The Death Knell

Chapter 36: good luck

   said before that the amber gold of the Owl Court is a transparent and colorless liquid metal.

   is always shrouded in a psychedelic silver halo, and it looks as bright as a starry sky. Batman in the main world once drank it without knowing it.

   It is one of the five metals that turns that blues into a door. Of course, besides that, amber gold has some unique magical functions.

   First of all, as a liquid metal, it not only tastes sweet, but also quenches thirst.

  Secondly, regular drinking can delay aging, increase strength, and obtain weak regenerative and self-healing ability depending on the concentration of molten metal. Drinking it will also make people have wonderful hallucinations.

   Finally, if you can find a suitable blacksmith, amber gold can also be processed, with extremely high ductility and plasticity. It has a deterrent effect on magical creatures such as ghosts, tree spirits, and werewolves. As an armor additive, it can resist magical damage and curse effects.

However, as far as Su Ming knows, only the Hephaestus forging **** who can forge liquid metal, and the weapon master in the universe (Weaponer) are the only ones who can forge liquid metal. Class, it is more advanced.

   But he already has the armor made by the same ‘metal’ promethium, which also contains a very small amount of N metal to enhance magic resistance, and there is no need to replace the armor.

   As for the weapons, they are made of ordinary alloys, but there are no replacements, so let’s use them first.

   Logically speaking, the death knell of the Lord’s world should also use promethium weapons. He doesn’t know what happened to him. Why doesn’t the weapon and armor match?

   He just squatted by the corpse and observed it just to make sure that the claws have no self-healing ability. At present, it seems that amber gold does not exist on the earth, otherwise the court will definitely use them on their assassins.

   He blew up the body to delay the discovery of the body.

   Back to the three people, he said that he could continue on the road. Cindy put away his weapon and just shrugged. She had already seen that Su Ming was getting information, so she also wrote down the same thing by the way.

   It was Barbara. She also cared about Su Ming. She looked at his armor waist and felt relieved when she saw nothing.

   Pete really lived up to expectations. Su Ming just blew up the corpse with a grenade, and a small piece of unknown organ was stuck on the camera lens. He finally couldn’t help it.

   At this time, he was vomiting, which means vomiting while crying. Vic reluctantly carried the camera and waited with his mouth tilted.

   “The Owl Court is here. We don’t have much time. We must find the bats quickly.”

   Su Ming touched the white marks on his armor and talked to Cindy. He took off his helmet and let the rain cool down his brain. The blood just now made him too excited.

   “The entrance of the underground research institute…we just need to find fresh footprints, the kind in groups. In heavy rain, no one can clean up all the footprints in the mud.”

   Cindy patted him on the shoulder, and the rain was also washing her armor. She looked around and said her plan.

   Su Ming nodded, exhaled gently, and lit a cigarette with the helmet in his hand.

   “Then leave it to you, I need to calm down, the bloodthirsty desire is affecting me.”

“Your situation is not quite right. The biggest incentive for us to be affected by bloodthirsty is that the self-healing factor is working. This is a signal for the body to take in energy, which is simply transformed into an instinctive desire for blood and meat. You may not be long. Before, I was hit hard by something I didn’t know, inside your body, even your brain.”

   Cindy raised his hand and touched Su Ming’s skull, as if checking for injuries. The tactical gloves and the hand armor covered on it were cold.

   “I didn’t feel any physical injury.” Su Ming tapped his head and patted his chest and abdomen again. Everything was normal and there was no pain.

   “That’s why I said something was wrong, because I can’t guess the reason.”

   Cindy let go and looked for a lot of footprints. In this kind of weather, the footprints would look like deep circular holes filled with sewage.

   At this moment, Pete who was vomiting next to him suddenly let out a scream. Su Ming immediately pulled out his pistol and pointed it there.

   It turned out that he subconsciously searched for a low-lying pothole to vomit. He did not expect that heavy rain would also cause another consequence, that is, soil erosion.

   Indian Mountain was the earliest ancestral cemetery of Indians. At this time, there was a skeletonized wreck, which was lifted to him by the buoyancy of rain.

   He spit out, and he noticed that his eyes were white. When he looked up, he found a white skeleton floating in the water, staring at him with hollow eyes.

