl who has transformed herself.

   The cause of the incident is actually the bat.

Atlantis and the Amazon had a land and sea war. Regarding the struggle for hegemony in this world, Briss gathered intelligence and believed that this was caused by the excessive ambitions of Sea Queen Arthur. She was an anti-government ambition. Home is also a potential threat, so she dispatched and planned to seize the Sea Queen to Arkham.

   The Atlanteans raided the waters near Paradise Island under the guise of peace talks, and Briss took the opportunity to arrest the Queen of the Sea. However, in the fight between the two, Briss, who was not familiar with underwater fighting, missed her and killed her. Afterwards, the Atlanteans naturally chose to retaliate and immediately triggered a tsunami through unknown means, which completely destroyed Gotham.

Gotham is gone, Briss’s relatives and friends all died. She retaliated madly and modified her body to become a water-related superpower with underwater breathing, manipulating sea water, swimming at high speed, etc. Devil, and renamed-drowned!

   In the comics, she won the final battle by controlling her liquid monster pet “Dead Water” that can be copied infinitely.

It was a pity that at that time, the various disasters caused by the years and months of fighting made the other life on the earth disappear. She made a bat lamp by herself, shining from the bottom of the sea to the sea, and that was the last light of negative 11 on this earth. …..

   Batwoman Briss Wayne is the destined daughter of this world and the only person destined to survive.

  No, in fact, on the day Gotham was submerged, Batwoman died. It was no longer her who survived, but the terrible super villain drowned. After destroying the world, she will follow the persuasion of the Laughing Bat, join the Dark Knights, go to the bright multiverse, and destroy many worlds.

   “What Justice League? It doesn’t sound like a rock band.” Cindy smiled disdainfully: “It’s annoying to have an Amazon council on your head. What other idol group do you want to form?”

Su Ming smiled bitterly. In fact, he was just taking a fluke. He probably guessed when he knew that Qi Xia was a badass, but after all, he just came from the normal world, he still prefers the kind of sky falling down. Holding high, I only have to shout 666 for life.

   In other words, he lacks the courage and responsibility to be a super soldier now.

   Now Su Ming is in Gotham, the city that should have been flooded for the first time.

   Even if his body is different from ordinary people, when all the land disappears, the sky is forever obscured by dark clouds, without food, fresh water and sunlight, even he will not survive.

   “Then only hope that the world has not developed to that time point…” Su Ming thought, if time is not up, there should be room for struggle, so he flicked the soot and asked Cindy again:

   “Can you tell me why you came here? The roof of Wayne Building.”

   Cindy also flicked the cigar in his hand with the same action, showing a weird expression: “A task, maybe the one you received.”

   “Mind to share the mission? You know, I arrived in this world without money and no place to live, or that my address may be yours now.”

   “Probably understandable, parallel world, but you should understand? Death knell, don’t like to cooperate with others.”

   Cindy took a cigar and wiped the rain from his hair. The W letter of the Wayne Group is obviously not covered up so tightly. If it is the M of the Golden Arch, maybe two people stand under it much better.

   Su Ming also smiled, making the two one-eyes face each other, and their excellent eyesight can even see his reflection in Cindy’s eyes.

   “I really don’t like it, but if I remember correctly, there have been so many times.”

   Although this memory actually comes from comics.

   The corners of Cindy’s mouth twitched, and Su Ming could not tell whether it was a smile or an expression, even if the two were actually the same person, even though they were a man and a woman.

   “Well, this time only, once you make money, you have to find your own house, buy your own car, get a new code name, change the armor to another color, and sell it?”

   “Our current armors are all left yellow and right black, how about I change it to right yellow and left black?”

   Su Ming took a cigarette and stretched out his right hand. This was just a joke. He actually knew that he could not stay here for too long. He appeared in the dark multiverse, and its existence indicated that the big event had already begun.

   If you don’t want to die, you have to go to the Bright Multiverse. Earth minus 11 lacks a lot of things. This is not the main plane, and some things simply cannot be done here.

   “Yes, you can use our previous codename-Terminator.”

   She finally laughed and stretched out her hand to hold Su Ming’s hand. He could feel that both hands were equally powerful.

   She didn’t hesitate, and immediately began to talk about the current task.

“This is a task of tracing people. Actually, I don’t want to accept it, but I have rarely worked recently. I happened to buy a yacht the other day…” She let go and turned to face the city in the rainy night: ” Therefore, this task still comes from our old friend…”

   “Clown.” Su Ming also looked at this dark city, where the clown was now hiding in a corner.

“In your world, she may be called a clown, but in our case, she is called a jester. Of course, we all know who it is.” Cindy moved his neck, spit out a cigarette, and brought nicotine. The fragrant white mist was dissipated in the rain: “That’s it. In the last few days, the bat has disappeared, so she feels very lonely. She wants the bat to play with her.”

   “What new trick did she come up with? Wait, maybe it’s an old trick for my world.”

   Su Ming took a deep sip of the cigar. If there are any clues, he may have read the corresponding cartoon, but the earth is minus 11, he is not sure.

“The ghost knows that I am not interested in her tricks at all. I just have to get the money. So this task is to find the bat and send her a message to tell her that the jester is waiting in Arkham She has a big, big piece of good news to tell her.” Cindy pressed the cigar out on the wall and put the rest in the cigarette case.

   “The original words?” Su Ming raised his eyebrows.

