The Death Knell

Chapter 38: Human bottom

   This is indeed the road to the lower level. After walking some distance along the passage and solving some minor troubles, I quickly found the stairs and elevator leading to the lower level.

   It’s impossible to take an elevator, and it’s not conducive to dealing with emergencies if you don’t talk about it for a long time in disrepair.

   A group of people entered the negative second floor from the stairs. The stairs only lead to here, without going further. The distribution box here is still working, Su Ming directly turned on all the lights, and the underground space seemed like daylight.

  The sudden brightness made three ordinary people need time to adapt, but they soon discovered that the scale here is far beyond imagination.

   In front of their eyes, there is a large area of ​​experimental grounds shrouded in transparent glass. At a glance, there are at least hundreds of them. Among them, there are operating tables and experimental tables, etc., which look pretty good.

   “It’s all dissecting tables, go through here.” Some black bugs followed behind them, and Su Ming blasted them one by one.

   He then said to Cindy in front of him, letting the team begin to move, now the line of sight is blocked, there is no way to the lower level here, so he can only go through these places first.

   A group of people walked through the cracks of the glass room, as if they were visiting a museum, which contained a variety of old-fashioned surgical tools, and the blood stains on it knew what they were used for.

   Not all operating tables are empty. Some of them have strange-shaped dry bodies on them. It seems that when they were evacuated, they walked suddenly, and they didn’t even destroy the place.

   The reason is unknown, but Su Ming doesn’t care.

   Passing through the anatomical area, everyone came to a thick door. The door was tightly closed. I don’t know how thick it was. The dust covered the writing and patterns on the door. I don’t know how the little monsters I encountered passed through here. There are many possibilities, such as ventilation pipes, toilet drains, and even resurrected from the planing table.

   There is an old-fashioned ID card slot next to this door, which is connected to a panel for password input.

   “Give it to you, open it.” Su Ming pushed Barbara’s wheelchair to the front panel and motioned for her to open the door.

She did not hesitate, and directly raised her hands and started to disassemble the card reader, pulled out a bunch of threads of various colors from it, and took out a connector from the laptop bag, arranged it one by one, and finally connected it. On your own computer.

   Barbara’s computer knowledge is very comprehensive, not only a hacker, but also very practical.

“The most old-fashioned electronic door lock, did the government have this before the 90s? The ID card permissions must be simulated first…” Barbara operated on the laptop and entered a series of commands. Soon, I got the password.

   She pressed the password on the panel, and the door lifted up with a ‘chi’, and the dust fell like rain.

   What appeared in front of everyone was a cruel scene.

The room behind the gate may be a storage room. There are a lot of pot-shaped glass tanks standing here, in which various modified creatures are soaked with blue liquid, and a bunch of bubbles are added to the liquid from time to time. Some of the monsters have some human characteristics.

   The genetic source of the other half of them is untestable, and even completely mutated with unrecognizable biological characteristics. Some of them curled up in a jar, while others closed their eyes calmly, as if they were asleep.

   “Are they alive?”

  Barbara covered her eyes and peeked through her fingers.

   Su Ming took her hand down and asked her to accept the reality.

   “You should tell me this. Look at the jars. Each jar has its own console. What do the values ​​and indicators on the jar mean?”

Barbara endured the nausea and came to the nearest pot, where there was a ball of meat, like a person with all limbs bent and deformed, and was gathered into the body in a ball, the body was closed together tightly. .

   She didn’t pay attention to the monster, just pursed her lips, and started hacking and operating the console with her laptop. The console looks like a book fixed on the ground with a column, with a keyboard on it, and a small screen.

“Human and armadillo genetically combined weapons…can be grouped into a narrow area for use as a spy…” While operating the console, she read what she saw: ” Experiment records…320 times…Experimental number…Current status…Dead, it is recommended to re-manufacture the experiment.”

“Is it an armadillo?” Cindy carried his knife, slapped his shoulder armor with the back of the knife, making a clanging sound: “I remember it is an African animal? These people… are really nasty. What use is this kind of thing on the battlefield?”

   Su Ming was expressionless, motioned to Barbara to look at the next one, and answered Cindy: “Is there any need to say otherwise? The military always encourages scientists to try more, what if it works?”

   “Hehe…” Cindy shook her head. She already knew the virtues of the military.

   Next, Barbara saw dragonflies and human monsters, flies and human monsters, lizards and human monsters and other experimental products. From the beginning, her heart was uneven and gradually became numb. As the more monsters she saw, the more she felt that her understanding of the bottom line of human nature was dropping.

In fact, Su Ming only intends to let Barbara see more about the darkness of human nature. The glamorous council will also do such experiments behind the scenes. Although Cindy is well-known, it is really better than the number of murders. What about the Amazon government?

   Maybe the death knell was to kill some innocent people, but it was for life. Surviving in the steel jungle of this world is also the law of the jungle. But what about the Amazon Council? It seems that making these things is not like weapons, but more like torturing humans for fun.

   After comparison, UU reading Cindy looks like a saint.

  After experiencing this, Cindy may get some intelligence support from Barbara in the future, at least he won’t be rejected for the first time. The oracles of other worlds ignore the death knell, that’s not good.

  Furthermore, the information is not in vain, she will be given the information fee, which can be used to subsidize the family. Director Gordon will definitely thank Su Ming for her good idea in the future.

   looked back into the room.

   The jars here are not completely full, some are obviously broken. It seems that for various reasons, the contents ran away. They are likely to encounter them in the next operation. In order to increase the understanding of them, Su Ming also asked Barbara to start cracking these consoles.

   Now they are surrounded by broken empty glass jars. The contents are gone, and the blue liquid has dried up long ago, forming a pale blue mark on the ground.

  Barbara ran the program proficiently, and then began to interpret it to them.

“The genes of humans and bats…Night-moving weapons…Using ultrasound to determine the direction, sneak into and destroy the radar station…Current status: Containment failure, please contact the security department. “

   Cindy smiled, and she shook her weapon left and right: “It seems that we have found a relative of Batgirl, but we just don’t know what this one looks like.”

   Su Ming did not answer her, but only pointed at everyone’s heads. On the high ceiling, there was a big brown hair ball hanging upside down under the ceiling.

   “Cut, a bat is a bat.” Cindy drew two pistols and fired at the bat. The bullets lined up densely in the air.

   The Batman didn’t know whether he was avoiding light or sleeping. In short, he ate a few bullets sturdily, then let out a strange cry, and started flying.

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