The Death Knell

Chapter 37: graduate School


   With the sound of an explosion, a dusty dragon rushed out from the gate, making all the people behind the bunker dusty. The dust and wet rain on their bodies were mixed and turned into mud.

   A brand from nowhere was also blown up in front of Su Ming, and only the word ‘laboratory’ was left on the debris.

“It seems that Falcone did not clean up after moving in. His new Rome is not as clean as ancient Rome.” When the dust settled, Cindy observed and slapped the dirt on his body: “But it does have an archaeological feeling. .”

   “Are you sure his men took Chief Gordon down this road? This environment doesn’t look like it at all.” Su Ming raised his pistol and looked inside the institute from the door. All he saw in his eyepieces was red.

“Not sure, because I didn’t find today’s footprints at all. Maybe there is another entrance in the junkyard. It’s all luck to find this place. Do you believe it?” Cindy took a few steps forward, leaning on the door frame, the ground The crumbs were stepped on and made a creaking sound.

The night vision function of the helmet has always been very useful, but when you look in from the door, you can only see all kinds of garbage. The inside is still the way it was when evacuated. The burnt documents and the damaged typewriter can be destroyed. Everything is ruined.

   “Of course, there is a person in our team who can do whatever he wants.”

   He knew this was probably Victor Valli’s luck. She just wanted to film the news show that Su Ming promised her, so fate brought them here.

   Don’t think about it, if you take this road, there’s definitely enough fighting, maybe enough for her to edit a ‘news movie’. And in this weird situation, if they want to find another way, they will not find it. This is the effect of luck.

   She wanted a gas mask, she could find it in the bat cave; she felt that she was short of money, so she picked up gold.

  Vicco is like an uncontrolled causal weapon. It is a double-edged sword. Naturally, Su Ming is sometimes burdened by this luck.

   But at present, she must borrow her luck again. Su Ming feels that her luck is not very good. Su Ming was suddenly thrown from the rental house to Gotham to face the rain of bullets. The countdown to the destruction of the world is almost non-chief-like treatment.

   With her, if there is any accident or something beyond her ability, metaphysics may be able to save her life. Just take it as a lucky charm, and wait until you find Briss, that is the daughter of destiny, and it is better than Victor, so it depends on the situation.

   Now Su Ming hopes that the monsters inside will not be too many.

   “Let’s go in, you protect them.” Su Ming put away the gun, pulled out the long knife behind his back again, and was about to enter the research institute.

   Cindy quickly stretched out a finger, pressed his armor chest, and shook his head while pulling him to the back, drew double knives from behind, and walked in first.

   What are you kidding about, letting a man go to find the way, how can she have a face in the future?

  Su Ming shrugged, since she wanted to make a way, she would be right behind her, but it was just a few steps away.

   Both of the helmets have night vision systems, and the dim environment in the room has no effect, while the other three must use the camera lighting to see the surroundings clearly.

  The power supply here is normal, but the lighting system on the first floor was destroyed. The lighting box with the wires was ripped out of the wall softly, as if a dead animal had been dropped out of its internal organs.

  Barbara felt like it was swept by a typhoon. In front of the camera’s lens light, she saw that most of the things were shattered.

   The history of Gotham is shattered in front of us. This kind of place should not exist in Gotham.

   Vic has already started recording, but she just asked Pete to shoot some environment and other materials for material, and has not yet started to explain.

   This is the first floor of the Underground Research Institute. According to the logic, it is safer, but looking at the surrounding situation, Su Ming thinks something is coming up from below.

   At this moment, Cindy, who was exploring the way ahead, waved his weapon, and the cold knife light flashed in the air. Something flying towards her was cut in half and fell to the ground.

   The thing didn’t die completely. It was still wriggling on the ground. Cindy looked down. It was like a black maggot the size of a palm.

   “What the hell?” She lifted her foot and stepped on something that was still squirming into a thick slurry.

   “Looks like a big maggot.” Su Ming also saw the little thing, which is actually just a by-product of genetic experiments.

   “I start to hate this place.”

   Cindy rubbed her knife against the wreckage of the desk on the side, with some jelly-like green entrails wrapped around the back of the knife, and then she continued to move forward. From time to time, insects would bounce from the darkness to everyone.

   “We have to find the way downstairs, through the experimental area, to the dormitory area.” Su Ming also cut off a bug and said to Cindy.

   “There is a passage 200 meters in the direction of 11 o’clock.” Cindy raised her head and glanced, the equipment and experience made her immediately make a judgment.

   So everyone started to move there. As they progressed, there were more and more black bugs on the road, densely packed, and Cindy began to use shotguns to improve the efficiency of the advancement.

   These things seem to be indestructible forever. I don’t know how many exist in the dark. It’s better to pass them quickly.

  The closer to the passage, the denser the monsters, which proved her judgment, these things escaped from the test area, there is the way to the test area.

   But this also means that something is out of containment, and lunatics don’t just play with such small creatures.

   Under the protection of the two, everyone arrived at the door smoothly, but with a light push, the door opened.

   A black figure suddenly sprang from the ceiling behind the door and rushed on Cindy, constantly attacking her with his claws and teeth, making the sound of metal collision.

But Cindy will not panic. The world-class mercenary has seen countless emergencies. She immediately drew a knife and stabbed it directly into the head, plunged in through the eye through the back of the head and sent out There was a sound of cracking skulls.

   The corpse fell to the ground.

   This thing looks like a hairless monkey or orangutan, and the joints have grown thick carapace, like a crab shell.

   It should be a hunter who preyed on leeches as food, but it was a pity that it picked the wrong prey this time.

   Cindy cut off its head altogether, so that even if it had the ability to heal itself, it would take a lot of time for everyone to pass.

   “What is this called now, beetle monkey? Longhorn orangutan?” Cindy picked up the head of the strange creature. The teeth of this thing were actually long horizontal, like insects.

   “The ghost knows what it is called, probably there is only a test item number, but I guess it may have been a human before.” Su Ming said calmly, leading three people through the door of the passage.

   Cindy shrugged and continued to open the way. I already knew that it was a military experiment. Naturally, humans can be used as primate samples. What do monkeys do?

   “Is this a human?” Barbara was shocked, except that the facial features of this thing were slightly human, and she couldn’t guess that it was once a human.

   “Guess.” Su Ming closed the door behind him, glanced at the corpse on the ground, and pointed to himself: “The experiment was successful. That’s me, and the experiment failed, that’s it.”

  Barbara was speechless, she felt a little sad, and once again felt the madness of mankind. This tendency of self-destruction always accompanies mankind.

Victor nodded, which proved her proof of the origin of the death knell. She immediately wrote it down in a small notebook, and at the same time directed what Pete gave to the ground…whatever it is, let’s have a close-up first. Take some more deadly overall pictures.

   She felt that the audience would definitely fall in love with her madly after seeing this special program.

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