The Death Knell

Chapter 34: owl

   Two people were in the lead, and three uncombatable people followed. Barbara was holding her laptop while Vic was holding the microphone, and Pete was carrying the camera with a pale face, and followed at the end.

   Seeing him staggering, his expression sluggish, like a zombie in the rainy night.

   Su Ming felt that this was a bad omen, like a sign that he waited for someone to open the underground research institute and there would be a bunch of cannibalistic monsters.

He drew out two knives and chopped two knives on the wire fence. The sparks disappeared in the rain, and an X shape was drawn. Then he bends the wires to form a hole that can accommodate a wheelchair. Bara moved in.

  Barbara smiled nervously at him, then turned her attention to the dark surroundings.

   Scrap cars are the empty shells of vehicles. They are taken away from engines, spark plugs, batteries or all valuable things, and then piled up here like discarded corpses by humans, forming hills.

   In the dark night, the shadows of these black hills occupies every direction around their group. No matter any angle, the distance looks exactly the same.

   Whether it’s Barbara or Vic or Pete, they have never been to such a remote place in the middle of the night.

  Any Gotham person knows what is in the dark, but some people actively pursue them, while others avoid them like snakes and scorpions.

Su Ming keenly felt that someone was watching him. He looked up and found a wanderer in the abandoned car not far away. She was watching from the empty cab and through the non-existent car window. Wait for others.

   He didn’t care, until the woman started to make strange noises.



   Su Ming immediately raised his hand with a shot, which stunned Barbara and the others. This killing without warning, is this the death knell of the mission?

However, this shot that seemed inevitable to them was avoided by the weird woman in an incredible posture. She shrank her neck suddenly like a boneless creature, her head was retracted into her body, bullets It passed over her head.

   When she reappears from the scrap car, the original image of a wanderer becomes a masked person wearing round glasses.

   She stood on the roof of the abandoned car as soon as she flashed her body. She was wearing a black leather uniform, and this uniform had golden decorative patterns and outdated lace, just like the hunting suits worn by nobles in the Middle Ages.

The round glasses on    looked like the eyes of an owl, looking down at Su Ming and his group.

   “Protect them.”

   Su Ming dropped a word, drew out his double knives and jumped onto the junk car on the side, quietly confronting this weird person.

   “I always thought their existence was just a legend…” Cindy also drew out his weapon and stood in front of a few people: “It seems like Su said, Gotham hides too many secrets.”

  Victor certainly would not give up such an opportunity. She immediately directed Pete to use a poncho to prop up a small piece of sky for her, took out her own notebook, and planned to record with the light of the camera.

   “Then Miss Cindy, you seem to know the masked person opposite, can you explain her identity to us?”

   Cindy glanced at her. She knew that the people Su Ming led should not be simple characters in the parallel universe, but here, Vic was just an ordinary person, and excess curiosity would inevitably kill her.

   “You only need to know that they are the killers of a very ancient force in Gotham. If you know too much, you will really die.”

   “It doesn’t matter, as a reporter, I have been mentally prepared for a long time, please tell me, tell the citizens the truth!”

   Unexpectedly, the death threat seemed to have touched Vic’s switch. She flushed immediately and asked excitedly, pressing her lips hard, her eyes widened, and her pupils were full of excitement.

   Cindy shook her head, not knowing whether she agreed or what she meant, she read a nursery rhyme that was widely circulated in Gotham. It is rumored that any child who played on the road was reading it decades ago.

“Beware of the Owl Court and keep watch on your travels. Peep Gotham City in the dark, hidden on the top of the low-walled attic. It is with you at home, hides under the bed and walks. Don’t say its name, the claws tear you off Neck.”

   Wei Ke was taken aback, but the reporter’s keen sense of smell made her write down this passage. If she had the opportunity, she planned to study the history of Gotham, and perhaps she could discover something.

   Su Ming was the first to react. As a traverser, in the bat city of Gotham, in this storm, hearing the owl’s cooing sound, he realized something was wrong.

   This woman disguised as a wanderer is an assassin in the Owl Court, Sharp Claw.

   Until Su Ming crossed the road, DC Comics still did not explain the details of the mysterious organization of Owl Court. He only knew that it was an alliance composed of Gotham’s oldest family, and it has been influencing Gotham through various means.

   No one knows their identities. All members of UU Reading will wear white night owl masks and have a unique ring as a token.

   Sharp Claws are the assassins they cultivated to get rid of dissidents in the city.

  Before the gang came to power and after the four major families, Gotham actually experienced a brief period of the Owl Court in power, but because of the struggle for power, disputes broke out among them and suffered heavy losses.

  Falcone and other gangsters, in one fell swoop, drove the owls back to hide in the dark.

   Maybe bats or Falcone would know this level of intelligence, but Su Ming knew more intelligence from other worlds.

   Their origin is actually earlier, as early as the Stone Age that can be traced back to mankind. The bird tribe, wolf tribe, bear tribe, and bat tribe are regarded as the origin of European civilization in the DC universe.

   Batman is the descendant of the Bat Tribe, and the Owl Court is from the Bird Tribe.

  The most important thing is that the members of the Owl Court are all brainwashed and controlled by the chihu priests among them. They are all in dreams, swearing unconditional allegiance to the dark minions of the dark **** Barbatos.

   From a certain perspective, Barbatos is the **** of bats in the dark multiverse, the dragon of darkness, the only true god, and they are not wrong.

   It’s a pity that this **** only wants to play with the bright universe, and doesn’t care much about his believers, just as a tool that is thrown away after use.

   But this is not an excuse for Su Ming to relax, the claws appear here, the representative court will soon know, and Barbatos will soon know!

   The danger at that time will rise at a crazy speed.

  Su Ming must keep this claw here as much as possible to delay the time for the Owl Court to know.

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