The Death Knell

Chapter 35: Death knell battle

  The Talons have no self-awareness. They are all warriors controlled and frozen by hypnosis. When the Owl Court needs them, they will be thawed and assigned tasks, most of which are assassination tasks.

   After the mission is completed, they will return to the owl maze and be frozen, waiting for the next awakening.

   Perhaps the sharp claw in front of Su Ming is an old man of several hundred years old, but they must not be taken lightly.

   They are transformers, and they are more powerful than the assassins of the Shadow Dancer Alliance. While brainwashing, they will instill ancestral claw fighting skills, and they are all cold weapons experts.

   And given that their leadership is all Gotham nobles, and there is no such cumbersome thing as a sense of honor in their hearts, all their weapons are poisonous to see blood in their throats.

   Ordinary people encounter sharp claws, it is basically inevitable.

   When they can easily become others, they can easily imitate anyone’s look and voice, acting brilliantly and unpredictably. In the state of sharp claws, he seldom speaks, and prefer to make ah, ah, or cooing sounds, which is acting as an owl.

  The number of them is always maintained at 100. Among them, 99 ordinary sharp claws and one carefully cultivated zero sharp claw are the most powerful.

   Common sharp claws will be supplemented every year to replace those who were severely damaged in the mission. The Owl Court will select potential children or youths, fool them into undergoing brainwashing rituals, and make up the numbers.

   The one Su Ming must keep now seems to be just an ordinary claw, but if she is allowed to fly away to report the letter, things will probably become the same as Su Ming had imagined before.

   As long as she returns to the Owl Maze, the Owl Court will know what happened here.

   Must let her come down to fight with herself, take the opportunity to kill her. It is a more reasonable choice to anger them. As for how to anger the claws, Su Ming has a guess…

   “The Owl Court eats shit!” He shouted suddenly, and pointed his middle fingers with his claws.

   Cindy covered her face, and the other three looked at each other. What is Su doing?

   “Eat, eat…shit…” Echo spread his words back and forth among the car ruins, and the sound of wind and rain couldn’t stop the insulting words from getting into Sharp Claw’s ears.

   Originally at a high place, the fluttering claws stopped, and his gaze returned to Su Ming.

   Yes, they are the tools of the nobles’ assassins, it doesn’t matter how the tools themselves are insulted. The nobles themselves are different, so one of Sharp’s hypnotic instructions is to always obey the Owl Court and maintain the prestige of the Owl Court.

   Su Ming’s behavior directly touched this instruction.

   “Allegiance to the court!”

   A black shadow swooped directly at Su Ming, and the strong wind made the cloak of the claws roar, as if she merged with the rain falling in the sky.

  Su Ming is not proud of achieving the first step goal. He will only breathe a sigh of relief when he completely eliminates the enemy, but he must always remain vigilant.


   The two bright white lights were filled with black, passing in front of his eyes. This was the finger cot on the claw’s hand. It was extremely sharp, and at the same time, it was extremely poisonous. This was an attack method to tear the target’s neck.

   is like an owl, after catching a mouse, it always tears its neck off first, and then pulls out the internal organs.

   Su Ming dodged swiftly, knocking the knuckle to one side with the knife in his hand, and wiping out a spark.

   Then he moved his pace and turned to the side of the claw, keeping his distance. At the same time, I wrote her in my heart.

  ‘Good at claw skills, like tearing people’s necks and belly, in line with the comics. “

  Because the hood structure of the claws is fully enclosed, and the thick round glasses are like a telescope connected in front of their eyes, he guessed that their field of vision would be limited.

   Although the death knell was blinded by one eye, he can rely on the memory and calculation ability of his brain to supplement the surrounding environment. On the contrary, he is the person least affected by the helmet.

   So now Su Ming chose to stand beside her to test whether she has a blind spot.

   People have no long-term worries and must have immediate worries. He plans to take this opportunity to find her weaknesses by the way. In the future, he will be more relaxed when facing multiple simultaneous attacks by claws.

   It turned out that the sharp claws were like owls. The body did not move, but the neck and head turned at a strange angle, which confirmed Su Ming’s hypothesis and remembered another stroke in his heart.

   Everything is very quiet, the rain seems to have slowed down, slowly falling from the air, the scarlet one eye and the round lens are looking at each other in the air.

   Immediately afterwards, Su Ming rushed up, slashing with two knives one by one, and one horizontally, and attacked towards the claws.

   She made a backflip, quickly dodged these two knives, and then immediately jumped up, drew two long daggers from her waist to fight with Su Ming.


   The sound of metal collision continued from between the two, sparks shot in all directions, and the rain was thrown into a string of pearls by the arms and bodies of the two, hitting the surrounding junk cars.

   Their feet are constantly moving, but the bottom plate of the sharp claws is relatively empty, and the attacks on the legs are rare, but she always uses her uniform for short gliding movements, which is very flexible.

   Su Ming wrote down the strengths and weaknesses of Sharp Claws one by one, as the capital to meet again in the future.

   “The weapon is excellent, poisoned, and agile, but the strength is weak, the equipment is very light, and the protection ability is almost no.”

   He switched out the shotgun again, bombarded at close range, and was also avoided. Even when he was about to touch the handle of the gun, the opposite side began to fly sideways, ready to avoid.


   In fact, the battle process was completely in the hands of Su Ming. After a few moves, he discovered that this claw was not as strong as in the main world comics.

   He can leave her immediately, but he can also collect information from the other party without letting her run away.

   Facing a weapon master like Death Knell, she was restrained in all aspects, especially Su Ming’s reaction speed and strength, which were several times hers.

  Su Ming tried almost all the weapons on his body, and also took out the ropes and hooks used to climb the house to fight her a few tricks.

   One minute later, he completed the collection of information.

   The Claw Assassin who lost 11 on the earth will never have any secrets or cards to speak of…

   The speed of the rain falling faster, Su Ming flicked away the sharp claws and put away her hook, but she didn’t mean to escape.

They are all reformers, and they have the same long breath. During the hundreds of fights, they still haven’t got a However, Su Ming has already obtained what he wants, and his brain has automatically listed the most according to the information obtained. The best solution.


   He pulled out the dagger, no longer avoiding the attack of the claws, but slightly twisted his body to let her dagger pass through his flanks, and he took his dagger and crashed into the arms of the claws.

   “哧……” like the sound of a basketball discouraged.

When the sound of    sounded, he violently pulled the dagger backhand, a big hole was opened in the chest of the claw, and his heart was split into two, divided into two halves.

   The blood spewed out, like a small red fountain, very beautiful, in the blood and rain, sharp claws slowly fell to the ground, splashing dirty mud.

An obvious white mark appeared on the lock armor on Su Ming’s side abdomen, but this attack did not break his defense. Everything is under precise calculation, from the angle of force to the pressure per unit area of ​​the armor, from friction Force to weather, from the opponent’s behavior to possible reactions…

   Su Ming achieved his goal perfectly under the instinct of the body and the calculation of the brain.

   This is the expected victory.

   But he is still waiting for the last thing that needs to be verified. He wiped the dagger on the corpse, put it in the scabbard, and carefully stared at the internal organs of the wound, keeping his eyes on.

   A few minutes later, he took out a grenade and stuffed it into the chest cavity of the corpse, opened the fuse, and walked towards Cindy and the others without looking back.


   The stumps and broken arms are flying everywhere, and the palms and soles may be more intact, but at least in such a dark night today, the Owl Court does not want to put the corpses together.

   He also got the answer to the last question. On Earth minus 11, Owl Court does not have amber gold.

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