The Death Knell

Chapter 32: plan

   Quiet for a while, Falcone burst into laughter. He smiled very happily, full of vigor and heroism.

   “It’s really amazing. There is such a person in the world. If she was in our time, I am sure Maroni would spend money to ask her to kill me.”

   Sophia grabbed the white cat’s ears, pinched it into the shape of a rabbit, and corrected him with lack of interest:

“Uncle Maroni can’t pay so much money. The death knell is a mercenary. She sets a price for the target, usually 30% of the target’s total net worth. I checked her offer for Brissway, not a bat. The heroine’s identity is just Briss on the face, guess how much is it?”

“How many?”

   Falcone was also interested, he took a sip from the glass and asked his daughter curiously.

  In their era, of course they often dealt with killers. The cheapest thing is to find a gangster on the street, about a few hundred dollars is enough.

   He can’t remember how many times he hired someone to solve problems when he was young? Probably until the family grew stronger, and after the family thugs, outsiders were no longer needed.

   He really wants to know the recent price trends, because he hasn’t bothered about such ‘little things’ for a long time.

“Brice owns 80% of Wei En Enterprise. At the same time, including all real estate and investment, and inflation over the years, her net worth is about 80 billion U.S. dollars, so the death knell quoted her is 24 billion U.S. dollars. , If someone gives this amount of compensation, she will kill Briss.”

   Sophia grabbed his finger to calculate for him, and the result was an astronomical number.

“Puff, hem……” Falcone was also choked by this method of calculating compensation. He coughed a few times, wiped the drink from his mouth, and said, “She… …I really dare to…”

   From this point of view, the death knell is really powerful and willful, as if everyone’s lives are clearly marked goods, just like the goods are placed in the death knell supermarket waiting for the rich to buy it, no money? What kind of mercenary in the world without money? Go find a gangster on the street!

“So according to this algorithm, even if there is a death knell at that time, you, father, are considered safe. Although our family does not have a physical property, the annual protection fee income can also be used as the calculation standard. At that time, your price should be more than 100 million. Uncle Maroni can only list the price of 40 million yuan, and he should be worried every day.”

  Sophia came to the conclusion. This made Falcone not know what to look on. He always felt like he was poor, and Briss was too good at making money, right?

“How did Briss do it? The Wayne family and the Kane family together cannot be so rich.” Falcone asked her. He didn’t have so much money in Asian gangsters over the years, let alone Wei. En Group is doing serious business.

   Sophia shrugged: “She has caught up with the information age, father.”

   “But the death knell is priced like this, can there really be business?” Falcone was puzzled. He put down his wine glass, feeling that he was really old, and he couldn’t accept the current prices…

   “Well, business is very good, because celebrities like Briss are not all over the streets, and ordinary people have the most vendettas, just like what she said on TV just now, basic services, 2 million US dollars.”

   Sophia sat up straight, looked at Gordon, who was completely immersed in the world of memories, and continued to explain to her father:

“If you are a small boss, but your rivals always make trouble for you. At this time, you only need to contact the death knell, 2 million, and the other party will evaporate that night. When you wake up the next day, you will get The bigger market can even swallow your opponent’s business, you will feel that the money is spent at a premium, and there will never be any clues to contact you.”

   “That’s it? Her highest fee model is an astronomical number, but the lowest fee makes ordinary people affordable?” Falcone felt that the price standard was vague.

   “Well, the death knell doesn’t care who you are going to kill or why, she is just doing business. Of course, the richer the target, the more famous the price will rise.” Sophia explained.

  Falcone pondered for a moment, and held up the wine glass again: “But Barbara is not in this case. The death knell is Gordon. Why should I kill Barbara? No one paid.”

   Sophia doesn’t know the answer, she can only guess.

   “I heard that the death knell is a very emotional person. When she is happy, she can kill you without a penny, but when she is unhappy, she will kill everyone. Barbara should be out of luck.”

“Mad, another crazy.” Falcone shook his head, becoming more and more impatient with this city. He couldn’t wait to see the new Gotham: “In this case, let the death knell be buried with the old Gotham. No matter how strong she is, it is impossible for her to survive the venom rainstorm, which can be regarded as a comfort to Gordon.”

   “Yes, father, but our other group of guests hasn’t arrived yet, it may have been delayed by the storm.” Sophia also got serious, put the cat down and let it go aside.

   “The Assassin League will be delayed by heavy rain? Is this a joke of your young people? They are never late, especially for revenge.”

  Falcone immediately denied this idea of ​​her, saying that he knew them very well:

   “Let our surveillance equipment operate at full capacity, and keep an eye on every shadow that enters and exits the city. When they step into Gotham, we launch the venom into the clouds so that they can never leave.”

   Sophia nodded, her long black hair shook out a small wave, and some red was trapped in the fire, but she soon asked, “But, will Lei Xiaogu and Talia come?”

   Falcone returned to his indifferent expression, put his hands on his knees, and sat up straight:

   “Yes, they will come when they know that the opponent is me, because they know that the assassins under them can’t do anything with me… Are you sure Gordon left them a clue?”

   Sophia smiled and nodded, she poured tea for herself from the teapot on the table, UU reading www. The technique seems to have been specially practiced, which is very elegant:

“Well, Chief Gordon thought he secretly engraved on his glasses and I wouldn’t find it, but the martial artist has cultivated to the point where I am. I can see his small movements very clearly. I also specifically confirmed that the license plate number he left is correct, so I can rest assured. Brought him back.”

“Very well. When the Shadow Dancer League finds out that I killed them and gets the clues left by Gordon, they will definitely go to the city to prepare soon. Then only let Lei Xiaogu and Talia survive. .”

  Falcone applauded her, feeling that his daughter is much better than his son. As for the fellow Albert, it is better to study and go to school.

   “Why keep their father and daughter? Father, are you soft-hearted?” Sophia asked him.

   “No, let’s not say that Lei Xiaogu and Talia have been soaked in the fountain of Lhasa Road, and it is very difficult to kill. The new Gotham also needs enemies.”

   “Otherwise you, Gordon, and Briss will be a mess. You need a chance to unite. A crazy ninja master is just right to be the opponent of New Gotham.”

   Falcone answered her with a smile, he knew that the new Gotham must unite, only external forces can unite the three.

   When the crazy ninja master Lei Xiaogu wanders outside Gotham after losing all his subordinates, both Gordon and Bat will rely more on the power in the dark, relying on Sophia.

   Sophia looked at Gordon, he seemed to be more awake, at least he seemed to be alive, and her voice was a little quieter: “But father, are you really sure that Chief Gordon will cooperate with me?”

   “There were doubts before, but now…”

  Falcone picked up the glass and took a sip, his eyes rested on Gordon, who looked blurred.


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