The Death Knell

Chapter 30: The origin of Gotham

   “Indian Hill…”

   Gordon tried his best to recall, but even as the chief of the police, he didn’t know much about it.

   He knows that no one’s site here is, it is a large junk car yard, and many homeless people live here.

   And all the land here seems to be cursed, even the weeds can’t survive.

   Hmm…there is actually the lowest crime rate in Gotham, no criminals will come here to make a living.

“It seems that you didn’t think of anything.” Falcone smiled at him, shook his head, not disappointed or sighed: “Then changing individual names will give you some ideas? For example, Indian Hill Paramilitary District? Or Gotham City Research Institute?”


   It is the military and the research institute. With Gordon’s experience, he instantly understood what kind of place it was, which made his pupils expand unconsciously.

   The only thought he had at this time was: After so many years, Falcone was also crazy.

Even if he hadn’t heard of these names, he guessed what it was for. Although Paradise Island is not technologically oriented, in the long war with Atlantis, the Amazons will naturally use technology to make something. Weapons, to arm ordinary people, or to destroy enemies in large numbers.

   There are some of them. I am afraid that Lei Xiaogu will be silent when he sees it. The jester will be moved by tears when he sees something, but he did not expect that there will be such a place in Gotham.

   “Ah, it seems that you have thought of something, yes, it is still so keen, I am very happy. As you might expect, this was once a research institute specially set up here by the Amazon Congress to postgraduate chemical weapons.”

  Falcone applauded softly and motioned Sophia to sit down too, and listen to him talk about the establishment of Gotham.

“Our city was built in the 1980s of the last century. It was built by four big families.” He quietly walked to the fireplace, holding a wine glass and watching the flames inside: “They are the pioneers of this city. It took nearly 10 years in total, and in 1891, Gotham was completed.”

   “The four major families are the Wayne family to which Little Briss’s mother belongs, the Kane family to which her father belongs, the Elliott family of Thomas’s ‘silent’ today, and the Kopot family.”

   “Well, strictly speaking, all of our ten families are latecomers except for the Kopot family. Before the ancestors arrived in Gotham, they were just poor homeless people.”

“I seem to have digressed, ah, let’s go back to the time when Gotham was built. The four big families at that time were actually not as rich as they are today. At best, they had some money. They wanted to build a small town here. But the city? Tsk tsk…”

   “Just when they were short of funds, the political brokers of the Amazon Parliament came to the door and made a proposal that they could not refuse.”

   “The Amazon Council will fund them to build a city here, to be precise, a bridgehead against Atlantis on the east coast.”

“After the city is completed, the four major families can manage it on their behalf, and the parliament will not interfere. The parliament will build research institutes, military bases, prisons and temples here, and the four major families must be fully responsible for logistics and supplies. in.”

“What was placed in front of the four major families at the time was not the tall buildings of today, but a deserted shoal and a small town. It was impossible for them to refuse this pie that fell from the sky, so they hit it off with the messenger and became Amazons. The white gloves of Parliament.”

   “The city was established, and the council obeyed the agreement and handed over the city to them. They also continued to provide the council with Gotham supplies, such as fish, steel, and human resources.”

   “Your police station, as well as the Black Gate Prison, the Arkham Asylum, and other places, do you feel very much like a fortress? Because they are all buildings from that period.”

“Decades have passed, and the form of war is constantly changing. Soon, the council felt that it still needed a bigger stick to deter the guys in the water. So they bought the graves of Indian ancestors. The Gotham City Research Institute was built to eliminate opponents once and for all in a possible war.”

   “What could be more convenient than setting up a biochemical research institute in a seaside city and directly pouring venom into the sea?”

“This is where we are now. I have to say that the imagination of those people in the last century has made me amazed by the old man’s imagination. You should really see what monsters we have above us, hehe, they really make me more A lot of fun.”

Gordon was already fidgeting, and his mood was very anxious at this time, as if sitting on a nail board, constantly twisting on the sofa: “Then Falcone, what is your purpose? You occupy this place, what are your plans? doing what?”

The old man took a sip of wine and turned around calmly: “My purpose is to give you another chance to build the Gotham you imagined. We the gang has always depended on social life. It’s time to do something white. Seriously.”

   “Huh?” Gordon really didn’t understand Falcone’s thoughts, even he thought he had never understood.

“Under our feet, there are a full 40 million cubic meters of green liquid. They are special compounds modified by magic. After being dissolved in water, they can easily penetrate into the skin and body of animals, turning a living thing into a corpse… .. According to the instructions, they called it “Super Sarin”. The original plan was to throw the Atlantean people into the sea during the war and completely solve the Atlanteans.”

  Falcone also sat on the sofa, put down his glass, and continued to smile to Gordon:

   “But later science discovered that if all the oceans are polluted, these toxic ingredients will spread throughout the earth with the rain, and then the Amazons will not be able to live, so in 1990, this place was abandoned.”

   “Just tell me your plan.” Gordon asked.

“I am coming back this time to purify Gotham with them. I only use a little bit to bring it back to the beginning of the establishment, when there is no, at that time, you can Build your city as you like. When the heavy rain stops and you walk out of here tomorrow, you will find that the Illuminati of Gotham is so dazzling.”

   “You seem to forget your daughter, this is her city, right?” Gordon sneered at the idea, while thinking about ways to stop the crazy behavior.

Falcone shook his head solemnly and raised his hand to interrupt Gordon’s words: “No, Gordon, only you, the new Gotham will be dominated by you, and Sofia will only help you manage the darkness. If she is allowed to take charge of the city, How is it different from when our ten families were in charge? You promised me to make Gotham full of hope, this is for the future of the city!”

   “Yes, I want Gotham to get better, but not in this way!” Gordon’s eyes widened and he shook his head repeatedly.

“Don’t be afraid, Gordon, it will be over soon. Now everyone in Gotham will die unconsciously in their sleep, without pain at all.” Falcone gently took his hand, the skin of the two people They are all almost the same: “The residents of Gotham are out of help. Their hearts are full of madness and darkness. Only by clearing them out of Gotham can the city be reborn.”

   “You are crazy, Falcone, you are crazy.” Gordon drew his hand back and leaned on the back of the chair. The swaying fire light illuminated the faces of the three, only Gordon had a sullen face.

Falcone smiled and returned to his place, took one from the humidor on the table, and patiently trimmed it: “No, Gordon, this is not crazy, this is something I learned only when I arrived in Hong Kong. They There is a saying over there, “Living to be old and learning to be old”, I have gained a lot…I finally found a cure for Gotham in the magical east, which is what they call “the strong man broke his wrist.”

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