   He screamed involuntarily.

   But this time, before Su Ming could do anything, Vic took a shot of him and made him stagger:

   “It’s not promising, isn’t it just a dead head, or the one that has been dead for a long time, what is it called?”

   “Woo woo, skull, people are so scared, there is no haunted here, right?”

   There is still a disgusting white foam on the corner of his mouth, and his hands are constantly wiping his face with liquid that does not know whether it is rain or tears.

   A burly and burly man with a height of more than 1.9 meters and a weight of 150KG, covering his face, acted like a baby to a thin woman who was only at the height of his elbow…

   This picture is so beautiful that Su Ming dare not look at it, worrying that he will pull the trigger subconsciously.

   In order to comfort him, Victor picked up the skeleton in the water and threw it in his hand.

   “Look, what the **** is there? It’s fun, don’t be afraid.”

   Although the method is not right, Victor still cares about his partner, but the effect is just the opposite. Pete shook his head and took a few steps back.

  Vike carried the camera on one shoulder and the skeleton in the other hand. He looked up at the sky, and sighed silently, as if his body was hollowed out.

   She looked numbly to the Supreme Father Zeus, her partner is simply the best. She is timid and afraid of ghosts. She pales when she sees blood, but she has ten times the appetite when eating.

   The most important thing is that in order to avoid being photographed as an ugly girl, it is an industry rule for news anchors to invite photographers to dinner. All this is heartbreaking.

   But soon a good thing diverted her attention.

   “Huh? This skeleton still has gold teeth, yes… it’s mine, I’m looking for someone to make a ring or necklace.”

   With a smile, she buckled a row of gold teeth from the skeleton and put them in her pocket. In her big blue eyes, the pupils turned into gold coins, and immediately forgot what Pete was disappointed in.

   Pete blinked. He didn’t even see the gold teeth in front of the skeleton just now, but it was in Vic’s hands, and he found the gold teeth like magic…

   Isn’t that scary enough?

…………………………………………. ….

   Cindy returned from the darkness in the distance. The rain made her figure constantly twisted, like a cloud of unreal smoke.

   She came to Su Ming’s side: “I found it, but the road is not easy to walk.”

   “It doesn’t matter.” Su Ming picked up Barbara’s wheelchair and motioned to Cindy to lead the way: “Just go underground, it will be much better.”

“You said that we are making such a big noise here. Will Falcone have seen us?” After seeing the bat’s city-wide surveillance system, Barbara seemed to pay extra attention to privacy. I am being watched.

   Although every foot would sink deeply into the mud, Su Ming walked effortlessly, UU Reading still walked like flying.

“Don’t worry.” He calmly propped the wheelchair up, and at the same time stepped on Cindy’s footprints in front of him as much as possible: “This is a homeless settlement, let alone where he is going to install monitoring equipment, even if it is a scrap car. There is a small radio hidden in it, and the homeless will dig it out and sell it for money.”

Cindy, who walked ahead and led the way, went on to say: “He is hiding here but a secret thing. He can’t do anything to the wanderers around, so he can only keep the lowest profile, but once we go underground, things may be completely It’s different.”

   “The Roman doesn’t seem to want the shadow dancers to enter here, he should just want the assassins to enter the city faster.”

   Several people discussed the situation they might face and unknowingly walked into a place like a flood channel, but there was surprisingly no water here, but very dry.

  The flat concrete floor, covered by some climbing plants, is like a cave in the green forest, which looks very strange here.

   This is absolutely abnormal in Indian Mountain. If it weren’t for the strange smell and weird sense of horror, Su Ming would have chosen this place instead of a small scrap car for the night with many wanderers.

   At the end of the dark passage, there was a green metal gate with no signs or words around it. A stronger sense of anxiety came from behind, making any ordinary people approaching here would feel timid.

   Before a few people came to the door, Cindy once again placed the explosive on the door lock and plugged in a remote detonator. After the few people were hidden, she put her finger on the red button.

“are you ready?”

   “Don’t be kidding, the death knell is ready.”

   Su Ming smiled and shook his head, the red eyepiece on the mask drew a faint bright line in the dark.

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