“Of course, her original words are’big, big, good news.’ We mercenaries, since we must pass the word accurately, this is the mission.” Cindy shrugged and replied blankly: “Really , I really don’t want to work for a jester. She is really crazy. I doubt what the good news is. Maybe there is a nuclear warhead with a huge yield in Gotham.”

  Su Ming sighed. Of course, the clown’s money is also money, but he has never described the task well.

Cindy put on the helmet and fastened the lock again: “It’s useless to think so much. Why not think about where Brice Wayne went? Before coming here, I went to her home, the Bat Cave, and the police. At the top of the bureau, she could not be found, and now the company can also be excluded.”

   “When she was a bat, she liked to overlook her city on the dripping stone beast on the top floor of the Wien Building.” Su Ming continued, putting on his helmet as well.

   “Yes, then I found you. Obviously, this is not my best day.” She picked up a short stick, threw it to Su Ming, and picked up her own.

   Su Ming inserted the short stick into the constricting groove on the back, and moved his neck to make sure it would not affect the movement:

   “Obviously, it’s not mine, because I’m here for no reason. I’m obviously in my own world, doing my own things, and then, whoosh! I’m here.”

   “Well, it looks like you are more unlucky than me. You can consider saving some money and then hiring me to help you find a way to get it back.” Cindy took the lead and went downstairs.

   “A good suggestion, but now, I have to confirm what the clown said. If things are really as I thought, we will all be in big trouble.” Su Ming sighed and followed her.

   “Oh? I thought we were the same person. Is there anything else I don’t know about you?” She opened the door and walked down, smiling but not smiling, her voice dull in the helmet.

   “It’s not about me, but about the world.”

   This seems to never stop the heavy rain, and the disappearance of Batman. In Su Ming’s view, it is more like the beginning of the doomsday event. If he can, he still wants to live, then he must quickly find the bat.

“Do you know what I hate?” She turned her head and poked Su Ming’s chest with her finger: “I hope we can see each other frankly. I told you my mission, but now you are hiding something. .”

   “I’m not sure yet, but I can tell you, but you can only listen, don’t ask, because I can’t explain how I know.”

   Su Ming gently moved her finger away, walked past her quickly, and walked to the front. While going downstairs, he told her about what is going to happen on Earth minus 11.

   The news made her stiff, but she quickly returned to normal. She held her head and shook it:

   “What shall we do next?”

   “Did you believe me so easily?” Su Ming said he was very pleased. He didn’t want to explain that he learned this information from comics. It sounds like crazy.

“That’s because I understand myself. If I travel the world to spread such an exaggerated fake news, I think I won’t do it for any money, I’m not so boring.” Cindy quickly followed Su Ming, and He surpassed him again and went to the front: “You are me in another world. Although it is strange to say that, I think I should also know you. You don’t need to tell such a lie. Then the only possibility is This is true, our world is heading for destruction.”

Su Ming didn’t understand. The jester asked to see the bat at this time, indicating how much she knew what she knew, and she should also know where the batwoman is, so why she wanted to do this extra work and hire the death knell to find someone without explaining it? ?

   “If you are willing to join me to prevent the destruction of the world, it would be great. Now the best thing is to see the clown. If anyone can find a bat, he is the only person.”

   There are not many options to prevent the flood from submerging the earth. The most effective method is to prevent Brith from killing the Sea Queen. It is useless to find the Amazon Council. The death knell is not clean, they will not believe it. You can’t find Atlantis, they hate all terrestrial creatures.

   Behind this incident, there is also a Batman who was infected with the blood of the clown at minus 22 on Earth-the Laughing Bat as the command, and the real behind-the-scenes man, the ultimate dragon of the dark multiverse, Barbatos.

   They are the culprits of everything, and at this time I don’t know where to hide, watching the development of things.

“I don’t want to participate in the self-help action? I don’t know what kind of guy your clown is, but our jester is a crazy, true lunatic. For this task, I received a tape. Many minutes of laughter and hysteria were analyzed.” Cindy shook her head and explained the more specific situation: “The jester is in Arkham now, UU reading but she is completely crazy, Now there is no one but the bat.”

   “It seems the good news is that our clown is exactly the same as your jester, it’s worth a drink…Since she doesn’t work there, how about we go find her girl?”

   Su Ming changed his attention. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the bat, there are a few people besides her.

   such as Catwoman, Thalia from the Shadow Dancer League, and Harley Harley.

   Among these people, Catwoman is completely a stray cat, she has no home, and the ghost knows where she is now. As for Thalia, the base of the Shadow Dancer League is in Nantes Bar, which is far away. Among these people, Hallie is actually the best to find. Although she is crazy enough, in some cases, the big and the wrong can still be distinguished.

   Cindy was silent for a while: “Well, let’s go to Hallie, but she is not her girl. According to Hallie, their relationship is called…”

   “Sister Amoy?” Su Ming rolled his eyes under the mask.

   “Probably what it means? Her original words are Little Pumpkin and Little Pudding… I find that you are more talented than me in terms of madman language.”

   Although her voice was very hoarse after masking, her tone sounded a little helpless.

   Helplessness is normal. Anyone dealing with clowns is either afraid or admired. People like Death Knell are more helpless towards clowns.

   It happens that the clown also knows this, so he prefers others to show other emotions, such as anger, such as curiosity. Of course, he is the most happy to see others laugh.

  He kept provoke Batman’s anger in the comics. It seemed to outsiders like death, but he just wanted to see why the bat…

   so serious?

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